Jodha Akbar 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jodha curtly looks at kahna and says I wont lit diay in your mandir ever from now on, do you understand, she out curtain infront of kahna, she is not sane, hamida holds her, salima ask her to control herself, jodha breaksdown and cries miserably, moti cries too, jodha listens hussain crying voice, jodha gets up and says Hassan is calling me, where is he, she runs from her room, salima and moti are running behind her and ask her to stop. in ruks room, ruks is waiting fro zeenat to come and feed Hassan, she is making hussain calm, jodha comes there running and takes hussain from jodha, jodha kisses hussain and says my child, ruks is shocked, jodha plays with hussain, she says my son is hungry, I will feed him, jodha sits and feeds hussain, ruks is restless, after feeding, ruks is about

to say something to jodha when salima stops her and says let hussain be with jodha, maybe she will find peace with him. jodha makes hussain sleep.
jalal is with hamida, he is crying, jalal used to write his destiny with his sword but why not this time? hamida says you have to handle yourself to handle jodha, ruks didn’t like jodha coming near hussain but we cant ignore the truth that hussain is jodha’s child, jodha is not childless, she feels peace when she finds husaain near her, you are understanding what I am saying, jalal thinks.

Scene 2
jalal comes to jodha, its all dark in her room, jalal ask moti to lit diyas in room, he ask jodha did you eat something, jodha says I am not hungry, jalal says you used to say that we should not insult food, jodha says it was talks of past but I don’t believe in all these now, jalal extends food to jodha but she doesn’t eat it, jalal thunks that I cant let jodha destroy herself like this, jalal comes out of her room and thinks how ruks ask her hussain, how hamida said that hussain is jodha’s child.
zeenat comes to ruks and says aren’t you afraid? ruks ask for what? zeenat says hussain is biologically jodha’s child and can take him back, ruks says hussain is my son and I have written agreement, jalal has approved that agreement, other women sitting there says it was ruks greatness that she allowed jodha to feed hussain, ruks says I didn’t have any other option.

Scene 3
jalal comes to ruks room, he blesses hussain, jalal says to ruks that do you believe that I am your friend, ruks nods and ask the matter, jalal says nothing is fine, I cant bear jodha’s state. jalal says to ruks that jodha is totally broken that’s why I have come here to take hussain back to her, ruks is shocked and ask what? how can you think that you will ask me my child, jalal says jodha made your dram complete but she is broken now, she gave you hope to live but she has lost faith in life now, I just want that you give her child back to her otherwise king jalaluddin will beg infront of you, I will open my hands infront of you and will beg, ruks says to give peace to one wife, you will take peace of other wife? I know what jodha is going through, I know I am mother too but you cant give peace by snatching from other, jalal says I am asking him for sometime only, ruks takes hussain in her hands and hugs him tightly, she ask how much time? I wish it was not about our friendship, I cant give my child back, I wont be able to live, she hugs hussain tightly and says I cant lose him, I cant, jalal sadly leaves from there.

Scene 4
Bharmal and dadisa comes to agra to meet their grandchildren, dadisa is excited. jalal is sadly sitting in his room with jodha, jalal says to jodha that if you want then don’t wear any jewelry but you have to apply vermillion(sindoor), he puts sindoor on her forehead, jalal says to jodha that everything will be fine, he hugs jodha, both cries, dasi comes and says king has come from amer. they comes in jalal’s room, dadi meets jodha and gives her gifts for her twins, she ask jodha to accept gifts, jodha with pale face looks at dadi, dadi ask what happened jodha, jalal is supporting jodha, bharmal ask why did you hide kahna? idol, jodha says I don’t wanna see him, bharmal ask jalal what happened, jalal says from twins, one has died, dadisa drops gifts in shocke.

PRECAP- dadisa says we couldn’t do anything to remove curs,e dadisa meets hussain, she is about to take hussain from ruks hands but ruks moves back and doesn’t allow her to touch hussain, bharmal and dadi are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Ruks is doing all this to become Mariam uz Zamani
    She knows that Hussain is Jodha’s biological child so whats wrong to give hussain to jodha till she gets better

  2. Raj

    Hello princess…long time r [email protected]

  3. shreya

    ruk u r doing a great job v gud u r really a begum of mug saltn not like jo giving her own child to otheer lady if ruk or sm othr lady wud have been thr then they wud nevr hv givn thr child to jo n ja dont dare to take hussn frm ruk only 4 that jo ja u r also bad why u r doing inequlity with ruk only 4 a hindu a jo u do all this things as a showing to get luv n sympathy hate u jalsl a lots

  4. shreya

    ruk ko phele negtv role karne k lea de diya jata hai phir uska bacha jo ko de diya jata hai only just 4 a fake luv stry ja only luv was ruk no body has taken her place at that time nor can now nor in future this jo ak serial go to hellllll……..!!!!!!

  5. Raj

    [email protected]

    • Raj

      Good [email protected]

  6. jk

    Shreya – this is an interpretation of history.
    you do not know with whom Jalal was in love… you were not THERE!
    I find it idiotic that people are dragging names through the mud over a DRAMA! Ruquaya Begum or Jodha Begum – we are not fit to judge either one.

  7. jk

    And Aisha – you spout your mouth off all the time, I correct your misunderstanding of what another participant wrote, and you come back ill-mannered and a potty mouth!
    Grow up! Stop hiding behind your computers. Just because you are annonymous does not give you the right to abuse people.
    It is called Cyber-bullying and it is not right. Grow up and show some respect.

  8. Ruk is totally a fiend person i m baffled coz i dont undrstand is she mentally stable or nt,she is just doing the whole thing coz she wanted to be mariam uz zamani she cant see the pain of jo which she is suffering from…chudail

  9. jk

    Shreya – perhaps you should spend a little more time on practicing your grammar. It is difficult to understand what you have written.

  10. Shreya not so ok!!!!!
    jk is saying a right thing this is a place where you show that u have self respect and no one can dis respect you and Shreya plz you dont have right to judge someone else so first judge your self and then come to others (i was telling this so that you dont judge people in your future life!!!)

  11. Eena

    As per history akbar did not love either of jodha and rukaiya .but yes jodha was close to him jodha too and that is why akbar and jodha’s buriel are cloze and ruk burl is in just chil

  12. Here’s the truth… Ruks doesn’t respect any relation…… queen-she stood by n let moti b sentenced to death for a crime she didn’t commit n protected adham, friend-she practically pushed jalal to marry benzirjust to get him away from jodha, wife-lied blatantly to jalal bout her being pregant, hence jalal n jodha being ambushed wwhile going to pray for her, daughter in law- played with hamida’s feelings with her fake pregnancy,mother-remember when she was pregant 1st time she was thrilled with her new found power she neva appreciated her baby…. all in all she’s a disgrace…

  13. Are yaar jk whats ur problem re paglu just do ur own blood comments aur haan agar main computer ke piche hun to tu kaun sa mujhse face to face baat ka raha hai be so just shut up u edoit !

  14. Bernice I agree with u
    Ruks ne apne esaaht hud jawa e hai
    Guys I am back
    We went 2 turtle beach
    There were so big turtle and all over the beach there were baby turtle we saw 2 3 egg hatching in front of us

  15. shreya

    i ignored ur ll comments n jo n ja u both r disgusting worst n evil ruk u r great u r really n gud

  16. Shreya you are a muslim (even i am 1) thats why you hate jodha bcz she is a hindu and jalal bcz he loves a hindu woman???!!!!!
    Firstly its a veryyyyy LAME excuse to hate jodha and akbar!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. shreya

    but i m a hindu not a muslim cant u unstnd it by my name idiot n i hate jo a lot n i dont bother wat u say abt me or my comments n i hate ja tooo he is doing ineqility hate u jo n ja a lot bullies…….!!!!!!

  18. shreya

    n it will b gud 4 u all 2 ignr my comments bcoz i m always agnst jo n u all may dont like tat ruk luv u a lot u r greatest begum og MUGHAL SALTANATE n jo leave her moti bai is better then her chi chi chi jo n ja!!!!!

  19. shreya

    well bye i just dont want to do my mood offfff on speaking abt tat ugly jo ruk u r really v v gud luv u a lotssss…………,

  20. shreya

    jo only unstnd tat wat she is saying is rite n others r fool n she also interfares in evry matter but ruk she does wat is her work n also gives a tight slap to a person who is agnst a ja’s begum not like jo for a begger she can live ja or can give him talak (dont mind 4 the word beggar but its true…….)

  21. shreya

    n up of tat sach to karwa hota hai ki jo n ja both r bad n in real life ja luved only ruk not tat jo no 1 took her place at tat time nor can now n nor in future ok (said tat b4 also) n ruk keep urself like tat a real begm of JALALUDDIN MUHAMMED AKBAR n ruk had the tittle of Dil O Jaan of shehanshah

  22. South Africa

    Firstly, I am extremely disgusted at the turn of events in this chat, secondly, this suppose to be a “normal ‘healthy’ daily discussion” for all Jodha Akbar fans, the name of the series alone tells you who the story is about, if you hate and can only be nasty then what I would suggest for peace that you do not chat here or even watch the series, it is based on history, the true love between a Rajvanshi and Mughal, no religion should discriminate against the next nor have such dirty thoughts and words for the next person, here in south Africa we have a saying that goes something like this “if you have nothing good to say ‘shut up'” a bit rude hey but I see that is what some people understand, please do not continue this absurd kind of vulgar, some of us come here to socialize, not to fight.

  23. South Africa

    to me it seems like Rukhaiya is taken way too much by power that it shadows over her emotions, she needs to overcome that or she will lose all her loved ones.

  24. shreya

    no thr was no tat kind of luv btwn ak jo ok ak only luv was ruk ok soth africa n if u dont know the truth n real history then read tat n then comment ruk was really gud n in reallity she was a gud frnd of jo n she never had to get jealous ok ak luv was only n only ruk

  25. South Africa

    to me it seems like Rukhaiya is taken way too much by power that it shadows over her emotions, she needs to overcome that or she will lose all her loved ones unless she changes. Jodha is a gem of a person and I admire her for having the strength to put someone elses needs before her own and give Hussain to Ruks.

  26. South Africa

    I have read the history sweety and I do understand, however, this is a series, it is rewritten and we should not come to the site and argue and fight it is senseless. beside, these programs are for entertainment, viewers are usually fans not haters, so please keep the comments clean. if anyone wants to be a realist best they join animal planet on national geographic and give their comments, not here.

  27. shreya

    behave ur self ak only luv was ruk n i just dont bother wat u all say so its better if i only talk abt ruk ok n pl u all stop saying this things abt ruk okk…..

  28. shreya

    behave ur self ak only luv was ruk n i just dont bother wat u all say so its better if i only talk abt ruk ok n pl u all stop saying this things abt ruk okk….. South africa n others

  29. shreya

    ruk u r grt luv u a lotsssssss u really rock!!!!!! N ur jodi is perfct with ur real luv i.e akbar

  30. Shreya plz if u want to prove that ruk is the best then its ok but u cant push some1 to be at ur oppinion ,every1 has it own choice..n the main it is a social forum so plz stop abbusing if u want then go out of ur house n then shout over there it wud be better…we r watching this show fr entertaiment nt fr jo or ruk ,every1 is posting their view n as it is a social forum u cant stop some1..

  31. shreya

    u all r really dirty minded n i m posting comments on ruk then wat is ur all problem n if u all can say bad abt ruk then i can jo ok n behave ur self aradhya mind ur word n business n if u donts lke my comments ignore it as i do with ur alls 1 hate u jo a lot now its ok a lotssd n ruk u r the best n u all behave ur self bullies………

  32. shreya

    worst jodha its more ok now n ruk u r great its now greatest n ja u r bad too afyer u met this worst joo

  33. I dont need to mind my words shreya it shud be followed on u ok…dont behave like a bully…n ya i dont hve intrest in being a ruk fan n chanting her song if u want then u r free to do so..

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