Jodha Akbar 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
soldier says if he will stop them, eh says that he will beat jalal too as he is taking side of hindus being muslim. jalal ask atgah to bring meeting on this matter.

Scene 2
jalal is in jodha’s room, he recalls how they were given bad food when didn’t pay tax, jalal is tensed and looks at jodha’s portrait, he caresses it and says in your absence I talk to your painting, he sees some box and and gets flashback of when he once came to jodha and ask what you put in this box? jodha says I save coins which I get from shahi money so that I can help poor, I give it in mandir and also to someone who cant pay yatra tax, PRECAP. fb ends, jalal looks at coins and jewels and is sad, he says I now understand what you were trying to say but couldn’t understand, now when you are gone

I am understanding this.

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Scene 3
in court, jalal brings some hindus who were complaining yesterday, they say we respect you a lot but we are being forced to follow many orders, they ask us more and more money for yatra(pilgrimage), aren’t we also part of this state? are you only shehenshah of muslims, atgah ask them to behave properly, jalal says its ok, hindus says we are always scolded is this justice, jalal says nobody will stop you today say what you want, they say we feel like killing ourself, we feel like leaving our homes, our fault is we are hindus? jalal says not your fault but my fault as I couldn’t see problems of my people, I now feel this tax is burden so I am announcing to remove this tax, atgah says but this tax is collected from many years, jalal says I told you earlier that if something is happening from year then that doesn’t mean its right, PRECAP. jalal says it is unfair to collect money for prayers, will my god allow me to collect this money? it is unfair to collect interest in islam, it hurts man, if I stop them from prayers will they not curse me? munim and atgah agrees, he ask atgah to bring that solders who were beating them, jalal ask with whom order you were beating common hindus, with whom order you were taking more tax, soldier bluntly denies it and says nothing of that sort happened you are mistaken. jalal says I was there and I stopped you, he says this is all unfair, he ask to beat these soldiers and put them behind bars and take their property, jalal ask to bring shopkeeper who was seeling at hight price, jalal shouts on them that you corrupted people will not allow me to rise, he ask tham on whom order you were selling on more price, jalal says take shops from them and find which ministers are involved. he ask todal to bring honest shopkeepers and keep eye on all, this is serious matter, adham thinks what happened to jalal? jalal says king is like father to nation and when people say they will kill themselves then its shameful to listen, I accept tax is important but not on cost of lives, tax is collected for good, qazi says we are with you but removing yatra tax is not good jalal says then every muslim will pay tax too, qazi says what are you saying, jalal says all are equal for me whether hindu and muslim, qazi says you are deviating from rules, jalal says king is for hindus and muslims both and don’t forget all are my people, agriculture is developed by hindu and muslim too, adham and baghwan das both took wounds for me, todal and atgah both serves me when god sends rain it is sent to both hindu and muslim house, qazi says you are ignoring muslims, you are putting hindus in palace too, jalal says we honest and worthy people, I took that people who will serve us good, jalal says our people betray more, one minister says it will burden finance, adham says if we remove yatra tax then from where will money come for expenses of government, jalal says says valid question, he ask todal to tell if we remove tax then how much will it effect finance of government, todal says it will effect initially but then people will praise you so roits will be less which will be good, prople will be happy by this, qazi says this is wrong, jalal says enough I told you to not speak in politics and if anybody is not satisfied that he can leave, people are important for me, I am announcing that yatra tax will not be taken from now on, he ask atgah to tell this in other states, salima and hamida are happy.

PRECAP jalal says I hope jodha whwn you will get this news you will be happy, you forgot me me but this will make you remind of me, jodha says to bharmal that I want to rectify my mistake, I want to go back to agra.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Finally shes gettin bck!!! Yippee!!^^
    But most probable on monday
    N guys i saw a pic of shenaz n may means tht thy r relatd but -ve or +ve tht i dnt no…precap too gud :$

  2. aivar

    jodha is finally gonna go back… do u guys think she is gonna go back tommorrow or next week?

  3. ray

    hahahaha ikr anaelle and noooo i cant beleive lalia is back in rang rasiya she is evil

  4. shraddha

    Hi everyone!
    Loved loved loved the episode! Fabulous progress on political front! For me this was one of the best episodes of Jodha Akbar. A very important step was taken by Jalal today. I’m so proud of Jalal and Rajat of course. Finally Jodha has realised her mistake now. She’ll be back soon.

    And one observation guys! Have you marked? One of the shopkeeper’s in that market was wearing the same dress which Jalal had wore while he and Jodha were dressed as commoners to pay a visit to Salim Chisti!

  5. aivar

    ya I know right lalia is evil hate her…. paro is a idiot she told rudra to let her stay with them…its like she wants her to come between them

  6. ray

    @aivar yeah ive been busy with school this whole time and paro is too nice just wait lalia will make them break apart and why didnt she leave rudra as planned sorry ive seen the last 3 epis of rang rasiya

  7. shraddha

    @anaelle I’m fine. No no I’m not at all interested to call them. I had asked Payal to do that. But she isn’t here today!

  8. aivar

    ray… paro said she will leave rudra after he completely heals… after his hand fixes then she will leave… I think she is ask lalia to stay so she can take her place when she leaves rudra…. which I think would not happen because probably after paro leaves rudra will go looking for her or something like that because he loves her… what do u think

  9. ulka

    hai everyone…..opps…….after a long journey jodha and Akbar getting ready to unite………fantastic precap… thankqqqqq zee TV……nd guys plz don’t miss 2morrow’s episode……..bcoz it will be one of the most important episode of JA…

  10. aivar

    yes AAROHI… I did it was amazing… the precap is great the look of relief and ramans face when ishita asked him if he was going home without her… soo sweet…what r ur thoughts???

  11. shraddha

    @anaelle didi! no idea dear!!! What if shenzo comes out to be sister of benzo????? 😮 Vishkanya part-2! :p Just kidding. Wild imaginations you know! Lets see! I don’t have any idea about that

  12. Raj

    finally.jodha will come back to the palace…a long time passed….
    @anael..what happens to u? ????????,,

  13. Shaini

    1st scenes r real baqwas. Only abt politics. I dont care. Plz give importance 2 JODHA AND JALAL. Precap is axsome. It is a dream come true 4 me. I hope it hapens soon. Cant wait.

  14. shraddha

    @Raj I think Yadhu’s soul has got into Anaelle! I mean only Yadhu calls me didi! @ Anaelle you ok???!! Everything ok!!??

  15. aivar

    anaelle24… parmeet went to jail in yesturdays epi… and they gave simmi sleeping pills too put her to sleep and calm her down… she didnt believe her husband could do such a thing…

  16. So wat i cnt call expert didi..n great raj baya??
    Ha yadhu disappeared…i think she got a shock when u acceptd her as didi raj…:$

  17. shraddha

    Good night guys! Got to go!
    Bonne nuit anaelle, if its u! Or if its my dearest little sister Yadhushree who is adressing me as didi!!
    Btw I’m actually missing Yadhushree? Where is she? Vacations have already started, right?
    Anyways good night everyone!

  18. @aivar
    yesteday’s episode was awesome, specially ramang’s slaps
    aaha maza aa gya kal toh 😉
    nd raman nd ishita both r dumbos they love each other but they themselves don’t know….

  19. @aivar
    yesterday’s episode was awesome, specially raman’s slaps
    aaha maza aa gya kal toh 😉
    nd raman nd ishita both r dumbos they love each other but they themselves don’t know….

  20. Raj

    maybe…or she’s trying to find out everything in romantic way!!!!!!!!! 😉 😛 @ shraddha…
    hey.can u tell me…how many episode jodha-akbar is going on????

  21. Raj

    I hv also an issue….if shahnaz is not going to be a villain…then there is no need to add a extra character in it…despite moti bai is already there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Raj

    don’t worry u deserve it..@anael..
    gd night..
    gd night everyone…shraddha.arohi.sugyami.shaini
    and ofcourse.parikshit.if u there.

  23. Raj

    18 June…that’s just one month to get it’s anniversary.!!!!!! [email protected]

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