Jodha Akbar 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jodha says i dont want to hurt my people or my son, i dont want to listen that my son is being called illegal, Jalal says i told you that only Salim will be made king, Jodha says but till then it will be too late, Salim will go away from us thats why i am asking you to let me change my religion, Jalal ask who is asking this my wife or Queen of India? Jodha says i am your wife, Jalal says then you should remember your conditions at time of our marriage, your condition was that you will never change your religion, if i didnt agree to these conditions then you would have not married me, these conditions are basis of our marriage and you want to end them? we gave 7 promises to each other and one was that we will solve problems together, now you want to me to break that promise? trust me, Salim

will get his rights.
Murad says to Daniyal that i have to discuss some case with Salim, Daniyal says when he doesnt want to talk to you then what you can do, he must be busy enjoying dance of Anarkali.
Moti comes to Jodha and says i have prepared for fast and Pooja, Jodha says i will not fast this time, Moti says what are you saying? you always fast and i have invited all hindu dasies in this pooja, Jodha says tell them that i will not do Pooja, Moti says this fast is for betterment of family, Jodha says i have to do this, my son has to bear alot because of me, Jalal is not allowing me to change religion but i have taken decision that for my son, i will sacrifice my religion so tell everyone that i will not come in Pooja.

Scene 2
Jalal is in court, ambassador from country Turaan comes and greets Jalal. Jalal says i wanna ask whats message you have? ambassador says we are against Iran and we want your assistance, he doesnt accept Iran’s king but we have 1 condition, that Mughal force should help us to get area which is being taken by Iran, Maan says u dont think we have problem with this condition, we just have to wait for right time, Jalal says tell Turan’s king that our force will assist you, Ambassador leaves. minister says that Mirza have sent letter, he reads it that he has talked with some states and they want to be part of alliance, Jalal says this is great news, now i think that Iran’s king will have to pay for hs mistakes.
Jodha says to Kahna that you know i am not insulting you, i am doing all this for my son, have no way to make Jalal understand so forgive me, Aram comes and says Shama has irritated her, she calls her Haram bano, Jodha sys not to worry, Aram says what to do? Jalal comes and ask whom you are talking about, if you are talking about your mother then no one can talk infront of her, i am her servant too, jodha says if he is servant then he would have agreed to my talk, Aram says i am going, she leaves, Jalal says i listened that you are not doing fast and Pooja, i didnt allow you to change religion so you are miffed with me, Jodha says yes, i can show you to which extent i can go for my son, Jalal says what if you God punish you? Jodha says that my God understand i am doing all this for my son, Jalal says ok i am leaving.

Scene 3
Anarkali ask Dasi to keep wine placed here, i wanna know if Salim will fulfill his promise and doesnt touch it or break the promise, Salim comes there, she greets him, Anar ask what can i do, Salim says you dont have to do anything, just sit beside me, anar is wearing ghungroo, he looks at them and gets sad, he bows down to take them off, Anar says dont touch my feet, i am your servant, Salim makes her sit, he says i wanna take off ghunrgoos fom your feet and want to lessen my sin, let me take them off, Salim takes off ghungroos from her feet and throws them away, she looks at him stunned, Salim says because of me you had to become dancer, Anar says we should not recall memoires which hurt us, Salim says only you understand me, Dasi comes and says Murad has send message that he want to discuss something with you, Salim says tell him that i am busy right now, will talk later, Dasi says ok and leaves.
Jalal is with Jodha, Dasi brings food, Jodha ask why did you bring it, i didnt ask for food, Jalal says i asked her to bring it, as you are not fasting so i thought to have breakfast with you, its been ages since i shared breakfast with you, he ask her to eat grapes, Jodha is skeptical and doesnt eat grapes, Jalal also doesnt eat and keep hiding them, they both act as if they are eating, Jalal says i was thinking that you do Pooja for your family and if you dont do it then will anything happen to your family, Jodha says you should have thought about it before, Jalal says who will do Pooja in your place, Jodha thinks i forgot this, Jalal says i am thinking to spend time with you today, Jodha says no i have headache, Jalal says you dont eat thats why you get ill, he ask her to eat apple, Jodha is tensed, Jalal says i was thinking that you never miss Pooja, Jodha says if you had allowed me to change religion then i would have done Pooja for last time, Jalal says i will never allow for that, if you think that i am egoistic then be it, its good that you ate breakfast, he leaves, Jodha says he is stubborn but i will make him agree, Jodha thinks what to do about Pooja, Dasi comes and says all are waiting for you, Jodha says i will not come for Pooja, Jodha thinks i lied to everyone that i am not fasting but my fast will complete only with Pooja but i dont want Jalal to know about it, what to do.

PRECAP- Murad says to Salim that now this dancer have so much value that she will interfere in our matters, Salim gets angry and slaps him, Anar is shocked. Moti informs this to Jodha, Jodha says this is very wrong, if Jalal gets to know abotu it then he will be angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. अरूण

    Heart touching that how Shahanshah convince Jodha to adhere her religion.

  2. Interesting…cutest part akdha…jalal has always stood by jodha even when they use to hate each other,now it’s jodha time to stand firmly by jalal…not for that drunkard shekhu..

  3. Nice episode

  4. boring don’t why these writer always create problems between bros n sisters salim and this brother use to love n stand by each other but now they hate one another writer love to do bad things to good peoples and left the bad one to be victory like ruks n haider
    hate the precap and this show is going too slow now

  5. salim is a grown man now it is about time that he stop all this whining about every trivial matter he does not take time to listen and just jumps to conclusions come on salim be a man and face come what may head on without your childish behaviour

  6. Great Episode.

  7. Ruk the one who responsible Salim’s behav… I agree he loves Anar but he seems doesn’t use brain in this story… In his blood dna of Jalal & jodha but the writter seems next to Ruk make the story the bad people enjoy victory why???? I like Jalal decision that Jodha can’t change her religion because this not from genuine of Jodha heart… The best thing to say ” get lost” to Iran’ … Anyway I still love to read the story I want to see Ruk gets punishment for all doing wrong plese writter give her to reap it

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