Jodha Akbar 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal get angry seeing Salim hugging Anarkali, he shouts Shaikho, Salim and Anar gets shocked seeing him there, Anar hides behind Salim being afraid.
Jalal brings Salim back to palace, Jodha says i want to talk to you Jalal, Jalal says this is matter between father and son, dont come inbetween, Jodha says i know what happened was wrong but Salim is not kid, we have to talk to him with love, Jalal says this is father-son matter, i request you to leave, Jodha leaves, Salim says to Jalal that i love anarkali, Jalal says enough, some words should not be said, he ask whose son are you? Salim says i am your son, Jalal says no you are son of whole India, i am king of India and you are next king, and king cant go back on his words, i have given words to Bhagwan das that i will make my son

marry to Mann bai, you didnt think about that innocent Mann? Salim says love doesnt see all this, you have loved Jodha too then why you want to snatch my love? Jalal raises his hand to slap him, he says dont cross limits, you are comparing your mother with a dancer? Salim says love has no limits, it can happen to anyone and it doesnt see if other person is queen or dancer, Jalal says i have given words to Bhagwan das, Salim says i have also promised Anarkali that i will marry her, one promise will break and it wont be mine, Jalal says then i assure you that i will fulfill my promise, Salim says i will not marry Mann, it will be good if you approve my relation with Anar, i have already told to Jodha, and i know she will bless me.
anar comesback home all drenched in water, Zil ask what happened? why your clothes are wet, she wipes her face and ask her to speak up, Anar hugs her and cries, Zil ask what happened, Anar says it shouldnt have happened, i was afraid of this only, i cant forget it, she cries, Zil ask to tell clearly, Anar says Salim called near lake, she tells her everything, Zil says what you did, i told you to not see dreams of becoming queen, nothing will happen to Salim as he is prince but what if anything happens to you? i cant lose, Anar says for sometime i forgot my position, i can make people happy with my dance but cant get happiness for myself.

Scene 2
Salim comes to his room, he is finding opium but doesnt get it, Ruks comes there and thinks that i wanted this only, this irritation in him will bring fire in him and Jodha’s peace will burn down in fire, Ruks says to Salim that what happened.. Salim says dont try to be lawyer of Jalal, you wont be able to pacify me and i cant see you failing so leave, Ruks says i have come for you, i cant see my son like this, she makes him sit and says i dont want you be angry, i thought Jodha will talk to Jalal but what happened? Salim says Jodha didnt get time to talk to him, Ruks says wish Jodha had talked on time to Jalal then this wouldnt have happened, Salim says i dont care, i love Anar and i will marry her only, Ruks says i will be with you and will help you to get Anar but you have to calm, you should not get angry against Jalal, i know how to Talk to Jalal, leave it on me, take rest, she puts opium jar on table and leaves.
Jalal is in his room and recalls how Salim openly challenged him and said that Jodha will bless him, Jodha comes there, Jalal says i always thought we are one, that you know me well and you know what i like and what i dont, why did you hide this thing from me? Jodha says you have right to be angry on me, Jalal says its about right and wrong, you didnt think about your niece? you didnt think about my promise? Jodha says what can i do? its about love, you have loved too, that if Mann gets to know after marriage that Salim loves someone else, Jalal says this love is not legal, Anar is dancer who dances to please us, this love is ot right, what you want that history writes that Jalal couldnt fulfill his promise and had to make dancer a queen, Jodha says but Salim loves her, Jodha says we can enjoy with dancers but cant love them, it never happened and it will never happen, i have decided that Salim will marry Mann bai only, he leaves, Jodha is tensed.
Salim recalls how in childhood Jalal gave punishments to Salim, how he ordered Salim to leave palace, he finds opium jar, he takes it, Jodha comes there, Salim says why you and father do this with me that it hurts me? Jodha says i know your pain and i am with you, Salim says then why didnt you tell Jalal on time? Jodha says i couldnt get time, i am with you, Salim says this happens with me from childhood, he made me work like servants, sent me to war field at age of 9 and now he wants to snatch Anar from me? i was wrong to think that Jalal will understand my feelings, he is just king, for him his words and orders matters more than feelings of his son, he has always snatched things from me but i wont sit quietly now, i sometime feel he is not my father, Jodha says dont say like this, he is worried for you, everything will be fine, Salim says dont know when it will happen, he leaves, Jodha says why all this is happening.

PRECAP- Salim says to Zil that if you agree then i want to make Anar my life partner. Jalal says to Jodha that this marriage will happen with Salim’s consent or not.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. เค…เคฐเฅ‚เคฃ

    Tension between father and son will continue till lifetime now..

  2. Really confusing.either father or son have 2 give up.i want jalal 2 give up nd break his promise even he is a great king…i want anarkali nd salim together.

  3. There are a lot of things that are fictional in this serial. Why can’t the writers remove ruquaiyya from this serial. She is a constant thorn in JA’s life. When I see her my bp raises. She is terribly ungrateful and not loyal even to jalal. I am waiting for the day when jalal finds out her true character. It has to be jalal as otherwise nobody will believe whatever is said against ruks. The day ruks is found out would probably be the last episode!!!
    Anyway, kudos to Lavina tandon for bring out the worst feelings in us.

    1. RK i feel the same irritation anytime Ruks comes on the scene with her hypocritical rants and rave. I always wonder why is she not brought to the open as yet.

  4. Acc. To real history-their will be fight between jalal and salim(for throne,bt cvs will shw it for anarkali) in whch jalal wil win.however after f8,salim wil be abonded frm being the king,death of daniyal,sucide atempt by maan bai.(its true).and then the haram ladies wil try to make jalal agree to make salim the king,bt he wiln,t after much efforts he will agree,bt as soon as he makes salim the next king.his health starts becming bad,and jalal dies.however in jodha akbar serial instead of showing salim lust for throne,they are showing anarkali.dn,t knw anarkali is real or nt.however track is realy interestng,and i am sure cvs can gain a lot of trps to jodha akbar serial,nly and nly if they change the face of salim(feels like voimating seing ravi aka salim) and anarkali(smeone who luks like madhubala). #change sanar face,increase trp. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. salim nd anar are soooooooooo boring

  6. Love u jodha akbar

  7. This is one serial I could watch from the beginning again. I love it except when they introduced this witchcraft into it. Loe Jodha and Jalal.They have a love bond made from heaven,

    1. I too keep watching the previous episodes. Evergreen romantic scenes between jalal and jodha. Salim and anarkali love looks quite childish and very boring. Whereas I can go on watching tirelessly jalal and jodha. What screen presence they have.
      I cant imagine rajat with another lady nor paridhi with another man. They look like a real couple.

  8. Anarkali looks older than jodha ..they must find another actrees who looks younger and pretty face.

  9. this is what I cannot understand when coming to love this should be the persons choice why on earth in the true indian race the family always want to choose for their children which I think is not right all might not agree with this but one must take into consideration that it is that person who will have to live with that partner for life and this is where the confusion takes place now why marry off your daughter or son to someone he or she is not in love with in the long run they live together but they are not happy so this is the reason why I believe that it should be his or her choice of partner because remember this is for life jalal is being unfair he does not care about salims feeling for anarkali all he care about is his reputation as king and being loyal to the other king mann bais father and to hell with salim I only hope that this time jodha stand by salim and as for ruks well she is another story causing mischief and supplying salim like an addict with opium and hope jodha and jalal find out her true nature towards salim and her intentions to destroy them mother father and son this was said by ruks in the beginning

    1. Keen Observer it is not the Indians alone have arranged marriages.There are arranged marriages of many different cultures of the world that you do not know about so just do not stereotype these people by judging what is written on television.There are many homes who marry off their daughters and they live honorable lifes.I am not saying this is right to marry someone if you do not love but keep in mind that there are different races on the comment section and you do not want to offend anyone.

  10. Hiiiiii jodha akber fans….h r u allll……… Very boringgg anar&salim……n the confusin creatt father&son..see

  11. Hey rozina ๐Ÿ™‚ welcme as akdha fan

  12. rosey I do not think that you read and understood my comment I was not speaking any race issue in fact I was speaking on behalf of the Indians I have many indian friends and I know for real what it is about so stop talking race it is not at all about that and when I talk about true indian race I meant in india so read the comment again if you did not comprehend no offence taken

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