Jodha Akbar 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update

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  1. jayshree says:

    oohh …please update faster ……

  2. r says:

    Please update faster. Also could you direct me of a link where i can see the actual video with English subtitles.

  3. aisha says:

    hey sumana13 i think u can work a lil better on ur spellings…. and be a lil more faster

  4. afrin says:

    The update was sooooo bad….plz make sure u give details correctly and the speling ws soooo BAD”

  5. aisha says:

    helloo!!!!!!!! dude update faster!!

  6. Raj says:

    She must be angry with ur comments…

  7. aisha says:

    okay… anywys… the update is there on another website… go check it out!

  8. aisha says:

    oh sorry sumana…

  9. Deepii says:

    Guyss ! she/he is updating the fastest , so dont criticise her n be patient ….

    P.S : Spelling mistakes n shortcuts r too much :P

  10. aisha says:

    sumana13 im really sorry……

  11. Deepii says:

    it was not critisism ! :(

  12. aisha says:

    thanks prateek!!!

  13. aisha says:

    okay bye!!! c u guys on monday waiting for another update!!!!!!!!

  14. keshew says:

    love the episode

  15. mani says:

    plzzz don’t use so, much shortcut…….
    Nd plzzzzz update fast ken to study it….

  16. afrin says:

    Tnx atiba…this ws much better…(Y)

  17. Side walker says:

    In history. . . . . . .

  18. mani says:

    thanks alot for full update….

  19. manu says:

    thanks atiba this was a really good update

  20. anjali says:

    nope ur wrong dere she is sister in law of mirza n man singh is nephew of jodha so basically she is not his sistr

  21. Why don’t ruks just get out of the way n leave jo n jaal so they can make sweet love can’t wait for that part.

  22. Dipti says:


  23. r says:


  24. Didi says:

    Oh Pulizzzzzzzz keep the update coming, thanks! I’m in West Africa & I’m loving Jodha Akbar like maaaaaaaaaaad. Thanks for the update, man

  25. Didi says:

    And it’s 4:54pm 7th February here now.

  26. tii says:

    love it..thnks f the update

  27. Rishu says:

    Thanks atiba

  28. Ahona says:

    Please somone request zee company to show serial 6day in every like star plus

  29. shambavi gowda says:

    i love jodha akbar .lk mad i watch two tym tis serial

  30. innu says:

    sooooo goooood lyke it

  31. lami says:

    Hello guys…I also want 2 knw where I can watch jodha akbar with was a terrific epi as well tnx atiba 4 d update.u rock

  32. ayeesha says:

    Can’t wait for monday!!! Your spellings are a bit awkward but we still appreciate!! :*

  33. shanu says:

    Plz dnt criticise th updater, must b watchn n during breaks thinking and updating, it requires time.plz b patient n thankful that atleast he/she is taking pain t do it for us.typi error happens

  34. Marjaanah says:

    Thanks a lot suhana. U’re the best…. Eagerly waiting for Monday’s update, huh!

  35. Marjaanah says:

    Shanu U’re ryt, u people should not criticize because suhana is trying her best!

  36. zarin says:

    Loving episode…:-*

  37. wooowww sooo nyc thnx for the one who wrote i really appreciate

  38. Pooja says:

    Lovin Jodha and Jalal’s love story.Also, you guys might want to check your spelling before you comment……….. No offence.

  39. Kanchan says:

    Now its a high tym they shld shows Jala and Jodha closeness