Jodha Akbar 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 7th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Jalal sits infront of jodha and says i want to say that you are not little afraid even knowing that bowl had poison, jodha says i stopped you thats enough, jalal says this not proper reason, jodha says i tried to warn you but you didnt want to listen and see truth so i had to action, jalal says what should i listen and see, if you remember i came to your room once and you pushed me, anyways i want to say that you begums are difficult to understand you say something else and do other. Jodha says in benazir’s case i told you directly but you didnt listen to me, jalal says i thought you are jealous thats why putting allegations, i thought you were insecure to loose your position, you were jealous that she will become my special.. jodha cuts in saying wrong you thought

wrong, i am not insecure and wasnt jealous, jalal says why you saved me? jodha you can think by yourself, jalal says if ask me then i will says you saved me because i have place in your heart, jodha looks at him.

Scene 2
ruks is going inside jodha’s room but moti stands inbetween and says sorry but you ant go inside , ruks says what you a small bandhi will stop me, you know to whom you are talking, motii says sorry but its jalal’s order that he is with jodha and nobody will come inside. ruks looks on. ruks says ok inform jodha that i came to meet her, she feels bad.
Inside jalal ask why you didnt like benazir from day 1st, jodha says i didnt like her dressing sense, jodha ask what you saw in her that you went flat on her? there are many beautiful in harem, jalal says she was way beautiful that any women of harem could be impressed by her and look up at her beauty, jodha says what are you saying, she wasnt that beautiful, jalal says i swear she was.. he puts hand on head, jodha takes off his hand and says this is not funny, jalal says i know she was poisonous but she was pretty, jodha what if she could have bitten you? jalal says that(biting) only one rajvanshi can do, he looks at jodha they both start to laugh, jalal says i am leaving, jodha says no and says i want to go out, jalal says you cant go out, jodha insists, jalal says why are you so stubborn, jodha says because i am rajvanshi and i wanna go out, jalal ask why? she says i am tired here listening to the tales of poisonous lady and tell me you are my husband so you cant take me outside, ok i will go alone, she gets up and is about to fall but jalal holds her and says i told that you are not fine, jodha says i want to go out, moti comes and says are you alright, jalal says she wants to go out, moti says i will take her, jalal says no need, i will take her. he puts her hand around his shoulder and holds her to provide support.

Scene 3
resham informs maham that jalal take off his slippers before going into jodha’s room, ruks comes there and fumes saying that i shouldnt have listened to you jodha once again defeated me. maham says listen to new things. Maham informs ruks that jalal went to jodha’s room and took off his slippers outside, he did spend very much time in her room, he provided support to her, ruks shouts enough i dont want to listen to your bullshit, she storms out, resham as why she left like that, maham says she is fighting inside as one side she is thankful to jodha and otherside she hates him for taking jalal away. she has fear to loose her position to jodha, she loves jalal and want him but other side she is thankful to jodha, resham ask now what? maham says a women war will begin and we have to take ruks on our side.

Scene 4
Jalal takes jodha to garden area and make her sit, he sits there and looks down, jodha sees him, they are both feeling awkward. jodha says answer my one question, did you think that benazir was beautiful? jalal says she is still on your head, jodha ask for answer. Jalal says yes she was beautiful. jodha looks at him and is little hurt, she looks down while jalal looks at her lovingly and smiles. they have an eyelock( in ankhon main female version plays)( i am dying with their magic <3), jodha feels cold, jalal goes and brings fire heater, they both warm their hands,jodha looks at him and thinks why didnt you said same for me, i wish you feel same for me, jalal looks at her and thinks i wish i could tell you whats inside my heart, i wished benazir never came in my life, i wished you didnt back out from your position which benazir used. Jalal goes and comes with shawl, he puts shawl at jodha while she is pleasantly surprised. hamida and jiji sees them from balcony and hamida says they looks so good together like they are calm after storm went, i am happy jalal is taking care of jodha. from otherside ruk sees them and burns with jealousy. In jail, sharif ask his man to ask all his men to be prepared as i am coming out soon, man ask how? he says now jodha is save and benazir is gone then its time for me to come out, he laughs like a mad. Scene 5 In court, jalal ask where is mali, why he is not caught yet, atgah says we are trying, soldier informs that mirza has come back after winning war, jalal ask to bring him. He informs that mirza went to see jodha, jalal says he has a soft heart. In jodha's room, maan singh is sad that he couldnt save jodha, jodha says i am fine. mirza says i knew it that there was some poisonous lady here, there was something fishy about her, her extra sweet nature and that letter. Jodha says leave it, i am proud of you both that you won war. Jalal comes there, mirza says sorry for not meeting him 1st and coming in harem, hamida says you came here with my permission to meet your mother. Jalal says you both came here to meet jodha as she is one's sisters and other's sister in law and we are family so i have no issue, he says i am happy that everything is good now so i want to announce something you all should come court, he ask jodha if she can then she should also come, she agrees. PRECAP- jodha says its a king’s wish so i have to go, jalal very softly says to stay back, jodha says you are going to thank God for listening to prayers for me (mannat for jodha) so i should also be there, otherside ruks in angry state says maham that only i will go with jalal.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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