Jodha Akbar 7th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal says to ministers that Jodha deserve all this, he present new coins on Jodha’s name and also official stamp on her name, Ruks says stop, all looks at her, Ruks says it was only me who didnt want Jodha to be given all this but today i know that only Jodha deserve all this, Fazal says she has done alot, Todar says she is excellent in business, Birbal says she can forgive anyone, Ruks says if you allow me then i want to give this stamp and respect with my hands to her, Jalal gives to her, Ruks present her coin which has name engraved on it, Jodha is impressed, she folds hand and thanks Jalal, all chant for her, Ruks ask Jodha to take coins and says you serve this respect, Jodha folds her hand to Ruks and takes it, Ruks says i order to distribute these coins to all, she chant for

At night, Ruks comes to Jodha’s room and ask can i come in? Jodha says yes, Jodha says i am sorry i couldnt remove your punishment, Ruks says sometime we dont understand a person whole life but you understand same person in one second, when you entered this palace, i knew you are good person, it angered me, i knew i cant stand upto your level of goodness thats why i kept disrespecting you, i wanna say sorry, she sit in her feet, Jodha ask her to get up, Ruks says you made my punishment a challenge so that i am not embaressed and also opened way for me to comeback, you have given new life to Jalal, you have changed him from Jalal to Akbar, your love has changed him, your love won over my hatred and i salute, i will pray that your love will remain same for Jalal, she hugs Jodha.
Ruks is leaving for Kabul, Jalal comes to Ruks and says no punishment is given to show ememity, it is to change person, you are my friend and i dont want you to lose, Jodha has given you challenge and i want you to win, Ruks says you think your Ruks cant do it? Jalal says the Ruks i know always win, Ruks smiles and says i will soon prove that i am not less than Jodha, i will do it as it is my life, i cant live without you for many days, Jalal says i will wait for you, he hugs her, She cries profusely, she says i will leave now, she sit in palanquin and leaves.
At night, Jodha is lying on bed and not getting sleep, she thinks Moti has come in room and without looking at her says please message my feet, Jalal starts messaging her feet, she says i have now opened door for Ruks to return here, all is fine, she turns to find Jalal there, she gets up and says why you are touching my feet, i am your wife, Jalal says you also my message my feet, Jodha says anyone can see it, Jalal says no one can come here without my order, Jodha then serve me nicely, message my hand, she smirks, Jalal starts messaging her hand seeing her that she is teasing him, Jodha then says my head is aching, message it, she lies her head in his lap, he messages her head,Jodha says everything is fine in end, Jalal says yes it happened all because of your wisdom, you have shown me way everytime, Jodha says no this all because of your faith in me, Jalal says it happened because of our love, they hug.
Soul Talk- Jalal says that nigh was beautiful. Jodha’s soul says yes, i was recalling our journey, remember once i promised to behead you infront of kali maa. Jalal says i was running behind you to see your face. Jodha says remember that day when i had put sword on your neck as i thought you as soldier, Jalal says how could you kill me that day as you had to become my life partner, my queen, Jodha says i never thought that the one i wanted to kill, i will be praying for life, Jalal says your love changed me, i had to follow your wish, i bowed my headto Kali maa, Jalal says then your hatred changed into love for me, Jodha says we didnt know that this love will change us fully. Jalal and Jodha’s flashbacks are shown, how they confessed, how their love strengthened with time, Jodha says small things kept bringing us together, Jalal says your sword fighting impressed me, i cant explain your greatness, i still remember how you fought with Abul Mali to protect me, Jodha says i had to protect you as you were my life.
Voice over says this was story of Jalal and Jodha, the journey from Hatred to Love, from changing person to better, this love story is historical and will be remembered for years. (have been doing its update from 3rd episode :). Will miss doing updates for this great show.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. you can watch Jodha Akbar full episode on
    please try..

  2. Miss jodha akbar!!! a fntstc stry!!

  3. Silly ending…very abrupt and not thought out wtf…
    1. Ruks was only exposed for a few things, not the entire thing. I don’ think Jodha would go easy on her if she learned about what she did to Salim so…
    2. Speaking of Salim, where is he. Anar? No where to be found in the very last episode and probably not together. The writers started a sentence by never finished it -.-
    3. The last episode shouldn’t have been based all on Ruks leaving the palace! Took away a lot from the audiences expectations. This show was so loved but it didn’t even have a grand ending, just a boring one! What the hell!?
    Really expected more but I know they had too many details to pay attention to and couldn’t fit it into 20 minutes. That’s why the serial should not have ended until all details were saw out.

  4. thank you for all the great work really it was great to be with all of you in this historical love story…

  5. thank god finally end most stupid serial

  6. Thanks you Atiba. God bless you.

  7. I have not been following this serial closely…n now that it is over, I don’t know what happened to Salim and anarkali…can anyone tell?

  8. my dadi, my badi ma, my mom, my nani, and i we all miss u jodha

  9. my mom is missing it sooo much…. she even felt like crying…. she is so sad … she is hating the new show tashan-e-ishq as bcoz of it, jodha Akbar ended…… miss u jodha akbar

  10. love this show very much………..i m really sad for its ending

  11. I am realy gonna miss ths.i want paridhi and rajat back.sme shows realy touch our hearts.and ths is one of them.sme shows i realy like are,mahabharat,jodha akbar and ipkknd seasn 1.and i realy hated when they u and miss u jodha akbar.

  12. i will misss this show alot
    was a beautiful love story <3

  13. Really Zee TV made it. Very very good and educative show. I wish i could meet the souls of Jodha and Akbar in person when i reach abode and congratulate them.

  14. Just misssss Jodha Akbar like anything §: -(

  15. Thanks Atiba, for the updates, you rock man!! Cheers!

  16. How did Salim & Anakarli story end? Did he marry her? I missed that part.

  17. The great chemistry shown between paridhi Sharma and Rajat tokas made this historical based series special and alive. Outstanding performance by both PSRT especially and other casts. I m from the country far away from India but I started to learn hindi and my friends asked me why… And I m proudly said because of JODHA AKBAR!

  18. thanx atiba fr d updates
    i ll miss dis show

  19. this was truly an amazing love saga. Thank you jodhaa akbar

  20. Today early morning at 2am, i watched for the last time my favoruite Jodha Akabr on zee tv. It was a retelecast. I know I would not be able to watch the last repeat telecast of JA today 5pm. So I made sure I woke up this morning at 2am to watch my one last my akdha/parijat together. No pair had ever made me ever feel this way. I adore them together. They look like a real couple. Great jodi. I wish them both all the happiness in their life. Please come back to act together again for us.

    1. Iz this MK Ikram?????

  21. The great saga of love .

  22. nikita bansal

    plzzzz nhii mt bnd kro.. i cant lve without dis show…

  23. Hope part2. of the show…..

  24. If we comment like dis daily , it will be aired as jodha akbar part 2 very soon

  25. used to wait written update every day., but now.. 🙁
    really miss Jodha Akbar.. The most lovely couple on screen..
    waiting for their act together again..

  26. I miss jodhaakbar alot I can’t digest that the serial is over.i really miss the serial .I hope jodhaakbar part2 come as soon as possible.i miss the serial.plzzzzz take jodhaakbar part2

  27. The show must go on…

  28. I am missing jodha Akbar soooooo much. I cried during the last episode, no other TV serial has ever touched my heart n soul as this one. I have tears in my eyes as I write. I was hoping the writers would have seen this true love story till the death of Akbar,n leap the storyline close and up to jodha’s passing as well. That would have done justice to their love. Alas…the viewers were cheated. I live in the island of Trinidad in the West Indies n this serial was very popular. Hoping to see part 2 in the near future.

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