Jodha Akbar 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
khaibar is being dragged in deep well, he is thrown into it, soldiers are happy to see him inside and says that our problem is finished, now we will come to give him food, nissar sees all this hiding, he comes to well and says khaibar its me, your master, I came here to free you, khaibar shouts to pull him out, sharif comes there and puts dagger on nissar, he says so you were the one to help khaibar, how you thought that you will attack jalal, you will help khaibar to touch jodha and I will leave you, it was all my plan to catch you, now tell me who are you and for whom you work? if you remain silent then I will beat you, nissar tell him that he works for mahaC, she ordered me to kidnap jodha, she gave me map of secret cave in palace, sharif kills him and gets map from him, shraif thinks

that only I know about secret cave to harem, you don’t know jalal that your palace is unsafe now.
jalal is practicing sword fighting when atifa comes there, he says to soldier that for today its enough, he ask all soldiers to leave. atifa brings towel for jalal. atifa says that ruks told me to meet you and said you may need it. jalal says oh she sent you, well I don’t need it, I need you.
ruks meets jodha and ask did you went to mandir, jodha says yes, you are fasting so I cant give you parsad but take this sacred flower, ruks says someone else needs these prayers, I am not interested in your prayers but g to jalal and give him, jodha nods and goes from there.
jalal says to atifa that if you came here so wipe my sweat, jalal sit while atifa comes close to him and wipes his sweat with towel, they are close and jodha comes there and is shocked to see it, jalal is smiling with atifa while jodha cant believe her eyes, she goes from there angrily.
ruks sees jodha fuming and calls her, jodha goes to her, ruks ask what happened? you seem worried, jodha says jalal.. he is with atifa, ruks says don’t tell me, you don’t know about it, all harem dasies are talking about it, jodha ask do you know about it, ruks says I knew about it when jalal went on hunting and took only atifa with him, jodha ask what, atifa was with him? ruks says don’t tell me, you don’t know about it, jodha recalls how jalal denied taking her to hunting, ruks says you don’t know all this as you are busy with that beast khaibar, jodha ask why didn’t you stop jalal? ruks says why would I? and with what right? its kings habit to be with new women every day, what you thought that if jalal remained with you then he wouldn’t look at anyother women, you were lucky that jalal was with you for many days as he doesn’t give that time to one women, I knew before that jalal will forget you and you will also become common from special wife, anyways you also get habituated to it, when jalal got tired of you he went to atifa, when he will be tired of atifa then he will choose another lady and this will go one, now you will live a simple life without jalal, he wouldn’t look at you now, like thousand wives you wont get his love, jodha is hurt and leaves from there, ruks says that I am also hurt jalal that you are with atifa but I am happy that you left jodha begum alone.

Scene 2
jodha comes to her room and recalls how jalal said that whether he will have throne or not but he will always love jodha, his name will joint with jodha always, jodha looks at kahna and says how can you let this happen with me? jalal used to say that in his heart I will be always there, how can love vanish from his heart, she cries, moti ask her to be calm, jodha says how can I, it was my life to get love of jalal, is it true that jalal doesn’t love anymore, is it true that that I am not in his heart anymore, is this my punishment to love him, I was away from him for some day but how can any other lday take my place in his life, moti says maybe this is just distraction, everything will be fine, salima comes there, jodha goes to her and cries, she hugs her, jodha says you witnessed that jalal said he loves me more than anyone, I know every wife has importance in his life but he said that he loves me, how can he do this with me, If he is angry with me then I will beg to him, I will ask forgiveness sitting in his feet, salima says no, loving someone is not mistake, why will you say sorry to him, compose yourself, I have listened the rumors but love doesn fade away like this, go to jalal and talk with him, I know he is angry with you but I cant agree he has love for anyone than you, jodha says I talk to him many a times but I am afraid this time, I have seen other feeling sin his eyes, salima says don’t be afraid, go and talk with him.

Scene 3
todar says to jalal that you may know that sharif caught khaiabr’s master and killed him, he was mahaC’s man, jalal says I want action against mahaC, I cant see this just sitting here, we have to find solution, todar says that husband of atifa wants to leave this palace after eid, jalal ask what?
jalal comes to atifa’s room, he calls atifa, atifa is in tears, jalal says I listened that you are going, atifa hugs him, jalal consoles her, atifa says I don’t want to go away from you, you told me whats in your heart, I want to say my heart thing, I feel safe with you, I don’t wanna away from you, jalal says I wont let you go from here, you wull stay with me here, he hugs her, atifa is shocked to see her husband there, her husband says that you characterless girl, don’t you feel ashamed to have relation with other man when it is sin and you only should be with your husband, today I will teach you lesson, jalala shouts dare you touch her bastard, if you call yourself husband then give her rights, you cant beat her, husband says wow what a speech, what a justice, I cant believe I am standing infront of india’s king, is this your justice, is this your character, no you are a lusty man who is trapping a married girl in his trap, I will not live in agra, I feel it is sin to live under you, jalal says you can go but atifa will not go, husband says why, she is my wife, I have right on her, jalal says you have lost the right, husband says don’t forget that there are priests, I will go them and will tell them that you hugged my wife, they will give me justice, jalal says do what you want, go to them but listen onething you have no relation with atifa now, don’t come near her now, he ask him to get out, husband says ok now priest will decide, he leaves. jalal fumes.

PRECAP-jalal says to jodha that yes jodha begum, I love atifa, jodha cant believe her ears and close her eyes, tears just flows from eyes.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. xxx

    And the pre cap was the worst. ..How can jalal tell jodha that he loves atifa. ….man I can’t watch this nonsense anymore. …someone please give some sense to the writers…..

  2. Chantal

    Jalal better come good with his apology. Sharif let khaiber kidnap jodha fast and put some sense into jalal.. He is leading to the death of his kids by making jodha so depressed.
    Ruqs you did a good and a bad thing… Hmmm i not watching until the end of the atifa track…. My heart breaking for jodha.

  3. Jalal is really getting mad.I want khaibar to take away jodha so that jalal really knows how much jodha have felt when he is with atifa.

  4. devika

    i hate jalal
    he is doing wrong with jo
    even khyder also show some mercy on jo because she is pregnant
    but jalal hut the jo very deep and to much manner
    he dont love jodha even not behave like a man

  5. devika

    after watching today episode my heart is totally breaking
    i watch the serial after atifa track

  6. Di

    Whatever Jalal is feeling for Atifa is but fleeting, it will pass….. Until then, all we fans of JA can do is pray. But I must say I’m indeed super BORED with the Atifa epic. Could it be that Jalal is under a spell??

  7. xxx

    Pretty soon everyone will stop watching this serial. .because of the crop they are showing. ..It was a nice track of jodha and jalal’s love story…what was the need to bring atifa in between? Jodha should teach a lesson to jalal…jodha please run away with khaibar and ignore jalal so that he would know what a betrayal is.

  8. devika

    ja marry jo
    she increses her level , she win a war against to mc, she exposure the ja good ness to whole hinduthan (tax removal,hindu musilim equlisam, ), she help to bhakshi and sharif
    she save ja to benzer poision, so many thing jo is deed

    ja love atifa
    above things are vanished only jalal
    in a people heart ja loses her fame and good ness
    even ja relatives like sb, khan sab, todar mal, maan sing dont respect ja

    finally ja loses every thing
    alreary he loses the most precious thing on the eatrh nothing but a love of jodha
    after that all are waste to a man

    love is precious thing in earth

    in my view ja is only a dead body

  9. godmother

    I don’t feel sorry for jodha she took ruks husband en atifa took hers he is a king so he may jodha just has to get used to it because she is not his only wife

    • devika

      i agree with keerthi
      ja said jo he love her that day on words jo to much love on ja
      if he dis not say to jo she is not to feel this much
      and ja paly cheap trick (he love her) for jo becoz is want jo body only not her heart
      if ja really love jo her love is not vanished in much fast

  10. Jalal I have done a cargo for you. It has a mummy in it. Came frm Egypt especially for you. You just need to get out frm atifas scene and show how dirty And cheap you are

  11. keerthi

    jodha didn’t grab anyone.sorry godmother i cannot agree with u.she ioves jalal&jalal loves her(ofcourse not now).she always tries 2 give equal sry higher position 2 ruks.FINALLY D THING IS SHE IS BETRAYAL BY STUPID JALAL……….

  12. i hate whats going on , if it continue , people will stop believing in love . i’m sure in life after you fight for what you want you will get it , if its love then no power on earth or heaven can take that away ,this is not nice . but its a great peace , al viewers must be fuming up like jodha herself . lol

  13. keerthi

    Iin rating y shouldn’t they mention CHEAP,CHEAPER,CHEAPEST 4 these awful atifa aunti’s track

  14. keerthi

    the starting track of atifa is NOT GOOD.
    at the end of dat weak it became BAD.
    4rm d starting of dis weak it becomes WORSE.
    finally by d 2morow episode it is going 2 b THE WORST EVER.
    wahhhhh what a in(de)crasing………………….

  15. Jodha much Karo warna Tera shehensha to Gaya. Woh Kehte hai na. Ke GAYI BHES PAANI MAY toh Shehensha bhi Gaya paani may.

    Jalal go sit somewhere and for god sake do not come out till atifa aunt is gone. Go put henna on your hands!!!!!!!

  16. Guys don’t know its true or not but there is a spoiler that jalal know that atifa is sent by mahachuchak and is doing drama for some reasons . Don’ know its true or not but if its true then good for us .

  17. Sanaya do you think he is pretending or it’s actual and as far as I know why would jalal think about atifa in his room. Else you know Ekta is a b**ch

  18. devika

    i requested jodha akbar director and writers plz stop the dialogue used by jalal
    ” i am mohabat karthe “hai jalal dont know love
    its so silly he used this dialogue frequently
    i dont ask u stop the atifa track
    plz stop use this dialogue

  19. keerthi

    i didn’t watch today’s episode but watch yesterday’s.after watching that seriol i feel that he is yesterday’s episode he told aunty that i love u&he also mentioned dat i quarled with jodha.when atifa asks him-don’t u love jodha now ,he says I DON’T KNOW that to not immedietly.

  20. keerthi


  21. Deeksha

    I recape is jodha’s dream . Hint :as she was saying that i am afraid that jalal has really forgave me.

  22. keerthi

    after listining 2 d jalal’s answer(regarding 2 atifa which is showing in promo).what might b jodha’s feelings.did she raises voice against him??

  23. vijaylaxmi

    may b atifa is mahaC ‘s person..jalal s dng al dis to find out abt her….i believe in jalal’s love for jodha..plz end dis track soon

  24. AB

    We can expect this kind of bullshit if Ekta Kapoor is the prducer. So no shocker if the history is being rewritten…

  25. keerthi

    he shouts on jodha dat she used her
    but besharum jalal 4 u r kind information “U USED HER 4 D SAKE OF U R HAPPINES……….”.
    NEVER THINK THAT JODHA IS ALONE WE R ALL WITH HER.if u want 2 marry atifa u can but only after giving her TALAK because u don’t deserve such a precious thing on d earth

  26. AB

    Ys Vijay, if Ekta finds out that people are criticizing then Atifa will die and Jalal goes back to Jodha.

  27. princess

    I feel so sorry for jodha not a single one of them I have seen went to take care of her when she is pregnant and on top of that jalal is screaming at her so much and when ruks was FAKE pregnancy everyoneee including jodha was with her and helping her sometimes I feel the writers just doesnt like jodha always putting her thru so much pain and she is always getting blamed for everything everyone is always going against her no matteer how muxh good things she has done. R.I.P jodha akbar they just ruined this show for me with this stupid track will never be the same

  28. keerthi

    by d way 4 ur kind information jalal-“IF JODHA READY 2 MARRY AGAIN(ofcourse she can’t becoz she is not like u)DEN THERE WILL B A BIG LINE INFRONT OF HER DOOR.UNDERSTOOOOOD

  29. Hey guys…I’m new here…I too want to share my views.
    I think jalal is doing all this to reveal the real character of aatifa…
    I think director decided to keep the audience in some dilemma (as jalal changed) and then he surprises us all by proving that jalal is a not a ruthless person but a good hearted one…I’m just imagining all this stuff…wat do you say guys?s

  30. RADHA

    Jalal still does not know what love is and he is so stupid, he can’t appreciate Jodha
    after all she has done for him….he seems to forget that she is carrying his children.
    I think he needs to learn a good lesson.

  31. keerthi

    in ekta’s seriol’s if we collect d tears of heroinn’s den we defnetly able 2 supply a water 4 ,2-3 villages

  32. rev

    I hateeee this atifa track… How cud Jalal throw away Jodha frm his hearttt…… I jus hateeee tis …. I dont feel like watching at all…. Bring back jodhaaa Jalal lovvvv…!!!!

  33. Deeksha

    Siriraghu: i also think and believe that jalal is doing drama. But one thing how can shout like that on jodha and hurt hurt her so badly . He can tell her act why he is not telling jodha that he is acting.

  34. rachna

    guys this all drama that jalal is doing as he knws that atifa is being sent by mahachuchak.. this all i read on twitter.. this is confirmed news..

  35. keerthi

    when ruks is pregnent jodha bcome her servent&jalal always think about his baby.but now what happens 2 u………..

  36. Deeksha

    And think that atifa is send to disturb jalal mind and then maha chuchak will attack jodha . Therefore kyber will try to protect jodha will bring jodha to jungle to save her

  37. Deeksha

    Ya rachna i also read by a serious suituation jalal is hiding this matter from jodha . I think jodha is in danger thats why jalal is not telling jodha that he is acting

  38. raisa

    I’ve read from JA facebook that jal is aware of aatifas reality..& he is doing all this drama… But if he doing this drama but why he is a badshah..he can punish anybody…..

  39. keerthi

    guys anyone observe that after starting atifa’s track no of comments&comenters were increased.i think dis is d strategy of JA makers.they want people to discuss more about dis show

  40. That dilemma they putting on the audience will be cleared guys no worries. Guys u saw the new promo. It’s jalal shouting jodha that I must quiet while anyone enter the harem and he will make khaiber die for sure but jodha says that she will not let that happen

  41. Deeksha

    I want to jodha to be kidnapped by khyber because her life is in danger . I waiting for that scene only and jalal ,man singh were finding jodha madly because this khyber tooked her very far from the palace . This time jodha was uncousious therefore she cant tell jalal where she carried by her jewelliers . O god that time jodha must not thinking about jalal that he save her because she be angry by jalal that used her. (SHE WOULD BE THINKING THAT) just cannt wait

  42. ashwini

    Hello frnds, its really true.waw from last week l am just reading this episode because i cant see jala with some one else…n i hate jala..but now i feel good..thanks frnds,Ashwini

  43. rachana

    Hai am also fan of after atifas entry am NT watching eagerly wait for updates…nd hoping this atifa drama end up soon so that ja jo can b togethr

  44. Thank thanks thanks god
    Hahaahahahhaha I am so happy that nothing is over my big smile
    Cause I heared that jalal is acting ahahha
    But but but if it would be false than I will be broken first than jodha no one will be so broken non nor jodha than me πŸ™

  45. Ifffffff jalal is acting than sooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy jalal
    Cause or the her love love love uuuuu
    Ifffffffgggg or acting seeeeee my happy nesssss hahahahahahahah πŸ˜‰

  46. One thing to notice by today’s epi
    β€’when rukaya pregnant very caring
    β€’ but jodha pregnant reacting as no kid is going to come
    β€’ I mean it is a joke or what he wanted to be a father and after along time he got that expecting newwwwws πŸ™ idint get it yaaaaar

  47. Diana

    i cant believe what is going on in this soap Jalal wanted an Heir to his throne now that he is about to get what he wants look how he is treating Jodha for another woman it is said that when u r king u can do what the hell u want and that is what Jalal is doing.

  48. Rihanna

    I hate Jalal. This Atifa and Jalal so called love story makes no sense. I’m fed up of it. Atifa needs to get lost! When is she going??????

  49. JK

    I think the updates are very poorly written. Someone with a good command of the English language should be doing the write-ups. Grammar is so poor!

    For all the people getting stressed about what is happening in the drama, please keep it in perspective. It is nice to watch a tv show, but there are much more important things happening in the world. How about discussing Gaza with as much zeal as you do these dramas!

  50. Rihanna

    Btw I agree with JK the Grammar needs a little help there are a lot of spelling errors as well but nonetheless, Thanks so much, Atiba

  51. Guys i got the Story Read this
    Jalal say to Jo that he loves atifa After that ja will go and Jo cant bare this and will raint As moti will come She will go to Call Hakim when She Return Jo is Not ther( khaiber Took her) She will inform to ja and ja and His solider will go they will find Jo uncouisus ja will take her back to Harem Hakim will Tell this is due to Stress or any Thing by which Jo is hurted ja will think To Tell Jo all Thing Cause He cant Lie her any more nor She her in this Condition when Jo when get up ja will Be there he will say i am sorry Jo will say Why he will say i Said u a Lie wht Jo will ASK Ja will say all THe Things to Jo ja wi say i hid These Things from u for u r Safety but i am saying u now Cause i cant See u like this. Hows that guys

  52. Is it real are u speaking the truth cutie
    Iffffff than waaaoaooooo
    Hahahahhaha via am so happy

    Shukar khuda ka his new mujhai khushkhabri synai
    Hahhhahahahahahahhahahah πŸ˜‰
    Ohhhhhhhh heheh

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