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Jodha Akbar 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Servant asks jodha what more stuff is to get prepared to sent to amer? Jodha says i will tell you later. she says in heart how will i tell jalal, salim’s love on one hand and jalal’s name on the other.

anarkali comes in salim’s room. He says soon we wont have to meet this way, whole world will respect and own our relation. she says what you mean? he says i told maa about our love she said she will do something about this and talk to shaheneshah. She sits down, he says your place is in my heart and hugs her. She says looks here you gifted me anklet so i made this sweet for you. Its not that expensive but it has sweetness of my love. He says this is most precious to me. She makes him eat, he says is delicious, ruks sees them. anarkali says i should go now,she leaves.

comes to jodha, she thinks i will talk to him somehow, she says i wanna talk something important, Jalal is tensed and says Shahab, the one whom i trusted, he betrayed me too, he says leave it, tell me what you wanna say, Dasi comes and says Rahim wanna meet you, Jalal says i will come, Jodha says i will say some other time, Jalal says ok and leaves.
Ruks says to Salim that all wives are selecting gifts for Mann bai, what should i gift her? Salim says what to hide from you, truth is that i dont wanna marry Mann, Ruks acts and says Oh God why? Salim says because i love someone else, she is Anarkali, Ruks says what are you saying? she is dancer, you know how Jalal will react? and what about Jodha? Mann is her relative, Salim says but i am her son, Jodha have agreed to talk to Jalal about this matter, Ruks says if this is case then i am happy, my happiness lie in your happiness, if Jodha has took charge then i am sure she will make Jalal agree for it, Salim says do you have any problem that i am bringing dancer as your Daughter in law? Ruks says not at all, she hugs salim and thinks i have to do something, if Salim gets his love then Jalal and Jodha will not be separated.

Scene 2
Ruks comes to Jodha and says all are preparing for marriage, why you are in room? come with me, Jodha says nothing, Ruks says whats the matter? tell me, jodha tells her everything about Salim’s love story, Jodha says he loves Anarkali, Ruks acts like shocked and says what are you saying? you should tell Jalal, Jodha says how to talk to him? Jalal has promised Bhagwan das for marriage, what if jalal doesnt agree to Salim’s wish? Jalal comes and ask what are you talking about? Ruks says we were talking about selecting gifts, Jalal says i am not worried about my daughter in law as i know she will be like Jodha, Jodha thinks how to tell him truth, Jalal says to Jodha that we will go on walk tonight, he leaves, Ruks says to Jodha that when you will go with him then tell him about Salim, Jodha agrees.
Jodha is getting ready for walk, she thinks this is right time to talk to jalal.
Jalal and Jodha comes in garden, Tansen sings In Ankhon mein, Jalal and jodha enjoys it, Jodha thinks what if jalal gets angry listening news? he is looking so happy, Jalal praises Tansen, Tansen leaves, Jalal lies his head in Jodha’s lap, Jodha says you loved me and your heart changed, Jalal says love can happen anytime but when you love someone your heart just become his, see me, if i had not loved you then i wouldnt have been like this, i would have been king but not king of people’s heart, Jodha says so you agree that nothing is more beautiful than love? Jalal says yes, Jodha says what if you started loving me before marriage and we wouldnt have get married then what would you have done? Jalal says i would have crossed all hurdles to get you, everything is fair in love and war, and when fate has written our relation then we have to be one, Jodha says Salim is our son, he can love someone too, Jalal says he has already loved someone that is Mann, he says no more talks, he says lets go for walk by lake side.
At lake bay, Anarkali comes to Salim and hugs him, she says we are like light and sun, cant be away from each other, Salim says if light gets away from sun then there will no trace of sun, he says soon our relation will become official but i will regret meeting secretly like this, they smile and hug each other. Jalal and Jodha are holding hands and walking near lake. Salim says to anar that i will marry you only, this is my promise. Jalal says to jodha that with you, every time is good, Jodha says i wanna talk something about Salim, Jalal is shocked to see Salim and anarkali hugging.

PRECAP- Jalal says to Jodha that Anarkali is a dancer, she dances infront of me, i wont let that girl become part of my son’s life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. अरूण

    Salim will have to marry Manbai under pressure, but this marriage won’t success, Khusrau will born but Manbai will commit suicide latter on…

    1. Please tell us more plz plz plz ……….

  2. Stupid writer just change the story let salim n anarkali married
    I agree anarkali is a dancer but she a human she have feelings and the right to falling love too if they can respect everybody’s else then why not a dancer no offence but i think jalal is starting to think like ruks she don’t have respect for any1 or anybody’s emotions or feelings jalal have respect yes but what he saying mke me think like that idk know when she truth will come out it look like she need some more of good replys n two more tight slap that will make her fall flat on her face then she will realize that no1 cannot separate jalal n jodha it look like she na see good that laboni was tryin to separate they two of them and she fail just like that she too go fail n be alone for the rest of her life if she keep on plotting

    1. Agree rani! The writer has to change Salim love story, in anyway the w already changed few of the from the real history y not? Make the audience bit happy

    2. I wish your words come true 🙂

  3. Isn’t one of Salim ‘ s cousin loves ,maan bai

  4. Nice going akdha. Bt sad time for sanar. 🙁

  5. jodha do not matter what jalal says salim is your son too so stand by him and support his love always remember you are his mother do not let ruks come in between you salim and jalal remember she ruks tried to turn him against you and jalal and look what happen he is calling you ami jan mother this is what ruks did not want to happen but when god is in charge who can be against you please always remember that a message to the others

    1. ??? keen observer! Good ideas

  6. I like man bai too so I do not want her to commit suicide she can like saims cousin if remember one of them had liked her cannot remember his name you cannot always have what you want so if you cannot get salim settle for the cousin right

  7. Bsssss kitna lmba krna hai or

  8. D actual history is salim marrying man bai and has his first born. Their is no such character as anarkali. It was a fictional character written by court poet to impress the emperor

  9. Most of d people died at an early age. Daniyal. Murad turned alcoholic and died of cirrhosis at 28. Khusro rebelled for thrown against jahangir. And was blinded. mmanbai committed suicide when her son was blinded. Ruks on d other hand was given d responsibility to raise prince khuram who succeed to the throne after jahangir. Jagat also married to jahangir and bore him khuram who was taken away from her in infancy for emperor’s promise to his badshahi begum to raise a prince.

  10. Instead of watching jodha Akbar those who are interested in history should watch siyasat on epic at around 9 pm it gives much details of mughal era then this fictional serial

  11. Nice episode…bt i wonder how can jalal think like ruks n i feel jodha will take stand for salim…if writers can mix so much fiction with history y not in sanar story…

  12. MaressaStyles

    jalal stupid very stupid

  13. It is Salim’s fault that he did not confide in his parents about his love for anarkali. He himself was not sure in the beginning when he came to know anarkali was nadira. So now no one can blame Jodha and Jalal. Both have promised to Bhagwandas and have started marriage preparations. Was salim sleeping then? He was very much against his own parents and he prepared to believe that scheming ruquaiiya. Anarkali know very well about the engagement between Salim and Maanbai, why can’t she leave the palace? After all Maanbai is her friend.

    If Salim had confided in Jalal and Jodha in the beginning, they would have definitely accepted anarkali and also would not have proposed Maan bai.

  14. I think Jodha should take Salims side.Though Maan is her bhatigi but Salim is her son and has been away from her for yeays. And Jalal only said ‘love can happen anytime and if you give your heart to someone it becomes his.’And if Jodha & Jalal have promised B.Das then can’t Salim marry both of them (Anar&Maan). If writers are adding a lot more in history then can’t they do this ,everyone knows salim and anar’s love is not written in history. And even if salim actually loved anar then a little twist can be made.

  15. Even d fictional play never ended happily.Jahangir loved nur jahan. AlAlways. Then d serial is showing off tracks. Even if they are showing these salim anarkali play then obviously they should stick to the play and don’t add unnecessary drama. Salim loved man bai and jagat then nur came and she got a place above all. But he never would have loved some one from an inferior birth.

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