Jodha Akbar 6th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dancers come in function, Anarkali dance in veil, all like her dance, she takes off her veil, Salim is shocked, Mann, Murad, Jodha are stunned, Jodha recalls how she met her in Dargah and thinks what she is doing here? Mann thinks what Anarkali is doing her as dancer, Murad ask Salim how she became Dancer, Salim says this is her real face, she is dancer, Jodha says to Jalal that she looks so innocent even being dancer, Anarkali continues her dance, her foot starts bleeding, after dance, all cheer for her, Jalal says you have great talent, Jalal gifts her coins, Salim gets angry, Jalal says i give you title of royal dancer, Anarkali thanks him, Jalal says prayer is most important in life, if you are happy with title then pray for Jodha, i noticed that your foot was injured but you didnt

budge and kept dance same like a warrior in battlefield who doesnt run away even i get injured, you have passion for dance which is great. Jalal says this day is special, one announcement is left, Jalal says Amer and i have strong relation, its time to make one more relation with Amer, i want Mann to marry Salim, Salim, Anarkali are shocked, all congratulate him, Jalal says soon this relation will become final, Jalal ask Anarkali to prepare dance performance for that time, Anarkali nods, ruks thinks that Jalal played alot of chess games with me, but you dont know that in relationship games, i am real queen not Jodha, Salim gets upe from there and leaves, ruks smirks.

Scene 2
dancers says what a great function it was, one dancer find Haidar there and recalls how she brought him room and tried to be romantic with her, she tells other dancer that he is same guy who came to their place earlier, Haidar ask to come in his room, she says why not. Haidar brings her in room and ask what were you telling to other dancer? i dont like it what you were saying, he pulls her hairs and says now i will close your mouth, he stitches her mouth with needle and thread, he says it would have been problem if you had open your mouth, usually people kill persons like you but i like different punishment, you will remember always that you should not open your mouth, Haidar sys i like your talent, he gives her gold coins, he ask her to leave, she takes coins and runs, Haidar laughs.
Salim comes in his room and says how can they decide my marriage without even asking me, they didnt think to ask me before announcing it. Jodha comes to SAlim and ask why did you leave function like this? its not good, Salim says what is good and whats not, you know that but who gave you right to decide for my life without asking me, you announced my engagement with Mann, why? Jodha says what you are saying, we wanted to gift you, you told jalal that you like Mann bai so we announced this, Salim says when did i say that? Jodha says you told Jalal that you like a girl who wore jewelry which had peacock feather on it, Salim recalls how Mann was wearing same jewelry like Anarkali, Jodha ask was it Mann bai whom you liked? tell me, Salim says i am not ready for this marriage, i want time, he leaves, Jodha says what happened to him? was it not Mann whom he liked?

Scene 3
Anarkali brings coins to zil and says that i have brought money, now we will do treatment of Rashid, will bring medicines, Zil starts crying, Anarkali ask what happened, she comes to Rashif and finds him dead, she ask Rashid to get up, she says i have brought money for you, please open your eyes, Zil says your father will not get up now, Anarkali says thake us too, we cant live without you father, she cries.
Maan says to Jalal that now war is only way, they are not replying to your letters, they dont want to solve the matter, Jalal says Mirza is taking advantage of my love, Birbal says we can arrest him then can talk to him, Jalal says will go myself and will try to talk to him, prepare for my journey.
people says to Zil and Rashid that it was good that this betrayer Rashid dies, Zil says he should get grave, people says he doesnt deserve it, they leave from there, Zil and Anarkali cries, Zil says who will bury your father? who will give his deadbody shoulder? Anarkali says you are daughter, Anarkali says he always gave his shoulder so why i cant give my shoulder to his deadbody.

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Two people comes in Agra, they look suspicious. Jalal comes to Jodha and says i have to go somewhere, Jodha ask Jalal where are you going? Jalal says there some important work which i have to finish, i have asked Bhagwan das to postpone engagement till i comeback, Jodha ask anyone else cant you? Jalal says i would have send someone else but i have to go its important, Jodha says i will do your arrti then, she doens his Aarti, Jalal thinks that i will not punish Mirza but will talk to him but i cant tell you Jodha, Jalal leaves, Jodha thinks its also fine that this engagement got postponed, now i will try to find whats in Salim’s heart.

PRECAP- SAlim is walkign in jungle, drunk, the same suspicious people comes there, they look at SAlim.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Today’s episode was soo sad. How cruel Haidar is? I hate him. blo*dy fool. Feeling sad for Anarkali

    1. In the actual tv episode, I think that salim looked worried when he saw that nadira was hurt.

  2. अरूण

    Intruders want to harm Salim who will save ?

  3. ouch..haider is quite cruel, Salim will never marry Anarkali, she will be his main courtesan, Mann bai daughter will be his first wife, the first of 800 + wives.. that’s what happens when you don’t get your one true love, he will never get to fufil his destiny with Anarkali the way he wanted to, so 10,000 wives couldn’t change that

  4. this story need to spice up let some of the evil ones be caught like ruks and haider they are getting away with toooooooooooo much I am fed up writers do something

    1. The more they get away with the more trouble they will be in. Look at it that way.

  5. अरूण

    अनारकली और सलीम की घृणा, किसी अशुभ घटना के बाद ही प्रेम में बदलेगी ।

    1. Who knows what this person is saying? Please translate.

  6. true can never lose or die it lives till judgement day

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