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Jodha Akbar 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ruks crying in her room. jalal come in her room he see her on floor and cry. jalal say her are you want to meet me?. hearing this she stand up and come near jalal. jalal say her stay there not forgot you are criminal and i am shensha. whatever you want to say stay away and say. rusk say i understand jalal my crime is not forgettable but what i do this in jealousy and done mistake. because i feel slowly slowly becomes jodha’s. and you away from me. now you told what i do? you give business responsibility to jodha. and she become khash begum and also give malika e hind position. and you give heart also to her on which my right more. and what i get? on your life i don’t have right. your life your world your everything start on jodha and finish on her. and i can’t tolerate this. so i done

mistake. plz forgive me jalal. jalal say ruks means whatever you do till today to see jodha begum down ruk. right ruk?
you know because of you today mugal saltant facing problems. because of you my life also in risk. i every time forgive you because you are my childhood friend but today you cross all your limits. i don’t want to see your face. but because of jodha begum i come here. he told her nice ruk you destroy all jodha’s wish today she fulfill your wish. she always accpet you. she always feel your pain her. i feel today shameful on your thinking. ruks plead on jalal’s feet. and say plz forgive me last time. i never do this my dream. plz forgive me. jala say her how forgive you ruk. you did not left for forgive you. how much you go down that i cant help you to up. pack your stuff and ready for go ruks. jalal left her room without listen her pleading.

jalal come in hamam. hearing this jalal come jodha become tensed and ask maid giver her cloths. jalal told maid alone. jodha told jalal are you know shensha i am bathing. jalal say i know. jodha told him you are shameful after knowing this you come here. jalal told her today is special day. so i feel way not your bath make special. no one get chance this shensha help in bath so don’t feel shy jodha begum this right no one get even malika e hind also not only one person get. my soulmate. whom i love so much. who is my life who is my jodha begum. i also know how to give bath. so look jodha give you bath my own hand. whole world seeing today how much you important in my life. jodha told jalal shensha ruks also stay in your heart. if today i am not here so ruks get this. what happened why you silent. jalal told her i don’t want to talk about this.

jodha come in ruks room she give clothes to her for jashn. but she did not accept and told her give some other begum. i can’t sarat for jashn. salima begum also come there. she also request her stop for jashn but she told now no meaning left when jalal don’t want to see her. what i do there. you told jodha begum for whom i come? plz forgive me for this. but i can’t come there.

slaima begun help murad for dressing. she help him for wearing coat. murad tole her give me i wear it. but she help her saying because of this i see you. i don’t know after this when i see you. he told her sit. he told her you always become good mother but i never become good son. you always stay loyal and help mugal saltant. and what i do? plz forgive me ammijaan. she say him don’t say this. i so much love you i don’t know how i stay with out you. i make kheer for you. i know you loved my hand kheer. she feed murad . rahim come and seeing this he say i hope shensah also sent me away. so i get love ammijan. so murad told rahim i can;t get this much love bahijaan. i am favorite ammijan’s. rahim says murad you my favorite also murad. rahim give his favorite sword murad. and this sward is my favorite and you want this. but this sward is not favorite more than you.

Birbal come in anguri baag for meet jodha. jodha say him about ruks condition and also say with out her shensha can’t stay happy so give me some solution for solving this problem. birbal say her one solution are there. and say something her.

In jalal’s room jalal say jodha you think whatever ruks do for that i give more punishment compare to her crime. why you don’t trust on my decision you feel she is not criminal. jodha say this not shensha. i know she doing big crime. i also angry on her. but i want say give one her chance. jalal said i did not want to give her chance i already give her so much chance. josha say shensha before jahsan she want to left agra. jalal angry on jodha and say why you are like this? why you every time take ruks side? she do so many things so so you go down in front of everyone. after that also you want to forgive her. jodha say because i know how much she love you. so plz one time forgive her. jalal say no. whatever happens i am not going to go forgive her. jodha say you don’t have right to give punish her. jalal say i don’t have right? so she say yes you don’t have. because this business working under me. so i have right for giving punishment. jalal say so you want to give punishment so give but don’t misuse this and and don’t forgive her. if i feel you did not give right punishment so i continue my punishment. she say him i give proper punishment to her. and you also feel i give good punishment to her.

hoshiyar come and say ruk you can’t go so ruk told now you also have this much courage that you say me like this. he say shensha this is shensha’s decision. hearing this she become happy. and say jalal want to stop me. he did not want i go. hoshiar say i don’t know that but i get to know that now jodha begum give you punishment in diwan e khash.

In diwan e khash jalal announce before jashn taking decision about ruks. she is jodha begum’s criminal so jodha begum want to give punish. jodha and ruk come. jalal say malika e hind ruk is your criminal. you want give punish so give you right but don’t forget law is blind. but if you not give proper punishment so i continue my punishment. jodha say ruks crime is big so that’s why i want to give punishment. i also continue this punishment. i want to don’t go shensha’s against. but i want to give more punishment to her. i want you prove your self you are loyal for mugal saltant. ruk you want to take mailka e hind position so now onward you start business in kabul. you same like this in kabul and prove your self. and after that you come agra back. ruk agree for this. salim begum say hamida i say jodha begum do something. look she open way for ruk come back agra. jalal happy for jodha’s decision.. and he announce you all are come for jashn.

precap: ruks say jodha today you prove your love win on ruks hatreds. i salute you.

Update Credit to: cuty1997

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  2. Rukaiya will never change herself if she gets a chançe will again plot. Jodha must learn lesion from Shaifurdin’s deeds…

  3. I’m sorry don’t wanna sound rude but it would be nice if the updates are in proper English I was not able to understand a lot of what is written pls consider my request

    1. exactly. even i want to say the same thing. its not written written properly. so i too request the same.

  4. Serial bnd hone wali he kya ……..coz frm 10th there wil b tashn e ishq on d same timing ..

  5. See same i say jodha will save her hope she take this opportunity to prove and change herself and stop plotting cuz next time jalal or jodha will never be nice to her n forgive her

  6. how nice to see that all the wrong and misdeeds that ruks did to jodha she still felt compassion for her and forgave her that is what you call a woman of substance ruks want to know why jalal loves jodha soooooooooooo much well that speaks for itself jodha is definitely one of kind I am sorry as this serial ends Friday we did not even get to see salim for the last and whatever became of anarkali anyway all I have to say to the writers of jodha Akbar is good job with this serial and you could not have choosen a better theme song for when jodha and Akbar were together it brings out every feeling in my body this serial will surely be missed thank you for the time and experiences we had with it although the serial had some ups and down with the bad ones it still portrayed that when you do good good will always follow you and jodha went through that all the time but always maintain a forgiving heart hats off to and I give you a standing ovation for this serial ‘JODHA AKBAR’

  7. Finally an end to the insult of memories of great people

  8. As I was reading this update, i was watching 2am retelecast of Jodha Akbar. I could not help myself watching it as many times as possible before the serial ends today. My heart feels heavy today. I know what Keen Observer said about the magical pair of Jalal and Jodha. Even in their names they are compatible.
    So much more to say in this serial. Very very unfortunate that this serial is ending today.
    My deep felt appreciation to Rajat, Paridhi and the entire team of JA for their excellent performance. Nobody knows in what sad circumstances I started wating jodha akbar. The first episode I saw was 93. It made me forget my pain. After that the serial changed my life. I completely forgot my sadness. Whenever I had some problem, i would play JA. Watching Jalal and Jodha’s love gave me strength.
    If I were rich, i would produce and direct Rajat and Paridhi together again.
    If you noticed in yesterday’s episode, almost all the actors were looking sad and not their usual self. They must be going through the pain of the end.
    We akdha fans love you rajat and paridhi.

  9. Thanks writer the story line so good … Thanks for written updating zeetv coz this written story is really helpful us who don’t know any word in hindis ? Jalal’ acting is bravo …very nice episode

  10. Awesome serial…thanks to parijat n JA team..please make JA season 2..

  11. Thanks for the update. I’m sure you were in a hurry but pls next time write good English, it’s difficult for me to understand. Thanks!

  12. really hopeful there will be Jodha Akbar season-2..

  13. please … bring season 2… I’ll wait for it …mostly my family…

  14. wooww what a precap…. but where is salim and anarkali. don’t u have to finish all with anarkalim….

  15. I am feeling very sad that the show is ending :'( :-/

  16. अरूण

    Today the serial will end with jashan, leaving JA with happy life but in future they’e a lot of problem like salim anarkali love and manbai’s suicide which we will miss …

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