Jodha Akbar 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with …. Sharifu misbehaving and torturing Baxi for lying to him .. Causing his insult and ridicule in presence of the maulvies. Baxi apologises .. And seeks forgiveness ..But he is very violent with her .. In his drunk state. He declares she neither deserved forgiveness nor being his wife. He disowns his daughter .. He refuses to see her face .. Baxi grabs the baby and tries to escape but next moment sharifu falls to the ground in drunk state .. Baxi hugs her baby and weeps.

Jodha comes to meet baxi but baxi refuses to meet her .. Jodha enters the hojra and offers her a gift .. Jodha is horrified to see baxi’s wounds. Jodha is horrified that her husband had given her those injuries for giving birth to a daughter. Sharifu comes there and declares that yes he did

demand a son .. Jodha is shocked .. Baxi urges jodha to leave and not interfere in between husband-wife matters before the situation worsens. Jodha leaves. Sharifu slaps Baxi for being rude to jodha.

Jodha comes to Jalal and narrates the entire thing to Him. She urges him to do something for saving baxi’s life and the baby’s too. Jodha tells Jalal that Baxi had lied because she feared for the lives of herself and her daughter. Jalal is sad that his sister did not trust him and share her problems with him.

Jalal comes to meet his sister .. She is happy to see Jalal and Jodha have come to see her baby but is worried too. Jalal is very affectionate to the baby .. He asks why did she lie to him about this beautiful baby .. How angelic she was !!.. Jalal then asks her the reason for lying. Baxi replies that her husband wanted a son.. She did not want to disappoint him. Jodha tells her that if her husband makes undue demands then it was completely proper to comply .. She ought to have protested !!

Jalal forces baxi to face him .. Baxi shows Jalal her face which was full of injury marks due to sharifu’s violence. Jalal is horrified to see his sister injured so badly.

Jalal comes to sharifu and beats him up black and blue .. Drags him to the harem .. Shouts out to all begums and baandies and knees for giving punishment for torturing baxi for giving birth to a daughter. He orders all begums to give punishment to sharifu for the excesses done to baxi a shehezaadi of moghul sultanat .. Who had innumerable injury marks on her face. He orders all begums and baandies and kaneez to take out their sandals and slap his face with it. He had beaten a woman so his punishment will be women will hit him back. Baxi rushes in and shouts out that no one had the rights to give any punishment to her husband. He’s her husband, he hit her and she has forgiven him .. No third person has the rights to interfere .. She asks all other begums to leave. sharifu is shocked and relieved while Jalal is very hurt and shocked . All other begums were very surprised and hurt too.

Jala is furious with Baxi .. For tolerating such torture and forgiving him and shielding him. Jodha explains that she could understand baxi’s mind being a wife herself. A wife could never bear to see her husband being insulted how much ever he might trouble her. Jala is very angry. He declares that like adham, sharifu too needed to be removed .. He was disgusted with the large No of disgusting people surrounding him. He rushes out to murder Sharifu. Jodiah is shocked.

Precap: In presence of all begums and hameeda jalal tell ammi jaan that it was jodha who deserved her praise as this was her decision.
Jalal thanks Jo for helping him take the right decision. She truly deserved the title of MUZ. Jo smiles while Ruku is jealous..

Update Credit to: sumana


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