Jodha Akbar 5th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal and Jodha alongwith with others reach palace, Hamida thanks God for Jalal’s safety, Jalal says i am safe because of Jodha, Hamida says my daughter in law has saved you again, Jalal says i dont know what magic she does on enemies, next time i will ask her to stand infront of enemies, Jodha says see he is teasing me, Hamida says to Jalal i will pull your ears if you tease my daughter, Salima says i am with Hamida, Hamida does their aarti and says everytime when Jalal comes after winning war Jodha does his aarti, this time i will do my daughter’s aarti, she does her aarti and says you have accepted al our rituals so why cant i? Jodha smiles, Jalal and jodha leave to take rest. Murad greets Salima but she ignores him and leaves.
Hoshiyar comes to Ruks and says Jalal

and Jodha have returned safely, Ruks gets happy and thanks GHod for Jalal’s return, she says he will call me, he will undersrtand my helplessness and free me from this house arrest.
Jalal and Jodha are lying together in bed, he says you are complete women because of 4 things, Jodha ask what? he says you are excited to listen your praise, Jodha ask him to not tease, Jalal says first you are very pious women who feels for enemy too, 2nd is you know how to protect yourself and family, this soft women can win wars, 3rd is you are not only brave but sensible too, see how you are doing business, i will announce something in court tomorrow, i knew after reading my letter, you will come to my rescue, Jodha says i didnt get your any letter? Jalal says where it go then, Jodha says leave it, tell me 4th thing about me, Jalal says you know how to keep your husband happy, Jodha shyly smiles and hugs him.

Scene 2
All are in court, Ruks taunts jodha that i told you Jalal will free me from arrest, Jalal comes there and says i was saved by Jodha so i am announcing ceremony in her respect, i will distribute coins of her name in ceremony. He calls Murad in court and says Murad got involved with enemies but then returned to his family and helped me so i will lessen his punishment, he will not stay in Agra, he will go to Paten and will handle things there, i am giving responsibility to him, he then calls Ruks and says Ruks first deliberately drenched spices in water and put them on fire, she also burnt my letter which i sent to Jodha, Ruks says but.. Jalal says this is not your harem but my court, only i will speak, i have been soft towards her but now i will punish you, you should thank Jodha who doesnt want you to get punished but what you have done, you wil be punished, you will be deported to Kabul, you will live there from now on and cant return without my order, till then she will be house arrested, Ruks cries and says but.. Jalal says enough, he ask Soldiers to take her, soldiers drag her from there, Jodha is tensed.
Salima ask Hamida to eat something, Hamida says how can i eat, Jalal has ordered Ruks to leave, Salima says we cant do much, this is Jalal’s order and it cant be changed, eat something, Hamida says how will ruks live alone there, Salima says Ruks have done so much to put Jodha down, she had put Jalal in danger by hiding Jalal’s letter, if Murad wouldnt have told truth then anything could have happened, Murad should be punished more, he should be put in jail, Hamida ask Salima to now worry, Jalal will call Murad back soon, he is his son afterall, Salima ask her to eat, Hamida says you eat with me, they both eat together.

Scene 3
Ruks is all messed up, her hairs and make up is smashed, she ask Hoshiyar did you give my message to Jalal? is he comign to meet me? Hoshiyar says he denied meeting you, she cries, he ask will i amke hukkah for you? Ruks says i am not in mood, he ask should i lit lighter as its dark in room, Ruks says no my life is dark without Jalal, she ask him to leave her alone, now i will have to live with loneliness, Hoshiyar leaves, Ruks cries.
Jodha is eating food, Hoshiyar comes and greets her, he says i know my status but i want to request you, i still remember those days when i my birthday was celebrated here, your heart and thinking is very big, i know what Ruks did was wrong but she is not fine, she is not mentally fine, Jodha says i know, Hoshiyar says i know she cant be forgiven but she just want to meet Jalal last time, only you can do this, he leaves. Jalal comes to Jodha and says its all my favorite food, Jodha says i wanted to surprise you with food but yu spoiled it, Jalal says lets eat, he eats and coughs, Jodha gives him water and smiles, she says you know why you coughed? as you want to finish all this alone, Jalal says if you wanted to eat then you could have made it for yourself, this is all mine, Jodha says you act like kid sometimes, Jalal sit in her feet and says you have given me heart and i can become kid infront of you too, she ask him to sit on sofa, Jalal sit and says i am lucky as God has sent you in my life, you are a good cook too, Jodha smiles and says i am lucky too, she says i wanna says something, meet Ruks once, Jalal says you know what you are saying? Jalal says to Jodha that Ruks have betrayed him, Jodha says i accept but you have spent large part of your life with her, meet her once, Jalal says its her punishment, Jodha says you have swear on me to meet her, Jalal says why you do this, Jodha says agree to me then, they smile.

PRECAP- Jodha says in court that i cant go against Jalal, infact i want to increase Ruks punishment, all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Johda has to know that ruks is a devil, she has to know how ruks tried to make her son hate her and his father and how she made him addicted to opium then she won’t spare her or ask jalal to go and see her, ruks needs to be sent away for life, making sum1 child addicted to opium well that is why she did not give birth herself.

  2. अरूण

    Ruk. Might be forgiven due to Jodha but she will again plot…

  3. Good episode ruks you deserve it jalal shld done that long time ago maybe u would been good today anyway any bet jodha will ask jalal to forgive ruks and give her a next chance maybe that will be her punishment in tomorrow episode maybe that what jodha will announce just guessing

  4. I think ruksee got what she deserved she is tooooooooo evil and to know jodha always try her best to help her and forgive her for whatever wrong she did and yet she could never see the goodness in jodha or she did not want to all I know is that from the time jalal fell in love with jodha and married her ever since ruks has been jealous towards jodha and could not accept the fact that jodha is the love of jalas life and she was always second place and that is the reason she has always been wicked to jodha and salim she claimed to love salim as her son but that was a big lie because was the pawn in her evil doings to get back at jalal and jodha hence the reason why she did not give birth again after losing her child because she would have been a terrible mother she would have gotten her own son killed by involving him in her evil doings so it was best for her not to be a mother to any child

  5. ruks always used salim as the pawn to get at jodha and jalal I am sorry that they did not find out that it was she who had given salim the opium and wine at an early age so ruks be glad he left you alive that was an easy punishment you got so take it gracefully and say good bye and be on your way to KABUL where you cannot hurt anyone but yourself

  6. A few great romantic moments in todays episode between Jalal and Jodha. How I wish this serial could continue forever. Two more days after which we would probably never see our akdha together. We wont be able to watch our favourite serial nor listen to the great songs and BG.

    In tomorrow’s episode, jodha will pardon ruks as usual. If the serial continued ruks evil ways also would have continued.

    By the wayJodha Akbar will be telecast on ZEE Anmol at 8.30pm from August 17th. I dont think it is the continuation. It is more a retelecast. Anyway, something is better than nothing. I hope Rajat and Paridhi come back together again. They make an eternal couple.

  7. Ruks can die for all I care! Evil woman! She deserves what’s coming to her! Take no prisoners Jodha! Punish Ruks severely!!

  8. don not forget hoshyia he should be punished as well and send to Kabul with ruks because he obeyed her and intercepted jalals letter and gave it to ruks so he is just as bad because he has been doing her bidding from way back so he should not be speared

  9. This serie should not end at all. Het is intresten. All about familie + history. Frm de Nederlandse

  10. Nice! Come on Jodha let Ruks reap for her wrong doing! She has too. She over confidence that Ja will not punish her

  11. we’ll miss u jodha Akbar

  12. Divya bharti's big fan

    After Jodha akbar ends, we want Paridhi and Rajat together in another serial. They are the most evergreen pair, television has ever seen.

    1. I agree 100 % with you. They shoudl always act together as husband and wife at least on screen.

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