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Jodha Akbar 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nisar says to his soldiers that Jalal doesnt know about our plan, we will attack him, Murad comes and says you said you will not attack him, what is this? Nisar says dont worry, this news will not reach Salim, you will get throne, we will ask Salim to give his throne after everyone is calmed down after Jalal’s death, then we will give you that throne, if we take Jalal to Agra then he will become powerful again, Murad says you are right, he leaves, soldier informs Nisar that we have seen forces near our den, Nisar says we dont have much time, we have to attack Jalal tonight only.
Ruks is shouting in her room that i wanna go from here, Hamida comes and says Jalal and Jodha are in danger and you are making issue here, eat food, Ruks says i am worried for Jalal, i want to go from

here, Hamida says if you want to do something for Jalal then pray for them and you can do that in this room only, she leaves, Ruks says all are saing Jodha’s words.
Murad comes to Jodha and Jalal and says they will attack on you tomorrow, Jalal says dont worry, we will handle it, he leaves, Jalal says to Jodha that i am sorry you are in problem because of me, Jodha who am i? Jalal says my wife, Jodha says then i have to share your everything, i am with you in happiness and sadness, i will be with you for 7 lives, Jalal says i dont know about 7 seven lives but people will remember our love many years to come.

Scene 2
Jalal and Jodha come in function, Nisar present him wine, Jalal takes it and looks at Murad, Nisar ask can we start function, Jalal says why not, a dancer comes and starts dancing, Jalal stealthily throws it.
Rahim is going to Nisar’s den, solders are tired so Rahim decide to have short stay in jungle.
Maan sys to Birbal after this night, we will take revenge from them, Nisar offers Jalal more drink, Jalal takes it, Nisar ask did you like function? he says yes, Jodha says now Jalal should rest, Nisar says he can stay for while, Jodha says he is not well, she ask Jalal to stop drinking and we should leave, Jalal leaves drink and leaves from there with Jodha, english man ask Nisar why you are letting him go? why not executing plan? Nisar says once guards sleep, we will attack him then/
Jodha is taking off jewelry, Jalal comes to her and says i am warrior and i am in war, i dont know if i can see tomorrow or not so i want to tell you today that how much i love you, Jodha says dont talk like that, that day will not come when you are not with me, Jalal says i want to make this night special, he takes her to bed and caresses her hairs, she shyly smiles, both share eyelock, Jodha rest her head on his shoulder.
Nisar says to his men that go inside Jalal’s tent and makes this last night for him, they go.
Murad is waiting for Nisar, Nisar comes and hugs him, he tells Murad that we will kill Jalal and Jodha tonight only, maybe soldiers have killed them till now, Murad gets tensed, Nisar ask arent you happy? Murad says i am happy, i will see them dying, lets leave, he is hurt.
Soldiers come in Jalal’s room and attack person lying on bed with sheet on him, they uncover it to find pillows there, Jalal and Jodha are standing infront of them, Jalal says you are attacking at wrong side friends, they attack Jalal but Jalal fights with them, the fight start in whole region, Maan, Birbal starts fighting with soldiers, Murad saves Maan and ask him be careful, Murad starts fighting, Nisar says you betrayed me, Murad says you betrayed mughal saltant.
Jalal is fighting with soldiers, one soldier is about to attack him from behind but Jodha takes sword and kills him, jalal hugs her, they come out to find soldiers fighting, Jalal and his soldiers are caught by Nisar’s soldier, Nisar says you cant be saved now, Jalal ask Jodha what you say? Jodha says we have to run behind death not death behind us, if we have to die then we will fight, Nisar ask Jalal to throw away his sword, Jalal says i am not that weak that i will do that, i will go from here only after putting you in grave, we cant compromise on respect even if we die, i dont care if i die in battlefield, Nisar is about to attack him but Rahim comes and put sword on his neck, Jalal force come there and catches nisar soldiers, Jalal comes to Nisar, Jalal fights with Nisar and throws him on ground, soldiers catches him, Jalal ask to take him to jail, Jalal comes to Jodha, Jodha says i thought i lost you, Jalal says nothing can happen to me as you fast for me, your love is my protection, he3 hugs her, she smiles.

PRECAP- Jalal says to Ruks that what you did was heinous crime and for that your punishment is that you will in Kabul from now on, Ruks is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. mariam uz zamani received jewels along with akbar on navroj

  2. After a long time we see both jalal and jodha fight together. It was great to see them together like that.

    I knew rahim would come and catch nisar because rahim was nowhere to be seen while soldiers were fighting.

    Happy episode. All the more happy that jalal is going to punish good for nothing ruks.

  3. अरूण

    Nice episode mixture of love suspense and action also wonderful precap…

  4. What is kabul

    1. Its a capital city in Afghanistan

  5. Nice episode nice to see jalal n jodha fighting together n protect 1 another finally this episode is done now it time for ruks to get her punishment can’t Wait for tomorrow

  6. It is nice to see Jodha as a warrior and fight. I wish this series was not ending but now it is the last phrase. This was the best series on Zee. Will miss seeing Jodha and Jalal on Zee.

  7. What is Kabul

    1. Kabul is Afghanistan’s capital. That is where ruks is going to be sent as punishment by jalal.

  8. If you watch even by mistake some of the other serials on zee tv like qubool hai and kukum bhagya, we will understand the worth of JA. Those serials are utter rubbish. The serial which is going to replace JA looks like another childish serial. Tough times ahead for Zee as it will lose its valuable viewers.

  9. baby the meaning of KABUL IS WORTHLESS and KABUL is a town in INDIA so I guess where he is sending ruks comes like kind of banishment to a place where is not the ideal happiness that she enjoyed in the palace and she will learn her lesson there never ever to mess with jodha or any of them again maybe she will be reformed in this way BYE BYE RUKEE YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED LOL

  10. one thing I am sorry for is that jalal never got to know that it was she ruks who fed salim opium and wine at an early age and all the other mischief she caused she never got exposed I would have liked to see her face when jalal found out about all her misdeeds wayaaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. अरूण

    But in future Rukaiya will be forgiven and allow to upbringing shazada khurram aka shajahan..

  12. Nice episode! & good to know that Ruk will get punishment form Jalal. Well done for all of them

  13. At last got to see Jodha and Akbar together. Nice fighting Jodha

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