Jodha Akbar 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jodha sees moon in sky ad recalls maham’s curse for her children, she feels uneasy and goes to haasan, she checks Hassan calmlu lying in cot and have sigh of relief, she takes Hassan in her hands and kisses him, she is making Hassan sleep and says why I am remembering maham’s curse, why I feel like her cirse wont leave from my way, why dark clouds are packing my life, wind blows and diya in mandir blows off, jodha lits it again, she prays to kahna and says what is happening today? please protect my children, she comes to Hassan again and has tears in her eyes, she gets head ache thinking about it, jalal comes there and sees jodha weeping, jalal puts hand on her, jodha hugs him tightly, jalal ask what happened, you were lost in jashn also, tell me what is it, jodha says I don’t

know, things are not fine, I feel like something wrong is going to happen, maham’s curse is ringing in my ears, jalal says I have never seen a strong person like you, you have to be strong now also, you said that infront of motherly love, no curse works, see our children cam in this world and nothing happened to them, so believe that nothing will happen to them now also, jodha hugs jalal again, suddenly Hassan starts crying, jodahe gets worried and ask haasan why is he crying, is he hungry or what.

Scene 2
at night, ruks is sleeping in her room, suddenly hussain starts crying too, ruks gets up and swings the cot but hussain doesn’t stop crying, ruks sees hussain, she calls zeenat and says see what happened to hussain, he has done vomiting, zeenat says maybe his stomach is unhealthy, ruks ask dasi to bring to doctor, zeenat says don’t worry, kids do that, ruks says no, my hussain cant do vomiting like this, something is wrong, zeenat thinks maybe poison has started working.
jodha says to jalal that I don’t know why Hassan wake up at this time, jalal says he is a kid, must have seen bad dream, jodha says as you know a lot, jalal says hamida told me, its difficult to understand child, you go and sleep, I will see Hassan, he has slept, jodha says but Hassan.. jalal says don’t worry about him, I am here to see him, jalal makes jodha sit on bed, jodha says its not good that you are awake and I am sleeping, jalal says you don’t listen to me, jodha says when did I do that, jalal says its my order that you sleep, he makes her lie on bed and puts blanket on her, he makes her sleep.

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Scene 3
doctor checks hussain, ruks says tell me what happened to hussain, zeenat thinks that I am sure hussain got poison, doctor says nothing to worry, ruks says my hussain did vomiting and you are saying nothing happened, doctor says maybe he drank more milk so he did vomiting, nothing to worry, ruks says my hussain prince will be fine, zeenat thinks then I gave poison to Hassan.
in morning, jalal is iin court with his ministers. he says Rana uday is ready to meet us but he didn’t agree to give our enemies to us so if they want then we are ready for war, birbal says we should not take decision so fast, if they wanted war then they wouldn’t have agreed for meeting, todar seconds him. raam gets up and says birbal is right, we should send him there, he will crack jokes and will end this matter, jalal looks at him, birbal says you should not crack jokes, you go and sing your bad songs, todar says we are here to discuss the matter, maan says I agree we should talk to them first, birbal agrees, raam says I think that birbal knows them, he must be with them before, he might have bored them with his jokes, birbal says you make people bore with your music, raam says its not difficult to make anyone laugh, jalal says forget what happened, birbal says I do my work, jalal says this is court, we will not tolerate this here, if you want to prove that you are better than other than we are changing your profession, from tomorrow birbal will sing and raam will crack jokes and will make everyone laugh, birbal says its not difficult for me but I wonder who will wipe raam’s tears, they go from there, jalal smiles, todar ask what you did, jalal says I believe that they are both diamonds but don’t accept each other’s shine, when they will do other’s work then they will understand its value, also they will put in their best to show that they can do anything.

scene 4
jodha says to moti that Hassan is showing me attitude, he is not drinking milk, moti says maybe he is not in mood, don’t force him, you know Hassan did vomiting as zeenat made him drink much milk, jodha jokes that ruks must have made hue and cry about it, jalal comes there, moti goes, jalal gifts jodha earrings, she ask you seem happy, jalal says today birbal and ram tanu was fighting in court like cat and dog, I remembered you and ruks seeing them, jodha says we don’t fight now, we are now cordial with each other, jalal says that’s why you were making fun of her, jodha says I was just discussing her great love for raam, we care for each other now, jalal says I know, Mahesh das9birbal) and raam doesn’t accept each other’s work so I switched their work to make them realize, jodha says what? now Mahesh will sing and raam will joke, she laughs and says I am laughin thinking about it, jalal says now you are making fun of it, jodha says I am thinking you must have enjoyed it, jalal says I enjoy company of my children, I feel good to be with them, to spend time with them, jodha says when you come my work increases as I have to handle two kids, one Hassan and second you, you act like kid sometime, jalal says I have seen many dreams about my children, I will make them learn sword fighting, educate them etc, jodha says you have thought a lot, let them grow first, jalal says I want to make thme great warrior like humayun, jodha says I don’t know they will become warrior or not but I want them to have great heart like their father and think about nation first like their father, jalal says this will happen, they hugs, jodha gives hussain in jalal’s hand, they play with him and is a happy family.

PRECAP- jodha cries and says this is not good to make your mother worry like this, please hassan open your eyes, listen to me, you are mother’s good child, jalal cries, poison is coming out of hassan’s mouth

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Deeksha

    New promo where jalal is asking ruks to give back child but she refuses and says i want to become marium eu zamani . Jodha is crying jalal is tensed

  2. natasha

    which baby? maybe zeenat gave poison to Hassan not hussain……………….. that’s why jalal must have said give back the kid to ruks


    The show is following history, and will be showing a heartbreaking scene where Jalal and Jodhas son will die ultimately. But before that, lots of twists and drama will be shown. Ruks is unable to bear Jodha as Marium Uz Zamani and wants to take her place. Ruks is jealous even after taking Jodha’s one son Hussain from her. While Jodha is keen to do the upbringing of Hussain, along with Hasan, Ruks does not give her this right. Jodha tells Jalal that she is ready to become Hussain’s Daima, but Ruks gives her a rude answer asking her to back off. Ruks then plans to show Jalal that Jodha is careless and should not be given the kids. She hires the maid Zeenat to harm the kids to put the blame on Jodha, being unaware of Zeenat’s motive to actually kill both the babies. Ruks will be foolishly risking Hussain’s life too.

    Zeenat will fail in her attempts and get caught. She will be then taking Ruks’ name. Jalal and Jodha get angered on Ruks for falling so low. Ruks will admit her mistake and state her wish to become Marium Uz Zamani. Jodha and Jalal both do not forgive her, as she has tried to harm the kids for her selfish motive. While Jodha takes care of both her son, after some period, the kids get an illness which become the reason of their death. Jalal breaks down stating its Mahamanga’s curse that has doomed. What will happen next? Keep reading.

  4. Guys I guess it will be Hassan coz even in the precap it’s written Hassan……I was so wishing that first hussain had died now idc coz hussain shall also die

  5. shreya

    well feeling very bad 4 hassan n jo & ruk best of luck n b safe…….and i think u can again get back ur jalal bcoz of hussain

  6. shreya

    hey i m sure that he was not arun at all he was a behrupiya as all the time i have opposed jo n arun didnt liked that he replyed me by saying not to write so then how he became crazy after me n my comments……?!!!!!

  7. Arun

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  8. Arun

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    ohk c every 1 dis is our scret message she loves me nd i kno her from long time i just wanted to declare it here. but she didnt agree but now i declare

  48. Hi guys i only watch three serials jodha akbar ye hai mohabbatein and sadda haq and sometimes d3 also also and what about u all guys !

  49. shreya

    well leave do any 1 knows that rajat tokas has got engaged to shristhi nayyer n the main thing is that nayyar looks like a chidail n rt is so hndsm… rt ki pasannd bahut bekaaaaaaar hai….

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