Jodha Akbar 3rd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 3rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
in court, jalal tells everyone that shehnaz is nigaar, daughter of chand begum. jodha says nigaar told me that chand is kidnapped in some secret place which is inbetween jail of palace, jalal says if this is true then I will find her easily, I want chand begum here tonight, todar, atgah, adham, munim you all find her, I want to know why nigaar thinks that I kidnapped her mother.
adham is going somewhere, maham ask where arw you going, he says I am servant of jalal, he ordered me to find chand begum so I am going, maham says you know I captured her, if jalal gets to know about this place, then we will be finished, adham says I told you to not get involved in all this but you didn’t listen to me now I cant do anything, maham says you can, he ask how, she says ask atgah that you

will search the area in which my secret place is then we will easily shift chand, do what I am saying he leaves.

Scene 2
jalal is in shahi bath tub, jodha comes there and says I will apply cream on your wounds, she sees wound on his back and she gets tears in her eyes, she applies cream, jalal recalls how nigaar said that its time for war.
ruks ask dasi about jalal, dasi tells her that jalal is taking bath, ruks says that I knew jalal must be sad, its good I came here, dasi informs that jodha is with him ruks is shocked and thinks that all this problem is because of jodha even then jalal is with her, why jalal likes her that much, ruks leaves from there.
jodha sees jalal sad and cries, jalal says why you think that you are responsible for all this, don’t cry, you women are lucky as you can cry but we man, we cant shoe our pain, how a king can show his pain, this cream will heal my wound but how my heart wound will heal, is there any cream that will lessen my pain, I don’t know I should be happy or sad, I get to know that I have elder sister but she wants to kill me, I wish I was common man not king then I would know how sister serves her brother food, its punishment of being king that my I have to walk alone in every journey, nobody can see pain of king, please pray to your kahna that I get my sister, that I get my mother, I wish I could clear her misunderstanding, I wish I could lessen poison in her, jodha says I am sure you will do it, jalal holds her hand and rest her head.
some person on horse is coming to abul mali’s forces, they are about to attack her but its shehnaz, mali ask them t not attack her, shehnaz comes there, mali says you go to know that we came here, shehnaz says yes, they got to know my truth so I had to run, mali says jalal must be searching for you so we should leave, we cant fight with them now. shehnaz says but my mother is in prison I have to take her out from them, mali says don’t worry, mahaC forces are coming, when they will come here then we will free your mother.

Scene 3
atgah is searching some place, soldier informs him that there are footsteps here.
mirza and todar are in jungle, todar says people from palace are involved in it.
sharif is searching with munim, he says that shehnaz had no proofs that she is nigaar even then we are finding her in hot weather, munim says that she hmuyun’s daughter and has right on throne too.
adham comes in jungle, he sends soldiers to other way and thinks that maham will shift chand soon.
servant informs maham in secret place that I cleaned this place, maham says good we will shift from here.
adham thinks that why maham is taking time, jalal comes there, adham is stunned, jalal says this place is near jail so I will find myself here, adham thinks that maham will be caught now, jalal has come here.
maham says t chand that I came to give you gift, I thought to make you meet your daughter, if you want to meet her then you have to be silent when we will go out of this place, chand agrees. maham takes her outside, they are going throught jungle, maham sees jalal there. jalal is looking everywhere in jungle, maham hides in bushes and is tensed. adham finds maham hiding and is stunned, jalal is going towards maham when adham stops him and takes him to other side, maham along with chand runs from there, adham says to jalal that there are foot steps here, maybe this is the way to secret place, jalal goes with soldiers, they see some wall, jalal says I think there is something behind this wall, he ask soldiers to break the wall, they break it. jalal comes in secret place of maham, jalal thinks that there is big secret place near my palace and I didn’t know, he recalls how jodha once listened noise in jail, it was from secret place.

Scene 4
in court, jalal ask atgah did you find anything, atgah says no we didn’t find any lead, jalal says I cant believe that my mother is in prison from many years and I didn’t know it, I am helpless, todar says don’t be sad, this happens, people make secret places to hide themselves, jalal says I cant get peace by these words, they are my own, shraif says but she tried to attack you, you should not be lenient. jalal says I don’t anything but chand begum is my mother and nigaar is my sister and I will find them, he ask atgah, adham to search every nook and corner.
jalal is with jodha, jodha says don’t worry, you will find chand begum, jalal says when, my every minister is searching but I cant find her, my sister was living here but she didn’t even talk to me, you supported her but she attacked you and me, jodha says its all misunderstanding, when this will clear everything will ben fine, its rule of relations,,
remember when I got to hate you, it was my misunderstanding that I thought you are bad, then remember when you doubted my character, It was your misunderstanding, same way nigaar has misunderstanding that you captured her mother, they only difference is that we got time to sort out our misunderstanding but nigaar couldn’t even talk to you. jalal says I wish I could tell her that I didn’t kidnap her mother, do you remember when we went to jail of palce, you listened some some from otherside of wall, jodha says yes, jalal says I feel like that chand begum was captured in that place(otherside of wall/secret place of maham).

PRECAP- jodha says you cant backotu now, they have attacked agra, they are ready for war and now you cant be lenient with them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  5. gd epi haram scene ws nice I hope their misunderstanding will end soon 🙂

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  7. Finally some war and action taking place
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