Jodha Akbar 3rd August 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jodha says he came to us and accepted his mistake. We have to see how can we do now. Todar says we should attack. Jodha says no they still have shahenshah.Murad says she is right. I was there with them. I can beat them and they wont doubt me. Rahim says you have betrayed us once. Jodha says he deserves a second chance Rahim. Johda says Rahim stay with your army a little away from us. Murad says they have given shahenshah poison and we have to hurry up.
ruks recalls the slap and is mad. Hoshiyar comes and tells her about jalal. she says i have to go and save my jalal. Soldiers stop her and say you can’t go out.

jalal says to hakim i have been poisoned but you don’t have to show it to anyone. Hakim says i need to find the herb that abates the reaction of this poison.

the other hand, a hakim gives a locket to hamida, she handovers it to Jodha and says bind it on Jalal’s arm. Its upto you, you have to save the king of this realm. jodha syas i promise you he will return safely.

jodha and rahim reach the camp. The man asks rahim why i jodha here? Rahim says you stopped her letters so i had to bring her here. We will arrest her with Jalal here and take over in agra. The man comes to back to jodha and says how can i host you? Jodha says i wanna meet shahenshaha. they take her in. Jodha sits next to jalal. He is shocked to see her. He says am i dreamin? She says your condition and hugs him. jalal says have they arrested you? Jodha says no i know the whole game. Jodha tells him everything, jalal is dazed. He says my own blood betrayed me. jodha says Murad is repenting and he brought me here. Mansingh comes in. jan nisar comes in too. Jalal says i know you are worried for me but my loyals are here. Jodha says i know they are, ammi jan sent you this locket. Jan nisar says he will get well soon now. jodha says i will go back to agra with him. Am i allowed to live here? Jan nisar says this is your regime. jodha gives jalal the herbs.

late at night, murad comes in. Jalal says ask him jodha to get out. I am ashamed to think that he is my blood, he plotted to kill me. jodha says forget what has happened we have to see the situation. He brought me here. Pardon him for me and salima begum. jalal says i will only forgive you beacuase jodha has asked me and salima has stayed loyal to me. Murad says please pardon me. Jalal says salim will be the king and you will always serve him. I hope this wont happen again.

in the morning, jalal and jodha walk out. jodha says in heart i shouldn’t tell him about ruks yet. Jodha says i will send rahim letter and we will leave today. Jalal says these betrayers shall be punished now.
Rahim says to his men no one should know we are here unless we have orders to proceed. They all hide when they hear a rider. A man says some people are concealed here, i shall inform jan nisar. Rahim says he saw us, he fires an arrow and kills him.

jan nisar asks him man where are you going? He says this is a letter jodha has sent for someone. jan nisar takes it from him. Its a couplet that asks someone to come. Jan nisar says this poetry is stupid.
jan nisar says how is this possible how can the poison not work. The englishman suggests kill them both. jan nisar says to murad this is the only way to get you throne, we will kill them both tonight, Murad says you know what will happen? Salim will attack agra. People will be with him. Murad says we should arrest them and take them to agra, salim wont be able to attack us.We will kill three on them together, Jan nisar says we will do as you direct.
Murad tells jalal that they are about to kill you. you cant trust jan nisar we have to do somethin. Jalal says we are prepared. Jodha says i have sent rahim the letter. Jodha asks mansingh to get men prepared. And Murad stay among them. Jan nisar says i and my english men have prepared a celebration for jalal. Jalal says we will join.

Precap-jan nisar asks him men to kill jalal and jodha, he says i will go in soldier camps.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It looks like ages since we got to see to jalal.

    How ruks changed her colour as if caring for jalal. Because of her greed he has got into this trouble.

    I hope they dont forgive ruks like they have forgiven murad. Murad is a small boy and he can be pardoned. But ruks has been repeating her mistakes time and again. Jalal must give her a fitting punishment.

  2. Ruks is a nauseating charatcer. All the time throwing tantrums, screaming. I don’t think anyone would be happy to be with such types. It is wonder that jalal tolerated ruks this long in the serial.

  3. Today’s episode is nice.hope they will soon returned to Agra without any problems.

  4. Today’s episode is nice.jodha should say about Ruks
    to jalal.

  5. Will we ever see Salim and Anar together?? How r they gonna end the show so soon without proper development of the plot they presented?

  6. Jodha and shahansha are now united so they can face any problem now.
    Name of Jodha Kajri Laxmi Radha and Phulwa.

  7. Good episode finally jodha is with jalal hope they fight the the way out of there and go home safe n sound so that he can get to know all ruks evil plans what she have been doing behind his back all this while and give her such punishment that she will think twice before doing any wrong again

  8. The story line is good! Well done jodha! & good murad came back to support his family & I agree that Ruks has to get a punishment from Jalal. The slap from jodha that’s to small compare to all wrong doing that she did. Bravo thx zee tv

  9. Nice episode

  10. for the first time jodha did a good justice to ruq

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