Jodha Akbar 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal comes to Salim, Jalal says now think that sword has more rhythm than ghungroos, I am happy that you didn’t look at ghungroos, now listen you have to focus on sword in life, Salim agrees, jalal leaves. Hamida says to jodha that your husband and my son is unique, he finds weird ways to make other understand the thing.jodha smiles.
All kids are learning Urdu, Priest are teaching them, class ends. one kid says that jalal showed marvelous act, haidar (adham’s son) says I can do that too, Salim recalls how jodha ask him to give back ghungroos to owner. Salim goes to Solider and says I wanna go out of palace, soldier says I cant let you as jalal has not allowed us. Murad says to Salim that who can stop you, you are heir, tell me where you wanna go? Salim shows ghungroos

and says I wanna return it to its owner as ammi asked me to do so, one kid says these soldiers wont let us go, I think we should it to someone, he will give to it to owner, Salim says I don’t know the name of the girl who is owner, haidar says if we cant go openly then we will go sneakily, Salim says no if jalal gets to know it then he will become angry, Murad says you are going for right thing, nobody would know that you have gone out, Salim says I cant go out alone, haidar says qutub and Danial will go with you, qutub says me, no jalal will not like it, haidar says nothing will happen. Salim ask how will I go out? haidar says I have one idea. He goes to workers busy in construction of palace, he sees children with them, he calls children and says Salim has called you all to gift you, all kids get glad and goes with haidar.
Haidar has tied all the children and has taken their common clothes, Salim wears the common cloth so to not get noticed by soldiers, Salim ask what I get caught, Murad says nobody would recognize you, he puts mud on Salim’s face, haidar says don’t worry, we will handle here, Salim goes with qutub and daniyal from there.

Scene 2
haidar and Murad are happy that now jalal will get angry on Salim, adham says salim will get 4 slaps, one from jodha, one from jalal, one from ruks and one again from jodha, they laugh.
Salim goes out of palace with working labours, he is afraid but has passed the gate of palace.
Jodha comes to jalal and says Salim is missing, jalal says he must be around, jodha says no he it not in palace, jalal says where can he go, he says I will call soldiers.
Jalal is with Rahim, Rahim calls murad and haidar, jalal ask them did you see Salim, haidar says no, we didn’t see him for a while, Jalal says ok and leaves.
Jalal ask soldiers on gate, soldier says no Salim didn’t pass the gate of palace, jalal says where can he go, I have to find everywhere.
Salim is in market with Qutub and daniyal, Salim says I know jodha must be tensed in palace for me but she has asked me to return it so we will return it.
Jalal is with maan and Rahim, jalal ask maan to find them as soon as possible.
in market, Qutub says I am tired, Salim says its little away, he comes to the place where he saw Anarkali, he says to qutub and dnaiyal that I will come after returning it, he goes in.

Scene 3
Salima says to Hamida that where kids can go, Hamida says have faith.
jodha prays to kahna and says protect my child, please make him return to me. Ruks comes there and says don’t worry, he must be fine and jalal has gone to find him.
Salim comes to dancing Centre and ask for girl, man says that girls have gone as class was over. Salim comes out and says she has gone, qutub stops one man and says do you know the girl who comes here to dance, man scolds them and says you are so small and stalking girls, daniyal says shut up, don’t you know the manners to talk to prince, man says prince? did you see your face? you seem beggars, he goes from there. Salim alongwith daniyal and qutub are finding the girl in market. Salim finally finds Anarkali buying bananas, he goes to talk to her. SAli comes to Anarkali and shows her ghungroos, Anarkali says you here? Salim says I have come to return it, Anarkali says I don’t take things back, Salim says my other has asked me to do so, I have come here with much difficulty, and ghungroos are not of my use, take it, Anarkali says I don’t need it anymore as they are old, its good you took it, my mother has bought me new one, now you keep it, Salim says you don’t have manners to talk, I am jalal’s son, she says you are his son but not king, when you become king only then come, I will give you respect only then, Salim puts ghungroos in her hands and says do whatever you want, I don’t wanna talk to you, Salim comes to qutub and dnaiyal, qutub says she was scolding you, Salim says she is mad girl, lets go from here, they leave.

Scene 4
Salim and other two comes outside palace, they hide behind bushes and sees soldiers going to find them, in palace jalal says kids have gone out of palace, I will go myself to find them.
outside qutub says I am hungry, Salim says I am worried that what abu will do. jalal comes outside palace and finds three kids standing there, jalal angrily looks at Salim, Salim starts crying.
jalal brings SAlim in his room, jalal sits with him, he is angry and says do you have any idea what you have done, you are heir, you will be king, you don’t know how many enemies I have, if they got to know that you are out of palace then anything could have happened, Salim says I went to return ghungroos, jalal says you wont go out from now on, without telling anyone, jodha comes there and says he doesn’t understand, how did he went out of palace without informing anyone, jalal says I have talked to him, jodha says its because of you jalal, your love have spoilt him, he should get punishment, jalal says he did mistake, I have forgiven him, he will not do from now on, jodha says no he would get punishment, what if anything could have happen, jalal says who can even look at king’s child, jodha says there are many enemies of yours, jalal says what kind of father I am who would not protect his child, jodha says you have made him stubborn, jalal says I was just making him understand, ask him, they see salim who has slept listening to their fight, jalal and jodha caresses his face, jalal says maybe he went on you but he has this habit of going out of palace in disguise, jodha says its good that nothing happened, I will give him punishment, jalal says you are caressing him and wants to give him punishment too, jodha says mothers are like that, she is in tears, jalal lovingly looks at jodha.

PRECAP- Salim tries to talk to jodha but she is not interested, jalal persuades him to talk. Haidar says to himself that jalal killed my father, I will take revenge of my father on right time from jalal.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Di

    Check my IP address
    Lol haha every1 believes me when I say that
    U dumbos there is no way to check up adress

  2. aisha

    If I had a chance of killung anyone other from my religion I wouldnt ! Beacuse of the teaching of our prophe pbuh who said more are less not to shed the blood of innocents and we dont do that!

  3. aisha

    Just ignore those comments that person will get tired of the crap and stop autimatically whoever he/she is

  4. Di

    I feel you Aisha. Never mind that troll, he wants to upset people here & cause confusion. Just ignore him.

  5. Preeti sharma

    love this serial too much because both the religions are living happily….and follows their rituals…
    Di u don’t have right to say about any wrong words to any religion….

    u r the terrorist of this whole universe not Muslims….they are much more better than u Di…….

  6. J❤️❤️

    Why are you abusing the religion? Do you think what you did is smart ? Abuse the person but not the religion! And i see no fault in muslims!!

  7. Rahma

    Haah.. this show has gone too far.. i start to feel tired to catch up with the episodes.. wanna stop, but can’t.. #dilemma
    Now I prefer to rewatch the old cute episodes..

  8. Nishana

    Did Jalal n Salima have a son together I dnt believe that he would be intimate with her plz help me understand what’s going on after the leap. Thank you

  9. hawa

    dia who the f**k do you think you are to f**kin say such things about allah he is our god and i believe in him and had i known who you are allah jaane mein aap ki saar kya haal bana ti

  10. hawa

    just ignore that b*t*h she is a psycho pad she has nothing to do all she can do is make fun of others religions blo*dy terrorist

  11. fairy

    di u are a b*t*h and u dont have any manners to respect other feelings or their religion plz for god sake dont comment like that.

  12. shaini

    yaaa r8 sree.. den it can be n other love story like jodha akbar..i think dey shld show d whole mughal dynasty

  13. sree

    Dear di and dia, no e violence please.. Know that we all people of any religion sail in the same boat… God is judge of all… He will judge all… Let us not spoil our heads.. But try to do good and accept truth whenever possible..

  14. Cm

    Di or dia wat d f*** is wrong with u !!
    Y r u always behind religions…..
    Being a part of d 21st centuary…. Wat
    cheap n rubbish mentality u hve !!…
    Wat if sum1 said d same thng abt ur
    religion…. How wuld feel ?? Bad rite….
    Even though im not a muslim … I support
    dem becoz evry1 is not so bad… In fact
    u proved dat ur badder dan d muslims wiyh ur
    cheap mentality…… Secondly… Dis is nt
    d forum 4 u 2 comment… Dis is a JA forum
    only 4 Ja fans… !!!!! y dont u
    find sum other website 2 comment… Becoz
    we really dont lyk ur presence here !!
    I dunno y telly updates is not blocking
    di or dia comments… !! Plz telly updates
    it is a request if dis di or any othr person
    starts commenting rubbish abt religions … Plz block it
    becoz even kids 10+ come here !! I hope u guys
    block such comments in d future

  15. meetu

    murad is not salima’s child but he is zeenat’s son whom salima saved when ruks tried to kill .she upbring the child adopting him

  16. afrin

    No then murad should be bigger then salim coz he was born with hassan and hussain…..who were 7yrs older then salim…but Murad is smaller then Salim so he can’t be Zeenatz son…

  17. amy

    Why all da abusive language from others who feel offended. Dnt stoop to da level of ignorance or stupidity. U watching a soapy good or bad it’s just a soapy not real life occurrence. We have so much reality to worry about. Let’s concern ourselves wit educating each other. Sit back relax n njy

  18. what is wrong with you fans you all are not following the story well murad is salimas son with jalal remember he has many wives and salima is one of them she also is beautiful and kind like jodha and that’s what jalal loves to see that kind of quality in his wives so it is easy for him to sleep with salima. only one thing I could understand adhams son being bad but salima a good person murad should not be behaving like that making salim get into trouble all the time because of his jealousy as salim is heir to the throne.

  19. And shreya don’t try to act innocent ! U r just a lier i know ! N i also know that u r doing all this drama (of coming after many months oops sorry after 20 to 30 days ) cuz u were caught lying by sakura that u live in ur fake new york !! R u mad ??? U just lie too much man what r lier girl ! I just hate u !!! Go to hell!!! I just don’t want ur fake friendship !! Huh faltu ladki ! Nikal iss forum se pagal jhoothi ladki !

  20. shreya

    aisha if u dont wnt to blve den dont i m nt forcing u n evn i hv said dat i live near manhattan but still……….n i wnt to say dat i m in india now n i will bck aftr muharram ok n pl u all guyz stop abusing othrs if u dont noe d truth

  21. shreya

    n why sakura is not being onlne…….cuz whn he saw my address gvn den he didnt wntd to say me sry so he vanished boe like a cowrd…….n aisha i noe dat u r d fake 1 who is missuing real aisha’s name so pl dtop making me fool……..!!!!

  22. shreya

    sry u r my frnd ,i was angry dats why but i m really sry n if u r angry den pl 4give me………bye…..

  23. hawa

    oohh thanks meetu i was actually wondering when salima got pregnant but don’t you think rukaiya will take her revenge on the child as well

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