Jodha Akbar 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 31st March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
ruks laughs that jodha is going to celebrate hoshiyar’s bday. atgah informs jalal that some eunuch was roaming in palace last night, maham says its not a important matter, she says i was checking i think she is new thats why he was roaming. jalal says i believe maham but just tell her to not roam. jalal says to maham that jodha didnt tell truth to me, my peace will go if she doesnt tell me, i trust her than why she doesnt tell me, why she is keeping silence, i shouted on her today without reason, maham thinks that why his trust not breaking, she says you should not question her as she will think that you are doubting her, she says its normal that question are rising as you are husband when husband sees her wife going out in night meeting someone and going in hut with him then

questions arises but you cant doubt jodha she is true rajvanshi all you can do is to wait and have patience.

Scene 2
maham is happy that now jalal will not trust jodha never. aveda comes there and ask why he will not believe her? maham says as they have come close so now jodha will say that she doesnt love jalal then jalal will not believe her, javeda says you are so nice, javeda says i was missing adham so came to talk to you, maham says you should go to kitchen then, javeda leaves, maham have sigh of relief.
hamida gets to know from salima that jodha is celebrating hoshiyar’s birthday. hamida says she is great. all eunuch are happy that 1st time this is happening. resham comes to hoshiyar and says happy bday, she informs that jodha asked for celebration for your bday from jalal and he agreed, hoshiyar says i am lucky.

Scene 3
jodha is crying that i just asked his permission only why he shouted on me? hoshiyar comes there and says jalal agreed for my bday celbration all because of you, jalal comes there and looks at jodha, hoshiyar thanks him and goes out, jalal says i agreed to your wish then why these tears? jodah says if you had to agree than why did you say bitter words, jalal says i cant see tears in women eyes, jodha says if you can give them then have courage to them as well, jalal says i was not in good mood that time, jodha says you can say no to me but the way you talked to me i was hurt, jalal thinks that you are also hurting me.

Scene 4
jalal and jodha come to hamda’s room, they are called inside, she says you both made me proud today, she says it never happened earlier your decision will make place in eunuchs’ heart, jodah says its all because of jalal, hamida says your father and granddad must be proud today, jalala is lost hamida ask what happened? he says nothing, jodha ask him to come in celebration, jalal says i will be there, he leaves, hamida says your husband seems tensed, jodah says yes he is angry today, he shouted on me, i dont know what happened, hamida says as wife you should lessen his pain, he doesnt share his sorrows, as a person he needs emotional support, jodha thinks that he is hurt because of me he was remembering last night how i pushed him earlier.

Scene 5
dilawar ask bakshi to rest, she says i was just walking, she is about to fall but dilawar holds her and says you will be on bed now, she says jalal will kill me if anything happens to you. resham comes there, bakshi says you are looking good, she says dilawar is more cute, she says i came to call dilawar ,she says i cant come, i am with bakshi, bakshi asks her to go, dont worry about me, you should go, resham says lets go now, they come in jashn, dilawar/suja thinks i dont when i will do my work. in jashn all eunuch congats hoshiyar, they all say that you are lucky, resham says i am important to maham she will celebrate my bday, other say that all are not like jodha, jodha comes there and give gifts to hoshiyar sent by hamida. ruks comes there and says how jashn can be done without special begum, hoshiyar thanks jodha ruks sees it, jodha ask to start jashn. all eunuch starts dancing, jalal comes there, all stands straight, jalal gifts hoshiyar, she sits in his feet and thanks him for coming into his jashn, jalal says i announced it so i had to come, jalal says people come in rules, rules is not made by human so it can be changed anytime, jalal says to start jashn, ruks ask him to come here, he goes, jodha is about to go to him but he looks at her, ignores her and goes to sit beside ruks, jodha thinks now i am sure he is angry with me.

PRECAP- dilawar is washing hands by rubbing, jalal sees it and thinks that why she is washing like hindu when she is muslim, dilawar sit for dinner and its chicken in dinner, she is skeptical to eat it, jalal notices it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. @ Pyal…..there are many…like if you read Badayuni’s work or Ain-i-Akbari or from archives of Delhi and many more! I’ll mention the name of the other authors later because there are many. I don’t remember it right now. Remind me again and I’ll tell you later.

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  29. Hi…everyone.I like jodhaakbar very much and I am fan of rajat.

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  31. Raj.there are many reasons…1.nowhere it is mentioned that jodha is akbar’s chief wife…even in akbarnama it is said Rukaya sultana begam his main wife and most loved one.
    2.before birth of salim.she is referred as his secondary wife..and akbar had more than 36 secondary wives…moreover he has 300 begams.among them many are rajput..but they converted to Muslim.
    3.she got the power because of salim…She is the Ist business woman in the history of mughal emperor…and holds the power of 12 thousands cavalry (mentioned in Wikipedia too).first a begam do so….she is also can conduct royal orders (before then only a emperor can).
    4)U never heard such a love story before the film….the marriage was just a political alliance.
    5)akbar gave d power to maan Singh and bhagwant das for his own to impress rajputs or he has a weakness to rajputs because he was born in umarkot
    6) the love story got the hype because of just the blockbuster film jodha-akbar…the film is banded in Rajasthan…and the serial too.can u believe such a film where even the name of Rukaya is not mentioned??
    7) The serial has lot’s of defects…like…1st jalal always angry with his mother.but how without anything he loves his mother…etc…..
    I agree with u shraddha 2..that there are many controversy and debates among pundits in that matter…some of them believes jodha was the wife of jahangir…or rajputs claims that jodha never belongs to rajput.etc…u can’t find out in any books about their love story…
    And the source in not only online…being a student of history I said that.
    But I also agree with u …the history never becomes perfect true…why any king wrote bad wards on himself?????
    Gd nite.

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