Jodha Akbar 31st July 2015 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 31st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Todar tells Jodha that export date was after one week in statement but according to exporter it is today, Jodha says how can we send it so soon? she ask Todar to send letter to turkey that weather was not good so we couldnt send export, this time Jalal is important, we have to find him, Jodha thinks why all problems are cropping up, she says to Salima that someone is creating problems, Jodha says to Todar that i will myself send letter to turkey and ask for time.
Dasies of ruks are running, they strike with other dasi, both start fighting, moti comes and ask why you both are fighting? Ruks dasi says i had to take hookah to ruks on time, now i will get scolded, Moti recalls that she saw same dasi near godown, she thinks this means she changed her outlook and went to godown, she thinks

to tell Jodha.
moti tells Jodha that i saw Ruks dasies as farmer near godown that day and today i got to know that they are actually Ruks dasies, that night only cartons got destroyed, Jodha says why would Ruks do such a thing? she recalls how Hamida said that sometime people are your own but cheat on you, she says we cant blame her directly, we have to first find proofs against her, i have one idea, she looks at Moti.

Scene 2
moti comes in kitchen and says to one worker that Jodha got to know who destroyed spices that day, they were 2 dasies of palace, Ruks dasies are working there only and gets shocked listening it, moti says Jodha is going to punish them hard, dasies get tensed.
Jodha starts bhajan of Kahna and does aarti, Moti comes there and says your work is done, i have informed those dasies and i have asked your dasi to keep an eye on them, Jodha says weldone, i hope Ruks is not involved in all this, jodha’s dasi comes and says and says those dasies have gone to Ruks, Jodha says to Moti that time has come, call Hamida, Salima and Rahim.
dasies come to Ruks, Ruks ask what happened? she tells Ruks that day we opened windows that day of godown, Jodha has got to know about it, i am afraid, nobody will question you but jodha will not leave us, Ruks says you are my dasies, nobody will hurt you, leave and one more thing, dont you tell anyone that i asked you to destroy spices and i gave fake keys to you and it was only me who set spices on fire, this secret will remain secret, Jodha comes in and says all know it now, Hamida, Salima and Rahim are there too, Jodha says i never thought you will stoop so low, to hurt me you played with innocent farmers, Hamida says i am ashamed of you ruks, Jodha says i praying that you are not involved in all this but i was wrong, countless times you tried to put me down, you have hurt me many times but everytime i would forgive you as my elder sister but today i wont as its about mughal saltanat and farmers today, because of you Mughals are insulted in foreign countries and i will punish you today, i will not stop today, she slaps Ruks hard, Ruks is shocked.
Hamida says you cant be forgiven, jodha says she has done crime against Mughal saltanat so Jalal will punish her but till then i order her to house arrest her in her room, without my permission she cant go outside her room nor can meet anyone, she ask Rahim to take care of her arrest, Ruks fumes in anger, Jodha stares her in anger too, she leaves.

Scene 3
Murad is drinking wine and recalls how soldier said to him that they will get throne, if you dont take opportunity then they will choose someone else. Soldier comes there with letter for Murad, its nisar’s letter, it says time has come, we have prepared to snatch throne, you be ready, jalal is our custody, Murad thinks what to do, how to snatch throne, Salima comes in so he hides letter, he says you here? he greets her, she says see i have brought gift for you, this is picture of girl whom you are going to marry, she shows it to him and says when jalal will return, we will marry you, i am so much happy, Murad says enough, he throws away picture and says enough, i dont wanna marry, Salima says this is not you but your wine speaking, she tries to snatch glass from him but letter falls from his hands, she takes it and reads nisar’s letter, she is shocked to read it, she says you conspired against Jalal? she slaps him hard, she says you conspired against your father, arent you ashamed, she slaps him continuously and says i am ashamed at my upbringing, you didnt think about me and my lovE? how dare you do all this, say whatever you want to Jodha, i will not listen to you, she pushes him, he leaves, she cries.
Murad comes to Jodha, she says tell me what you wanna say, i am your mother too, Murad says no you are just queen, she says you have drank wine? he says yes it gives me peace, Jodha says its not good for health, Murad says what good happened in my life? first i was given title of heir, but then it was snatched, now when Salim and Jalal are not here, you are taking responsibility of everything, Jodha says thats all? you are angry for such small thing? i thought you are young so let you enjoy life before you take over politics, if you want then tomorrow in court i will give you duties, he is surprised and says you will do it for me? she says yes, you are my son, and mother leave everything for their sons, he is stunned at her love, he sit on his knees and says why you are so nice? she says because my son Murad is very nice, he says no your son is not nice, he is sinner, Jodha says why you are saying this? Murad says you think about me so much and i thought nobody thinks about me, i did a big sin, forgive me, jodha ask what sin? Murad says i got in trap of english men and did a conspiracy, she tells her everything related to Jalal going with them and Murad taking over throne, he cries and says i didnt want to do it, Jodha thinks you dont know you have put Jalal in problem.

PRECAP- Jodha says we will go with Murad’s plan only, she ask Rahim to be ready with force, Murad says we have to do fast as they are giving Jalal slow poison, Jodha is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thanks Atiba for your fats updates.

    Today’s episode is long overdue with respect to the punishment of ruks. Wow, jodha you know how to show love and anger in equal measures. Finish ruks once for all. You did the right thing by calling Hamda, Salima and rahim. Otherwise ruks would have accused you instead.

    I liked the loyalty of salima. How she beats her son for his treachery. Greta Salima, I admire you for your integrity.

    Next week would deal with fight against englishmen. I hope by friday jalal and jodha reunite.

  2. Jodha is quite intelligent though sometimes she looks gullible. While unmasking ruks, jodha tells that she is aware of ruks plans to denigrate jodha and her constant efforts to create problems for jodha. Good Jodha revealed to ruks that she was all along aware of her lowly acts. .

  3. why r u so good jodha
    murad realise her mistake
    but when ruks will realise her foolish deeds

  4. Today episode looks like this serial will end soon..
    which is nice to me.

  5. Why give only one slap to Ruks?? Deal with her mercilessly, Jodha! Ruks deserves much more than one slap!! URGH!!

  6. Serial is ending next week Friday

  7. good episode today I like how jodha handled ruks as for murad is true that he is saying that he is sorry but still you cannot trust him if he can get mixed up with those evil Englishmen and conspire to kill him that lust for power will always be in him and he can change again and do the same thing with the push of a button so I suggest you do not trust him at all he has definitely lost that right I can imaging how salima is feeling she is such a good person murad should not have betrayed his father like that and that will bother salima always

  8. PLEASE make Season 2 Jodha Akbar. One of the best show ever.

    1. Absolutely right., Xavier.. One of the best show ever.. 🙂

    2. Only you and I think thast way about Jodha akbar. Zee and Balaji dont think like that

  9. Bravo! Love love this episode! Jodha finally said to Ruks that’s she knows Ruks always try to snatch her out of Jalal n also has a dirty trick to hurt her…I agree has to be more slaps like a bom ?. Salima .. Excellent always love to see her… Good personality …. Rahim is one of Salima ‘s influence and Rahin is good n loyal … Thumbs up for the writer & zee TV & telly updates thanks you

  10. अरूण

    Jodha is playing good role of Marium uz zamani.

  11. Love today episode but a Lil upset jodha shld give ruks more slap till she realise her mistakes like how murad realise his but hope he is not tricking jodha he is a nice guy but too much of hate jealous and greedy reach to his head hope when jalal come back home safe n sound he self shld punish ruks cuz jodha is too good to hurt people’s that why she just give ruks 1 slap and left without giving her any punishment

  12. we should atleast be glad this much development took place with respect to ruks, that too because the serial is going to end. As for Murad, i am pretty sure he has realised his mistake. He must have thought that everyone loves salim only. Now that jodha has shown her love for murad, he must be reassured.

    In the promos, I see only murad next to jodha. He must know the place where jalal has been kept. I hope those english dogs do not come to know thta murad has turned against them. Otherwise they may shift jalal and kill him on the spot. I cant wait for Monday.

  13. From 10th August onwards, we wont be able to give her comments like this. Zee must be boycotted for their unprofessionalism. The only hindi serial i watch is JA and if that is stopped I will stop watching zee altogether.

  14. Chris turnbull

    Ruks may have got one slap but Jodha pputs her on house arrest and so she can’t leave her harrem. Jalal will further decide her punishment.

  15. don’t end this show plz

  16. there is so much still to be uncovered in jodha Akbar why is this serial coming to an end so quick and there are so many other good storylines that the writers could eminate from this serial writers if it is one serial you need to continue is jodha Akbar and not that nonsensical crap of qubool hai with all its inconsistencies wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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