Jodha Akbar 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

ne 1
salim smiles seeing Anarkali dance, in her dance, she loses her ghongroos from her feet, Salim take the ghiingroos, Anarkali comes to Salim and says its mine, give it back to me, Salim says I am prince Salim and I like it so I wont give it to you, Anarkali says what you like, you will take it, my mother gifted this to me, Salim says you lost it and I gained it so its mine, Anarkali give other piece of pair to him and says pairs should not break, take this ghoongroos too, take it as gift, Salim says how will you adance with ghongroos, Anarkali says noise cant come from only them, she brings plate and dances on it, plaet makes the noise, Anarkali says to Salim that take these ghoongroos, It will help you, Salim says how dare you talk like this to would be king, Anarkali says you are so small

like finger of king, when you grow up and become king then come, you will get respect.
Jalal comes to have lunch with his whole family, all greets him, jalal sits and says to all to start eating, Salim is weeping, Murad says to Adham that Salim have some ghongroos as its making noise, jalal ask from where this noise is coming from, one kid says that Salim is hiding something, jalal ask Salim, Murad grabs ghongroos from Salim and says this is what Salim was hiding, Jalal ask from where did you find these ghongroos, Salim says I was playing so… he is afraid of jalal, jalal ask Salim to put these ghongroos on floor, Jalal takes out his sword and puts near ghongroos, jalal says to Salim that now you have to decide that you like king’s sword or these ghongroos, he then says that I think you like this sword only, Salim runs and goes to jalal, Jalal ask what happened, Salim says this sword is very heavy, jalal ask what you like? Salim says I like noise of ghongroos, I am afraid of sword, jalal says you don’t know anything about sword, I will make you learn sword fighting, all kids have to learn it, I will tell you guys that sword have more noise than ghongroos.

Scene 2
Salim is with jodha, he ask is jalal angry with him? jodha says he will be pacified, tell from where did you find these ghongroo, Salim says they are of that egoistic and disrespectful girl, she is younger than me but seems elder, she talks big, jodha says why did you bring her ghongroo, Salim says she was insulting me, Jodha says its wrong, you are king, you should gift people, Salim says I found them lying on floor, jodha says everything is not yours and what will you do with these, you should return back to her, Salim says this is mine and I wont give it and I wont give to that egoistic girl, jodha says you don’t like girls, Salim says yes I don’t like girls, they are egoistic, jodha says you will like them when you grow up, jodha says I am also women, Salim says you and Hamida are different, jodha ask what did you say to girl, Salim says I told her that I am would be king so she said that I am smaller than king’s finger and to come to her when I become king the she will give respect, jdha laughs, Jodha says always respect girls, if someone is more intelligent than you then you should accept it and be friend to them, when anyone knows that you are son of king and even then he/she teaches you right thing then he/she is your real friend, now you give back these ghongroos to her back, Salim agrees.

Scene 3
zil bahar scolds anarkali for bickering with prince Salim, Anarkali says I gave him second ghongroo too, he is king and was fighting for ghongroos, zil bahar says we are very small infront of them, you can talk to him like this, we are living here with jalal’s blessing, Anarkali says I want my ghongroos back.
jodha comes to jalal and says I know you are tensed for Salim, jalal says I know what to do, jodha says I trust you but remember he is very small, jalal says I know and I also like music, Salim is would be king so I want him to know importance of sword, jalal says Salim is my child and I will handle him politely, jalal says he has gone on you, jodha says atleast you accepted, jalal says you know when I saw you first time, I was laughing, jodha says you didn’t like me? jalal says you were very small, like a child, jodha says you always put off my mood, I am going, jalal holds jodha’s hand and says I like you a lot and that’s why I love Salim too, he hugs jodha.
Ruks is seeing dance of girls, After dances ruks praises girls and throws her jewelry at them, girls take the jewelry and leaves, ruks recalls how Salim had ghongroos with him, Ruks says now I know his interest, he doesn’t like sword but like ghongroos, this thing is in my favor.

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Scene 4
Salim along with other kids come in sword fighting area, there are many ghongroos and Swords, Murad says we are in this problem because of Salim, Jalal comes there, Salim is afraid, Hamida says I don’t know what jalal is upto, Ruks says jalal will decide everything rightly, Jalal ask Salim to stand in corner, he stands tansen comes there with girls, Rahim says to Salim that you have to keep your focus to jalal only, don’t look at the dancing girls, jalal wont like it, on one side, girls start dancing on noise of ghongroos, other side jalal starts his fight with soldiers, tansen is playing instrument, after he stops the instrument, jalal starts his fight and makes noise with sword, then he stops and girls makes noise with ghongroos, this cycle goes on, Salim keeps his focus to jalal only, doesn’t look at girls even once, jalal stops and goes to Salim, he looks at Salim.

PRECAP- jodha says to jalal that Salim is missing from palace, Jalal says where could he go, I will ask soldiers to find him.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. raj

    The mother of Daniyal was most probably Mariam-uz-Zamani, the Rajput wife of Emperor Akbar.[8] She was the daughter of Raja Bharmal and Daniyal was sent to her maternal home (Amer) to be brought up by her mother.[9] Sending of the boy to Amer indicates that the mother is from the desert state.

  2. raj

    Mariam-uz-Zamani, also known as Heer Kunwari, Hira Kunwari or Harka Bai, was an Empress of the Mughal Empire. She was the first and chief Rajput wife of Emperor Akbar, and the mother of the next Mughal Emperor, Jahangir. Wikipedia
    Born: October 1, 1542, Amber
    Died: May 19, 1623, Agra
    Spouse: Akbar (m. 1562–1605)
    Parents: Bharmal
    Children: Jahangir, Daniyal

  3. raj

    Jahangir died 58 years

    Daniyal died 38 years

    Mudrul died 28 years Akbar favorite son daniyal only in history but and internet saying

  4. Jodha fan

    OMG DI! What the hell r u saying
    Now ur gonna claim no it wasn’t me it’s someone fake
    What the hell u playing at! Have some respect

    • Di Commentor

      Di, the horrible one (fake) please stop your rubbish talk, you are such a miserable woman, do you have nothing better to talk about, are you lacking love or something, do you have parents? if yes, is this how they brought you up, is this what they taught you, this is disgusting, with what face do you walk around with on this earth honestly, you pathetic creature. You speak so filthy, that proves what kind of a background you come from, it has nothing to do with religion but your personality. people with mental disorders and shit talking should be barred from this damn site, horrible….. SIS.

  5. Asha

    Di! You r so bad
    U deserve a bad slap!! Why r u so rude if u don’t like militants then good for u but y u writing like that

  6. Di

    Still not going anywhere. And it’s not me, period. I will stop defending myself as well, going forward.

  7. jodha akbar

    Daniyal was Mariam-uz-Zamani’s son.
    Image result for daniyal
    Mughal prince
    Shahzada Sultan Daniyal Mirza was an Imperial Prince of the Timurid Dynasty who served as the Viceroy of Deccan. He was the third son of Emperor Akbar the Great and the brother of the Emperor Jahangir. Wikipedia
    Born: September 11, 1572, Ajmer
    Died: April 8, 1604, Burhanpur
    Spouse: Sultan Begum
    Siblings: Jahangir, Sultan Murad Mirza, Shahzadi Khanum, Aram Banu Begum, Shakr-un-Nissa Begum, Hussain, Hassan
    Parents: Mariam-uz-Zamani, Akbar

  8. shreya

    jo had only 1 child n it was salim n these child lyk hass huss daniyel murad n fatima n salima had rahkm n khanum….

  9. shreya

    jo had only 1 child n it was salim n these child lyk hass huss daniyel murad n fatima were of ruk n salima had rahkm n khanum….

  10. Farhana

    This s a common forum.. How dare u to speak ill about muslims and wat do u know about Allah and prophet. If u hate muslim so much better dont watch this serial and dont dare to comment again.
    May Allah forgive u.

  11. shreya

    i mean dat in ak time ruk had mximum child but no1 survd…….n aftr she was 50 yrs , khurram was givn to hr

  12. Bugema

    @ D, if u don’t like Muslim keep ur opinion to urself u don’t have to open ur big mouth & criticise other ppls religion. Ignorant fool, it’s obvious u don’t no anything about Islam. Besides dis a forum & I c no reason y u should talk ill about oda ppls religion.

  13. amy

    Hey guys u get so emotional over a soapy n become blasphemous. Who gives u da ryt to be cum abusive. Dnt judge any religion or the Almighty creator by works of fiction. Grow up n be responsible n respectable otherwise shut the hell up

  14. bkw

    Wow this was an amazing episode! Specially the sword dance sequence was worth watching! <3 and yes please block Di from commenting any further rubbish… We don't need ignorant ppl like that… Thank u 🙂

  15. Natasha

    Hey guys can you tell me who is the parents of the other kids, it’s bothering me especially Murad- is Salima his mom? Who’s his dad?

  16. Natasha murad is son of zeenat and qasim who came to kill hassan and hussain and then when ruqaiya was going to kill zeenat salima took away that boy n then salima adopted that boy and named murad n now jalal is his father also cuz salima is jalal’s wife also !! By the way welcome to this forum dear !

  17. meetu

    nice episode. plz don do personal comment on any religion.give respect to others this is no religion debate forum. and other thing this serial is giving us msg of unity of both religion. and i think some people, watching this serial, r not able to get or undstand it so my advice 4 them is plz stop watching it it’s invain 4 passes over ur head.

  18. shreya

    hey i m bck aftr many months………i thnk aftr 1 month…… u all remembr me or u all hv forgotten……!!!!

  19. shreya

    aisha r u here ……do u rmbr me or u r still angry cuz i abusd jo……i m bck so i dont want any fght so pl sm1 frm here b my frnd……

  20. Nizhat

    Di! You don’t have right to say any bad words about our Allah and our Prophet. Terrorist are neither Muslims nor Hindu. If you are not aware many pandits were involved in Malegaon Bomb Blast. Bombers have no religion. Before saying anything bad about any religion think. You have abused our Allah and Prophet Mohammed, May Allah Forgive You

  21. Yes i will shreya but i think u were here from many days n commented many times so it can’t be possible that u r coming here after many days !!! Anyway welcome again dear !

  22. shreya

    no aisha as u noe dat my granny passd away so i cm to india bt i thnk dat frm 10th oct i m not cmntng……..n how cn u say dat i was here………really i was nt here cuz u noe dat at dat time my cndton was not so gud dat i will chat here..

  23. guys pls dont pay attention towards di’s words… if we do so his intention will fullfil. let him bark like this only. we are educated peoples and know humanity is the best policy..and any average mind person can understand that by few people faults does not make whole religion bad. may god give wisdom to poor di..

  24. shreya

    hey i saw prevs cmnts sm1 has missusd my name……….i live in new yrk………n near manhattan only…… hw dat culprit noe dat i live thr……..hey guyz m i in any dangr…….?????

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