Jodha Akbar 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Between Jodha(Labuni) and Jalal sword fight start. So she can go with Jalal on war. Because of Labuni’s power Jodha’s power increased and she cut Jalal’s sword help of her sword. But jalal insist that her that she can’t come. If she comes so enemy thinks that Jalal is not so strong so he come with his wife. He promise her that he come before night because war is very small. It’s outside agra only. He has to sleep because he is going tomorrow on war.

Second day all are ready for departure. Jodha come there with puja plat. Seeing different sword in jalal hand she ask jalal why he take another sword so jalal doing acting like he don’t know she is jodha and said jodha begum yesterday you broke sword when we fight. How you forgot that? Jodha understand

what happened yesterday. She had done her pooja. And jalal come soon.

Jalal comes to Kali ma’s mandir with Salim and his force, he sys Jodha always pray to her and i am sure Kali Maa will help Jodha, Jodha always do her Pooja when i go on war so i will do pooja now, this is test of not only me and Jodha but of Kali Maa’s too, he prays to save Jodha at any cost, Jalal starts pooja. Shaguni is there too, she says Laboni’s end has come.
Laboni says to Jodha that i cant spend a single minute without Jalal, dont know how you send him on war? she takes Jalal’s dress and says i have to spend time with you, i hate it, she says tonight is eclipse night, its important for souls, i will love Jalal alot because my power is doubled at this night but how will we spend this day? we should make you get ready, you should look good at night, call your dasi and ask her to send make up girl, it will be your body but make up of my taste, call dasi, Jodha says no, Laboni gets angry and says did you say no to me? she grabs jodha by hairs and says i know you can bear pain but what about your family? how will Aram bear pain given by me? call dasi, Jodha call Moti, she comes, Jodha ask Moti to call Anarkali for my make up, Moti nods and goes, Laboni says thats good, i am just waiting for night, she laughs.
Hamida says to Salima and Ruks that no mistake should be done, if Laboni gets to know about it then she can hurt you too, Salima says i can take risk of life for Jodha, she has ash in her hands, Ruks says how will we do this? Laboni’s soul is with Jodha at day time, what if she doubt us? Salima says we have to do something and have to put that ash in Jodha’s room, Moti comes to Salima and tell her about Jodha calling anarkali, Salima says you be with jodha, Anar doesnt know anything about Laboni, i will go and meet her, it can be dangerous for her life too.

Scene 2
Salima comes to anarkali, Anar says why did you come here, you could have called me, Salima says i have to talk something important, she says if i had called you to me then Jodha would have doubted, i mean the soul around Jodha would have doubted, she tells her everything about Laboni’s soul, anar recalls how Salim told her everything earlier only, she ask how can i help you, Salima says Laboni have called you to do her make up, you have to take Jodha out of room so that we can put ash in her room, Anar says i will try, Salima says you have to do it, Laboni is very clever, she should not doubt you, you have to keep Laboni away from room, all is your hand, Anar says i will do it even if i lose my life.
at night, Jodha possessed by Laboni is waiting for Anar, anar comes, Jodha says i was waiting for you, why did you take so much time? Jalal can come at any time, make me ready, Jodha eats Paan.
Shaguni is doing pooja with Jalal, she ask are you ready to sacrifice? Jalal says i can do anything for Jodha, Shaguni says time has come, Shaguni brings sword there, Jalal bows his head and recalls how Jodha asked him to return soon, he closes his eyes,

PRECAP- Ruks cries and says to Jodha that we are no more queens, jodha ask what you mean? Ruks says Jalal has died in war, Jodha is shocked,

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Interesting episode,this blo*dy ^^^^^shd b kicked off.

  2. another good epi i supposed!!
    will laboni disappear now or what??? and jalal has to die to save jodha??
    ufff todays epi looks like useless…in all jl will be killed tomorrow now?? wth??? yesterday same precap and now have to wait for tomorrow??? why taking so much time to wrap this yaaaaR??

  3. Will Laboni convince that Shahanshah is no more. ?

  4. I think all that jalal death is jst a drama to make an end for Laboni…

  5. jodha it is so amazing to see how much jalal loves you and the lengths he will go for you and your happiness this is truly love I hope that laboni joins her wicked evil mother soon in hell where she belongs

    1. This is what true love is about.

  6. I saw in a spoiler that laboni,s soul wil cme in salima begam,s body and leave jodha..anyways the episode was nice.

    1. After jodha then salima and finaly ruqaiya might be ….lol
      Let’s change to “LAKBAR” Laboni and akbar instead of akbar …haha haha so funny

  7. Is jalal really going 2 die

  8. no jalal is not going to die otherwise the serial will end and it is not time as yet I think is all in the plan to help jodha but what I cannot understand is laboni had hold over jalal now jodha and now what nonsense I am hearing salima nay no way laboni needs to be sent to hell with her evil mother and end this laboni tract once and for all it has become boring now writers give us a nice storyline with ruks or anakali and salim and mann bai

  9. wot d rubbish!!!is dis inspired frm true story of jodha akbar……no I dont think soooo….its soooo funnyy yaar….this story can be better shown in fear files…..ha….ha…haa

  10. The purpose of this witchcraft scenes have taken over the whole show.When viewed these scenes are only showing us how the invocationof evil has a negative result to people.Witchcraft is something that is trying to take over the world but withme it cannot affect me because of my belief.Dead souls belong to the grave and should be commited back to the grave.No human being has any right to be walking around with a dead soul attached to them.this is craziness although this happens in real life.People have to bewareof what they invoke into their what they read and where they go and what they believe in.Caution –if anyone believes that witchcraft is not real then they have not surfed the world as yet.Witchcraft is a high science

  11. No matter what Jodha Akbar is still my loved show.

  12. Come on pls cut laboni off of the story…. It’s take too long….unbelievable!… No more laboni …. Move on! We would love new line … Let’s get real a bit. Still love the show but this lab line is really pain in the neck

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