Jodha Akbar 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal is fighting in war against Kurb. Voice over says that the war was not easy one, it was war to protect Jalal’s family, his beliefs. Jalal is shown fighting with great valor, he finally over powers Kurb, puts sword on his neck, Kurb ask him to kill him, Jalal says my intention is to not kill you but to do friendship with you, he ask soldiers to bring him in his tent, Kurb is about to attack Jalal again, Jalal moves away and puts sword on him, he says you wanna kill me? your friend? just for a king who is stubborn and doesnt want to let people luve freely, you wanna kill me then kill me, he gives sword to him, Maan ask what are you doing, Jalal says nobody will come inbetween, he ask Kurb to attack him, Kurb tries to hit Jalal with sword but stops, he says i cant understand why

i am not able to kill you, also i dont understand why you are against muslims, Jalal says we all have Allah in our hearts thats why you cant kill me and i am not against muslims, i offer prayers, i am against the one who is forcing people to accept Islam, this is sin itself and i am against it, i can never be against Islam, i bow to God everyday, i just want to be your friend, Kurb sit in his feet and says i was wrong, now i realized it that i was part of sin, you have saved me from doing sin, now i am with you all by my heart, my government is yours too, Jalal makes him stand and says i dont need your land, or government, i just want your hand friendship, he hugs Kurb, both smile.
Jodha says to Salima that i wanna see Hamida once, she is getting ill day by day, Ruks says what if after seeing you she get another heart attack? you want Jalal to see dead face of Hamida, Jodha says dont say like this, Ruks says then dont go infront of her, Salima says she cares for Hamida, Ruks says i care for Hamida too thats why asking her to not even think of going infront of her, she doesnt like Jodha’s face, Ruks leaves, Salima says you wanna see Hamida, i will take you.

Scene 2
Hamida comes to Salima with a dasi, Dasi is Jodha, she is in veil, Hamida says to Salima that please come often, i feel alone in this room, Jodha came here like a daughter, became queen and forgot her duties as daughter, Salima ask her to eat, Hamida says i am worried about Jalal and soldiers, today was big war, dont know what happened, many soldiers would have died, wish if Jodha had changed her religion then many soldiers would have been alive, Ruks comes there so Jodha starts leaving but Ruks stops her, Jodha gets tensed, Ruks orders her to bring something thinking she is dasi, Jodha is relieved and leaves.
Jalal says to his soldiers that we respect every nation, we have proved that we can fight, he says to Fazal that send letter to Irans’ king that they were strong enough to attack Iran but they dont want to fight, they want to live peacefully but if someone interferes in our internal matters then we will answer them, he says we will leave for Agra soon, Jalal says that with our win, we will have a grand celebration in Agra and i will announce Salim as next king, SAlim smiles, Murad fumes, Daniyal says to Murad that Jalal didnt do right, Murad says i am nothing but just servant of Jalal. Salim thinks that Anarkali i am coming back, this time i will throw away Ghungroos from your feet and will make you wear crown of being my queen.

Scene 3
voice over says that inpalace, the message of Jalal’s winning didnt reach while otherside Jalal was heading for Agra. Hamida’s health was going down. Gul badan comes to Jodha, Jodha ask how is Hamida? gul says she is not eating so how she will become fine, jodha says i wanted to talk to her but what can i do, she doesnt wanna see my face, Gul says you can do alot, she can eat from your hand, Jodha says she doesnt wanna see my face then how will that happen? her health is not fine but she is stubborn, Gul asys you are stubborn too, tell her that you are ready to change your religion, once you leave your stubbornness, she will eat too, Jodha says Jalal has taken promise from me, what will i say to him that i broke his promise Gul says Jalal has asked to take care of Hamida too in his absence, when he will comeback and se Hamida dead then what will you answer him? is your stubborness more important then her life? Gul Badan says to Jodha that if you want to see Hamida fine then you will have to leave stubborness, Hamida will not move from her stance, she will not eat anything, she is very stubborn, she leaves, Jodha what to do now, i am not able to think anything.

PRECAP- Jodha ask Hamida to eat, Hamida says i will not eat, Jodha says i promise i will do what you want.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Except war scene,nothing new…jalal k dialogues,his expressions n actions power pack…love him..n y hamida dheeth bn gyi h..precap was bit confusing may b jodha n birbal have sm plan….

  2. What is the wish of Marium Makani for Jodha is interesting to watch tomorrow.

  3. when will this war n this religious matter comes to an end they keep dragging it
    if u keep drag it like this then it will become more boring to watch
    and this ruks only get pure negative thoughts in her but saying if jodha go in front of hamida she will get heart attack she a act like if jodha have bad luck or she commit a crime for not converting to muslims i know for sure if some1 ask her to change in to hindu she will definitely not do that cuz she have problems with hindu ppls so don’t know why she forcing jodha to change in to muslim for jodha respect both the religions unlike her sometimes she bad mouth hindu ppls

    1. You right rani part of Jalal… This epic so boring coz religious matter took place too long… Other hand they showed Jodha stick firmly to what she believes n other side they forcing her too much . ..the story fly around the religious only

  4. come on jodha do not change your religion do not give in to hamida and do not disobey your husband jalal if hamida do not want to eat and she choose to die so be it let hamida die with her stupid beliefs but for heavens sake do not change your religion jodha do not care about anyone else because all who you care about is standing by your side and that is your husband jalal and your son salim and that is all that you need so forget about hamida she is tooooooooooooo niaive and as for ruks I want jalal to punish her severely

  5. Part of Jalal this epic is boring … We know Jodha is strong to what she believe when she said ” she would not be able to forgive her self is she change her religion … So why she should do it because of Hamida who scare loosing friendship with Iran … By doing what she did she doesn’t love her son Jalal really

  6. Feel good for salim ^_^

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