Jodha Akbar 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 30th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
jalal says to maham that i will not take your position or will not kill you but let me tell you that you lost your son today, the son who use to believe you after God, it is my fault that i lost my father first than khan baba and now mother, i always thought that you saved me from problems as a mom but you did that for your position, i thought you want to see me as shehenshah but you wanted that for your position, you wanted to become strongest minister, wanted to take marium makani’s position, jalal says mother loves her child not get jealous of himj, today you proved that you are just a servant not my mother, i am sad that i lost my mother i dont know whether you are or not, you will have everything but your son is lost, thankyou for snatching my biggest happiness, jalal leaves

in tears. maham is shivering thinking what she did, she lost her son, she remembers her upbringing to jalal, she blabbers that jalal not my son?

Scene 2
all begums are gossiping that maham knew that dilawar was sujamal, all gets to know that maham seprated jalal and jodha. salima says to hamida that maham is behind all this, hamida says she knew jalal loves jodha even than she did that, she says to salima that jalal must be worried as he lost his mother, he listens to you so you should go to him to share his pain and sorrows, salima says as you wish, she goes.
ruks comes to jalal and says i listened.. jalal says you listened right that i break my ties with mahamanga, i will not call her mother, from childhood i shared my everything with her, i thought milk relation is more strong than blood relation but she cut this thread, why she did that with jodha, jodha came in my life and she started fearing of her, why she did that, i feel like that its a dream and it should end, i am broken and i cant handle myself, ruks cries and says sorry, jalal ask why? she says last day i came to know that dilawar is a rajvanshi, jalal furiously faces her, ruks says believe me that i didnt know it was sujamal, she said she will catch him thats why i was on her side, jalal throws her away, ruks sits in her feet and says i was just jealous of jodha thats why i believed on maham i didnt know she was plotting such a big game, jalal turns and sees salima there, he says see salima how my own people is hurting me, i dont need enemy my own are enough. jalal says so what i dont feel pain, i cant be hurt? salima ask his name? he says jalaluddin, she says no shehenshah jalaluddin, she says you are ideal of many people, nation looks upto you, you should not break like this, and if jodha would have been there she would have said same, jalal says why she is not here? salima says jodha will take time to lessen her anger then she will surely come to share your pain till than you have to do what jodha would advise you if she was here, jalal says you are right i will take decision against maham tomorrow as shehenshah, he leaves. ruks says what he will do to maham? salima says i dont know but i know this is painful night for jalal, she leaves. ruks is teary eyed.

Scene 3
adham comes resham and ask where is maham, he comes and sees maham sitting on ground in corner of room, he ask what happened, maham says everything will be right, i didnt lost anything, i have my position, adham says what happened why are you disappointed, maham says jalal said that i am not his ammi, i said to him that he is not my son, how i said that, how can he break ties with me, adham says i told you that jalal thinks you as mere servant, you gave importance to him infront of me but you never listened, you are still crying for him, you love him, maham says yes i love him, he is my son, i dont have any anger for jalal, maham cries. maham says this all happened beacause of atgah, adham says i said you that we should finish atgah, maham says no jalal is close to atgah, he says then i would talk to jalal, she says no, i will do what should be done, adham says you cant do anything, she says nobody can distract me from my mission, i am chlef minister, he says you arenot chief minister anymore as jalal has no value for you now, he says handle yourself, he leaves, maham says how can i handle myself, jalal will not call me mom, this is big punishment.

Scene 5
jodha comes in mandir, she recalls how jalal had come with her once and prayed like her, shaguni comes there and says he will not leave you, you will have to go, jodha says i dont understand, she says i am saying what is in your fate and what your ego is not allowing you, jodha says i left agra because my character was tarnished but why i am not satisfied, shaguni says heart doesnt understand anything you have to do what is written you ave to go with flow, your fate is written with jalal and you have to go to him, shye says why did you do janghaur pooja, jodha says you know everything, she says jodha what you want you can do but what your fate has written it will do that.

PRECAP- hamida says to jalal that you are shehenshah you will do what you want but remember dont do such think that you will be ashamed of it, maham says tomorrow i have to see that whether jalal will salute my service or will see my one mistake.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. ray

    hi guys and im good @sharon and how r u @anaelle how r u too? …i cant beleive MA is caught i never thought this would happen for a long time πŸ˜€

  2. ray

    thats what u get ruks… come as fast as u can :(…………..and what r adkha scenes @anaelle

  3. ray

    im good @aivar how r u? and i think paro will expose mohini today in the hospital what do u think?

  4. aivar

    I hope so ray… there is news going around about that… crossing my fingers she does… rangrasiya is getting good…

  5. Ruq already lose marks today by sayin truth to jl…i felt bad fr her..n wat an epi it was today!! Hope jo goes back to sure thy ll show jo returnin to agra in precap of fri..n we ll hv to wait fr mon..hi ray hw r u?? I wnt to no hw come ur girl?? N hi evrybody else..sharon hi!!

  6. ray

    im good @anaelle and in america ray is a girls name not a guys so sorry if i mislead u guys πŸ™

  7. aivar

    okay everyone lets get it straight who is a boy and who is a girl… I am a girl… what about everyone else?

  8. Payal

    Hi [email protected] maham is mad after happening this she all normal like before (power

  9. kranti

    agree with u sonu i want
    REAL ROMANCCCCCCCEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. sharon

    He will take her all audha frm [email protected]

  11. sonu

    is anyone there????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  12. Adi

    Hey guys!!! I knw i hvnt spoken to anyone till date!! Bt i hv a doubt!!
    In palace where does maham anga live??harem???


  14. Rubel

    At last jodha is coming back to Agra on her own
    will and desire not for her looser sister
    I hope when she comes…she notice the changes
    in Agra Fort atmosphere and jallu…the man
    needs love…advice…comfort to heal his
    pain…only jodha can help him heal his pain β™₯β™₯β™₯

  15. anilah

    jodha fate is the one who rules ur life listen to shaguni even in real history ur fate decided u and jalal together go jodha go

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