Jodha Akbar 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
hussain is crying, Ruks is making him sleep, he cries more, ruks says I thought that you were calm in both the twins but you are crying, she ask hoshiyar to do something, come wives comes and says it is said that if child is crying then it is the problem who has lifted him, we think that he has known that his mother not you but jodha, you should take him to his actual mother, ruks scolds them and sends them out.
doctor comes to check the children, jodha says to all that whatever happened in last few days, after that I think that I will completely handle upbringing of my child, I don’t need any nanny for my child, jalal ask will you be able to do it? jodha says I am hassan’s mother, I will bring them up, Hussain is crying in ruks lap there too, jodha comes to

her and takes Hussain from her, Husain stops crying immediately, jodha says I know this child is yours but ruks if you want then I can become Hussain’s nanny, ruks takes Hussain from jodha and says I know you gave me this child but I don’t that you come near him in anyway, I don’t want him to get attached to you then you become his mother, I wont let that happen, I will make sure that you remain away from this child, you cant become his nanny also, she ask phuphi that find a good nanny for Hussain, phuphi agrees, ruks leaves, jodha is hurt and has tears in her eyes.

Scene 2
in sharif’s room, shairf is discussing matters with his father and other ministers, he says jalal has gone mad, he decreased our salary, we wont work like this, Sharif’s father says that jalal has filled his court with hindus, we cant do much, suddenly Mehtab starts crying, sharif’s father ask him to stop her otherwise anyone will come listening to her and will listen their conversation, shairf comes to mehtab and scolds her, he curtly ask mehtab to not cry, mehtab cries more seeing his face, bakshi comes and says be polite, she is your daughter, sharif ask where were you? bakshi says I thought to do the work as mehtab was sleeping, sharif says it is your responsibility to see her, if she cries again then I wont leave, bakshi says she is your daughter too, sharif gets angry and is about to slap bakshi but stops, he says just handle your daughter.
jodha is dressing Hassan, she says to moti that I don’t know whether ruks has given syrup to Hussain or not, she calls hoshiyar in room, gives him syrup and ask him to give it to ruks and tell her that jodha has sent it to give it to ruks, hoshiyar agrees and goes from there with syrup, jalal comes there and sit beside jodha, jalal says don’t worry, ruks will take care of hussain, jodha says I know she will be good mother but I don’t know I cant feel content, i feel tension for Hussain, Dasi comes in and says to jalal that your guests Mirza Qasim( jalal’s paternal cousin) and his wife Zeenat has come to meet him from Kabu, jalal says that’s good news, call them inside with respect, i am coming.

Mahamanga’s curse impinges Jalal; Hasan and Hussain die by illness in Jodha Akbar

Scene 3
Maan singh receives Mirza Qasim and wife. They go in court, Jalal meets Qasim and is happy, zeenat meets hamida and all wives, Qasim says to jalal that your children are very nice, jalal says they have come in world with much difficulty, Mirza says for parents children are always precious, i have one child and zeenat take care of him very well, I am lucky to have wife like her, Qasim says we have brought gifts for jalal’s children, Zeenat comes to jodha and gifts Hassan somethings, jodha says thanks in Urdu, Zeenat says its good that Rajvanshies are learning Mughal culture, jodha says afterall i am Mughal wife, Phuphi says jodha takes care of her child very well but ruks is worried as she didn’t find a good nanny for her child, after maham’s fiasco we are very particular in choosing nanny for the child, ruks looks at zeenat and thinks something.
jalal, phuphi and ruks talk, ruks says i am sure zeenat will become nanny for my child, jalal ask are you sure? ruks says yes, didn’t you listen Qasim said that she is very good at handling kids and ask we know her, Jalal ask her to rethink her decision and first see Zeenat, ruks says i have seen her, she is a good person, jalal ask what she doesn’t agree to become nanny, ruks says i am shahi wife and this kid is heir of throne, i will make her agree for it, is it fine now? jalal says okay as you wish.

Scene 4
Hussain is crying, ruks takes him in hnads, Zeenat ask her to give child to her, if we have love between us then its good, i will make him sleep, she goes from there with hussain, zeenat comes to window side and says tell me if you are beautiful or moon? but you know what, moon have eclipse too, she makes evil face and is about to throw the child from window, ruks comes and ask what are you doing? Zeenat says i was making her sleep, see he slept, ruks says thanks and takes hussain from her, she ask zeenat to go and sleep, Zeenat thinks that i will sleep after completing my mission.
Zeenat meets Qasim, Qasim says jalal thinks that we have come here to congratulate him for his children but we are here to destroy him.
phuphi comes to jodha, jodha says i am worried for my children, phuphi says you should know past things, Kamran half was brother of Humayun, Humayun loved him a lot but Kamran always thought that Humayun is his step brother, he had grudges against him, the matter went so ahead that Kamran made a plan to kill humayun be was unsuccessful in it so after that Humayun had to make him blind to make him away from government, Qasim is son of Kamran, he is a nice person unlike his father we should be careful, jodha says i will protect my children from any problem.

PRECAP- Zeenat has one child of jalal in her hands, she is about to hurt him.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. shreya

    hey this zeenat uff…………. agar woh kisi aur ke bache ko maregi to woh aur uske khud ka bacha mare and only she found ruk why not jo?!

  2. Ash.haz

    When did i say that she shuld harm ruks kid not jo
    I said that she shuld not harm any child even if he is jodha’s or ruks

  3. shreya

    and wat ruk has done i dont undstnd jo shud b punished why she gave her child to ruk when every1 was against this and now she is weeping and making faces and ruk thought is rite

  4. Crystal

    Wat does ruk think of hrself ?? She is nt
    d mother of d child ………… Atleast she can
    treat jo with kindness …. ..
    Bt nwayz ruks is going 2 get exposed soon
    im so happie…… Hate dis zeenat
    (shreya dont get angry with me im jst
    expressing ma point if view )

  5. Crystal

    @shreya we dont hate ruks bt we hate
    hr due 2 hr selfish n evil plans n noe
    she is even trying show jo as an bad
    mother n trying to take d position of
    muz bt she will b exposed soon n evry1
    will com 2 noe hr plan

  6. shreya

    the thing is that u all dont undstnd her she only want her jalal back and why a woman will like to see her hus with other woman that also hindu but u all will nt believe that i hate jo alot more then a beggar

  7. Crystal

    Yes jo has taken ja frm ruks bt she shld
    try 2 understand ja luvs jo……….
    N ruks has been his childhood so even she lyks him
    bt she shld least think abt ja n his feelings
    b4 doing sumthing @shreya

  8. shreya

    and crystal wat r u saying that jo shud take ines luv frm other i can undstnd that u all dont unstnd the meaning of luv and ja is even vad tooooooooooo how even he can think of leaving ruk chi……….. ja shame on u

  9. Crystal

    Yeah shreya wat u r saying is absolutely
    correct i was jst explaining my point of view dats ot
    nwayz lets stop talking abt it n jst forget

  10. jk

    Shreya – you need to stop and take stock of your thoughts.
    whether you like Rukaya or Jodha is irrelevant, but your elist attitude is deplorable.
    “I hate Jo more than a beggar”… have you even gone hungry? have you ever gone without shelter? clothing? shoes? ….
    don’t hate until you have walked a mile in another’s shoes…

  11. Crystal

    Totally agree wit u jk ……
    Shreya how can u say dat u hate jo more
    dan a beggar!! N also if i said d same thing
    2 ruks even u wld hve angry ( pls dontw
    take me in a rude way )

  12. Plz use respectfull words over here and firstly
    Jodha is much better than beggar,rukaiyah and in my point of view jalal only loves jodha, ruks means alot to him so he loves her alot cuz she is his childhood friend and he likes salima cuz she is bairams wife and gives him the best advise………..they were the 3 special wives from 1000’s and 1000’s

  13. natasha

    dudes calm down.its only a serial not a war.there is no reason to foght on stupid things.just enjoy the
    soap opera and move on.

  14. That’s true natasha
    And shreya stop and even all
    And other thing shreya didn’t live ja she loved her post (Begum e kas) do u guys remember the time when atifa came she was crying 4 her post not 4 ja

  15. shreya

    ya but she also told reason of that & be4 jo came was anything shown like this 1 st ruk now jo so she told that only that now i have lost my ja but dont want to loose my post and still she luvs ja alot still she is doing all the thongs to get him back

  16. shreya

    n if jo is so gud then she is not a gud mother how a mother cud give her child to other wn she knows hw os ruk………

  17. shreya

    pl u all stop saying bad to ruk she is not bad she wants her ja back and up of that whn ruk acted 4 her false pregnancy then ja kissed her hand and head so jo felt bad n jealous so why cant ruk

  18. shreya

    hey do u all know a award function will b shown on colors channel in that bharti is saying that ham maharani jo hai , kahan ho tum akku baby…………….

  19. Di

    And that is why Ruks will always be a loser! Cos she’s not satisfied and is always planning and plotting against Jodha.

  20. shreya

    and u know wat is the reason that ja has been taken away from her thats all and she is doing all posible things to get her hus back and 4 that if she kills jo that is forgatable for her luv

  21. shreya

    no thats not true that u ja think beyond reallity ok she luvs him a lot and wants him back and so she is doing all this things

  22. shreya

    u all think that jo drinks poison and all things then she is gud but after when jo came then only problems started in mughal sultanate and this we all say that alaxmi ghar aai hai b4 jo everything was gud so ruk need not to do anything and she only knows wat is bek if u get dont u all feel proud so she is feeling but jo doesnt bother except doing manmani every time she does all those things which she want and if any1 is against this then she bcomes angry wow! in khaibers case also jo did the same but hw ja forgave her ufffffffffffffff a man entered his harem then also jo saved khaiber after that she insulted ja infrnt of every1 then also ja excepted her insult and told that he will b kept in the well then also jo is not satisfied at night she went to khaiber to make him free and that resulted wat u all knoe!

  23. shreya

    and u all take side of her then take but i have told b4 also that i hate jo and like ruk bcoz she is bold women that 1 shud be and pl dont give bad comments to ruk she has not done anything wrong pl, pl pl, stop it……………………………………..

  24. Hi shreya u r rite yaar don’t know but i feel very bad for ruks because as a woman what ruks is doing great because if we will jodha to apart from jalal she will not be able to go away from jalal and will weep and all but ruqaiya is doing that its great !

  25. Ruk has been always selfish n will be she never luved ja she luved only her post. Whereas jo is very kind n even bold but ruk always try to be the no.1 begum-i-khaas which she never deserved. N after all did u listen that line “jodha begum maine aap se ka aap ka hussain nahi liya maine use bache ko liya hain jo aap se sabse se zyaada mohhabt karta tha” this shows that hw wicked she is.

  26. shreya

    this doesnt shows that she is wicked it is a natural thing that if u give somthing then also u want and when jo can take ja away then why cant ruk take hussain she is best

  27. shreya

    even ruk also told that “hamari aukat ja k nazron mein ek bandi se zyada nahi rah gaya gai” this shows that her heart is broken and i think that ruk shud give ja talak…………. and just b free of this broken life and also jo is not bold

  28. No she was nt at all broken she was very proud of her post n at that time she was broken bcoz she was nw nt at all respectful in ja eyes which she was earlier coz of her work she did!!

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