Jodha Akbar 29th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 29th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jalal and khaibar starts fighting, khaibar angrily looks at jalal, khaibar beats jalal’s force, maan singh tries to handle him but he beats maan too, jalal comes there and starts fighting with khaibar, khaibar lifts jalal and throws him away, jalal gets up and shouts at khaibar as he is approaching jodha, jalal runs to him and gets the hold of kahibar, he sits on kahiabr’s head and beats him then khaibar throws him and is about to mash him under his feet but jalal moves away and attacks on kahiabar’s feet with dagger, khaibar shouts in pain. jalal gets the sword and is about to kill kahiabr when jodha comes and stops jalal, she says don’t kill him, he saved me from mahaC’s soldiers, jalal throws away the sword, khaibar falls on ground, jalal and jodha hug each other,

khaibar looks at them, jalal says to soldiers that khaibar saved jodha’s life so I am not killing him but he is mahaC’s man so put him in jail, he ask jodha are you fine, jodha nods, jalal touches jodha’s belly to reassure that child is fine, jalal says come I will take you back, jodha says I will walk, don’t worry.
jalal and jodha comes back to palace, all soldiers and people are chanting for jalal’s name for having caught the beast khaibar, hamida smiles looking at jalal and jodha, jalal takes jodha inside the palace, khaibar looks at jodha and recalls his master’s words to mahaC that we have made khaibar’s body as animal, he will not leave the person whose blood he smells but he is human afterall and he has a heart, animals need food and shelter to live but a human need love to live so we have to see if khaibar acts like animal or thinks from heart.

Scene 2
in harem, jodha says to hamida I am saved by jalal, doctor checks jodha and applies cream on jodha’s wounds. jalal goes with maan to tighten the security.
at night, jalal is with jodha, jalal says don’t worry, I have tighten the security now you don’t need to worry, jodha feels child’s movement, jalal says I will call doctor, jodha says no need, jalal says thank god you are fine and child too, jodha says that child’s father has protected him, that’s why father are called like god to child, jalal says don’t say that, don’t make me god for my child, I just did what was my duty, I just cant bear to see that my wife or my child get hurt because of me, jalal says sorry you had to suffer a lot and he took you too from harem, jodha says no need, I knew you will come and save me, I had faith, jalal says you are world’s best wife, jodha says that you are world’s most loving husband, they hug each other.

Scene 3
jodha does aarti, moti ask where are you going, jodha says to give aarti to jalal, moti says come back fast as you have eat something, jodha says no, its Ramadan so I am fasting today, in evening you give me water and date on ifttar time, jodha goes to jalal. jalal is trying to paint and says this is difficult to paint, jodha comes there and gives him aarti, she sees her painting at one side and jalal trying on other, she ask jalal what is he doing, jalal says I am trying to make a painting but cant do it, jodha says you maybe tired because of fast so you couldn’t make it, jalal says nothing like that, like if you fast for karwachaut, you get strength, same way god give us strength in Ramadan too, I even won battles in Ramadan, jodha ask what are you making, it seems like its of women’s painting and from belly its seem like pregnant, jalal says you are right, I was making your painting but couldn’t, maybe I haven’t understood you fully, jodha say I too haven’t understtod you fully, jodha ask can I keep the fast, jalal says no you cant, jodha ask why, when you can then I can too, jalal says if you starve whole day then who will care for child, in our religion it is prohibited for a pregnant women to fast, I promise we will fast next year together, jodha says thanks jalal for not punishing an not beating that beast, jalal says he saved you and you said to leave him, so I just put him in jail but didn’t punish him, jalal says why we are talking about him, we should talk about angels, our children, jalal is being called by atgah, he says to jodha that I have to go so you take care fo child and and yourself, jodha thinks that I was doing fast for you jodha but they are you children and taking their care isd my responsibility, she smiles looking at painting.
jodha and moti are going, they listens to the noise of someone screaming in pain, jodha ask soldier about it, he says that this is coming from jail.

Scene 4
sharif is beating khaibar, sharif says that you were a foll to take jodha from here, he beats him and says how dare you touch jodha, maybe jalal forgives you for this mistake but I wont, he beats him, khaibar winces in pain, jodha comes there and shouts shariffuddin, she ask what are you doing? he says that khaiabr tried to touch you and he need punishment, jodha says when jalal has ordered to not punish him then who are you to do that, if jalal gets to know it then he will not like it, sharif says that jalal will also not like it that you came here to meet this beast, he leaves, jodha looks at khaibar.
hamida says that I didn’t expect this from jodha, ruks says how can she go to meet khaibar, he is animal, she had put jalal’s heir in danger, to tell you truth, if I was in jodha’s place, I wouldn’t have done that, 1sr she came in war and fought with forces, thank god nothing happened to children but now what was the need to go and meet khaibar. hamida angrily goes from there, ruks smirks.

Scene 5
jodha ask soldier to put medicine on khaibar’s wounds, soldier says that I feel afraid of going close to him, he is a beast, he can kill anyone, I suggest that you should also go from here, jodha says ok can you bring hot water, he brings, he says to jodha that don’t go close to him, jodha says will you order Mughal queen, soldier gets quiet, jodha dips cloth in hot water and goes close to khaibar, she looks at himand wipes his wounds with cloth, he winces in pain, hamida comes there and drags away jodha from there. khibar gets angry and shouts.
hamida says you have responsibility of mighal heir, I love you but that doesn’t mean that you will break all rules, that man is not good, he came here to kill jalal, he took you from here, Ramadan is going on and we all are praying for you child and you are so careless. jodha says that sharif was beating him even when you ordered to not beat him so I went there to stop him, jalal comes and says enough jodha begum.

PRECAP- jalal is listening to common people’s problems in court, he says to one couple that I help people but I will do the justice only in accordance with Mughal rules, they will not change, the girls veil comes off her face(seems like new entry).

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hi evry1
    saw d new promo ??

    1. Can i know the new promo plz

  2. 2days epi was gud especially d scenes
    between ja n jo

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  4. Who is the lady??? Will jalal fall in love with her???

  5. entry of atifa, when shahanshah is fade up with jodha’s affection with khaibar, good twist in the story.

  6. Hi Crystal…
    If u saw the promo, then write plz

    1. Hi gates n lauren dis is d new promo
      jodha applying lep and cleaning up
      blood from khaiber’s shoulders. jalal
      comes yelling and sayings may I
      know your reason of care towards a
      culprit? jodha says he is a human
      too, he also feels pain. jalal says
      you’re talking as if you have a
      relationship with him. jodha says
      yes, there is a relation. jalal gets
      angry, takes his sword out and
      shouts out “JODHA BEGUM” jodha

  7. Who is atifa?

  8. Telly express zoom told that there is new girl entry in jalal’s life…she is atifa… Atifa is maha chuchak satayi hui ladki hain jalal ke pas panah lene aanewali hain… Kahaani mein dikhay jayega jalal is ladki ke taraf jhukne lagta hain… Unhe atifa se lagav hojatha hain… Udhar jodha pregnant hain.. Aise mein jalal ne kisi aur ki taraf jhukav hona jodha aur jalal ke beech rishton mein tanam la sakta hain…

    And it also said that makers hv no story left in JA so they r taking leap of fifteen years to show salim anarkali track… But before that leap atifa track will b there who cmes btw jalal and jodha… And length of atifa track is not yet known…

  9. Oh nooo..plz Dont say that Jalal will fall love with that girl Jalal really loves jodha begum…I’m really sad I can’t see this episode that’s why I’m at my village………:-(


  11. Wow! Its awesome yar, i like it!!!… Hi evry1!;-)

  12. I hate it sad sad sad for jodha I

  13. Wow
    This is an awesome programe

  14. i think atifa will try 2 seek harm to jodha and jalal

  15. new spoiler…….
    the twins will die immediately after they are born

  16. We now it meena
    AnywAy .-•`’
    Cause the hottest love story is of joDha&Akbar ®©£¢

  17. AnArkali lOvvve story isn’t
    Trust me guyes it. Was written by and Urdu poet fake fake fake story and fake history of anarkali

  18. Guyed what do u think if they take the leap is it good or not
    DO you want to see jAlal & jodha old or as young hang lovy tell me guyed comment

  19. jodha akbar rocks

  20. Cant believe anarkali n salim’s luv story is fake. It is so popular n heart touching luv story how cud it be fake impossible!! n the precap seems to be intresting waiting fr 2days update!!!!

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