Jodha Akbar 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jodha s with Salim, she ask dasi did you see jalal? jodha says jalal has gone to other wives, jodha sits on terrace, she is angry and says he is gone to other wives and I am here stuck with Salim, doesn’t he have responsibility, but why I am angry, they are his wives but he say big things that all matters to him is salim, she finds jalal with one lady, she see jalal smiling with her, suddenly jalal vanishes from the scene, jodha ask where he is gone with lady? jalal comes from behind and says snake, jodha shouts, jalal says snake is in your heart, why were you spying me? jodha says I was not spying on you, she ask who was the lady, I am not concerned but tell me who she was, jalal says this princess of this palace, marium makani Hamida begum, jodha smiles that he went to hamida,

jalal says I cant think of someone else than you, jalal says if I went to some other wife, you would have killed me, jodha puts hand on his mouth and says don’t talk about killing you, jalal says atleast you touched me on saying this, jodha smiles. jalal takes Salim from her and says I will make him sleep.
Shagnui bai is going somewhere, she gets hint from beats which tells her fate, beats point to some house, she sees one house and ask one man whose house is this? he says this is of zil bahar and Rashid, shaguni says hut infront of palace, she sneaks in hut and finds zil bahar offering prayers and is pregnant, zil bahar sees shaguni and ask what can I help you lady? shaguni says you are here in this hut for somedays, you will go from here to some other place, your child in your belly will take you other place, you will have to give exam, one girl will change the history of Mughals and that girl will be your daughter, zil bahar gets tensed, shanguni says your daughter will take you to palace from hut.

Scene 2
shagnui bai comes in palace, ruks finds her in palace and ask hoshiyar who s elder lady, hoshiyar says she is shanguni bai and has come to meet jodha, ruks says oh she is the lady who tells about future, she leaves from there, shaugni finds footsteps of ruks on ground in opposite sign and says this is not good sign, opposite footsteps are of witches and sometimes it comes in form of human, she looks at ruks.
Jodha is giving bath to salim alongwith Salima, dasi comes and says shanguni bai has come, jodha says she here? jodha goes to meet her.
shaguni sees Salim in jodha’s hand and sees sacred thread in Salim’s hand, she says it is good Salim, the one who has given this sacred thread, have made relation with SAlim, jodh ask what you mean, bai says that its realtion of heart, its made by fate, no one can change it, shaguni blesses salim, she takes out beats and beats point to some direction, shaguni bai says Salim will win hearts of people, but his heart will be bring storm in palace, he will speak with heart only and this will cause in bloodshed, his love story will be written with blood, his love will be reason of ruin, his love will divide relations, you will be divided between love and honesty, he will be very big king but his heart will break, he will have two ladies in his life, one will break his heart and other will join his heart, he will bring problems with his love.

Scene 3
jodha is crying in her room, jalal comes there and says don’t be tensed, jodha says whatever shaguni bai says, its always correct, jalal says nothing like this will happen, we will handle things, I love Salim a lot, we cant fight with each other but even then if something happens then your kahna ji is with me, he will show me right path, both jalal and jodha prays to kahna ji.
Voice over says that time was passing by, with jalal’s words, jodha forgot prediction of shaguni. Salim has got high fever he is unconscious, jodha and jalal gets tensed thinking what happened to Hassan and husssain earlier, doctor is treating Salim. otherside Shaguni bai is doing her pooja, otherside zil bahar gets into labour pain, she says to Rashid that its time for birth, jodha says to kahna that don’t do this with us this time, we wont be able to live, protect Salim. Jalal prays to god and says to him to save shekhu.
Rashid is taking zil bahar on cart in heavy rain to doctor’s place for birth, bahar is wincing in pain. they reach to doctor’s place, the child is born, doctor says congrats baby girl is born, otherside Salim gets conscious at same time. voice over says that new love story was born, Anarkali was born and Salim’s heart stared beating agains, in other words, anarkali gave beats to Salim’s heart/

Scene 4
Zil bahar and Rashid comes to jalal with Anarkali, Zil bahar says to jalal that you promised me that you will give name to my daughter, jalal looks at daughter and says her name will be Nadira(correct if its wrong), bahar comes to jodha and ask her to bless her daughter, jodha blesses anarkali. Voice over says that SAlim and anarkali were realted from that only, little did jalal that know the girl he has given name, will become biggest problem of his life, this gilr was called anarkali later.
Soul talk- jodha says time passed by and 8 years passed away, now our son Salim was of 9 years old.
Salim is shown running behind pigeon, he grabs one pigeon and caresses him.
Soul talk- jalal says it was true, my skehu used to think from heart only like jjodha begum.
Salim frees the pigeon and makes him fly in sky.
Soul talk- jalal sasy our child was different, jodha says he was mischievous.
Salim is making nadira learn archery, he ask her to hit in sky, she hits the pigeon in sky, they both run to grab the pigeon falling on ground, Salim grabs the pigeon before it falls on ground and lovingly looks at him.

PRECAP- jalal is practicing sword fighting with some guy, they both angrily look at each other..

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. shreya

    wow!!! 2days epi was gud yaar bt dis shaguni bai ufff… Cm agn here n hw she dared to say ruk a witch , shaguni is bth witch n b***c in her own…hate u shguni bai jst go frm here whneve she cms she brngs sadness with her…go fm here u evil lady….!!!

  2. Arun

    Every one knows the story of salim-Anarkali by Mugle Azam so if new saga is not added it will be boring.

    • princess akeela

      oh plz because of own… i think if u dont have nun to tlk dont tlk bucz it was history for them to die and even if jodha didnt had hassain he wud have still die so plz shut up

      • shreya

        princess bhve ur self ok n if u dont like my cmnts den u cn leave….ok jo killed hass n huss , i will say dis wat u will do..???

  3. ash

    Arun u seem to know more history.. Can u please tell the story of anarkali and salim in short?? Please and I want to know if she dies or not?

    • Arun

      Salim will fall in love with Anarkali but shahansha will not allow to marry a maid, so he will revolt
      Anarkali will be punished. Salim thinks she executed but the king forgave her to keep promise to her mother.

  4. shreya

    n jo deserves dats….she snatched huss frm ruk so salim shud b sntchd frm jo n shud b given to ruk…!!

      • shreya

        u dumbo princess go to hell….!!!!! N thnk b4 u cmnt ok no1 is ur sevnt here….n not especially me ……so pl dont try to abase cuz i cn insult u here very bdly ok….u fulish girl…..!!!!

  5. luv

    And u should be snatched from this website.. And lusu if u r a mother then will u give away ur child…bt Jo did so and tat ruk can’t keep Hussain.. Bcoz of her only zeenat was appointed and she killed both of them

  6. luv

    I think u should mind ur language dr …and even u were using B***h word at ur comment..did other readers complain no na??? Then what

  7. shreya

    luv i thnk dat we shud not fight bcuz of jo n ruk so its better dat we shall b frnds …so cn i b ur frnd…???

  8. luv

    Hmm I don’t have to prove u that I have learnt English…because u cant even understand a simple short language..I didn’t want to embarrass u tats y I left the sentence middle…

  9. shreya

    we all shall nt fight each n every time 4 jo n ruk…!! They r doing thr wrk n we cnt do anythng except watching dat..!!

  10. shreya

    cutie, saniya, devika, jk, jo, luv, arun, raj, aradhya, aisha any1 yaar pl cm fst i m getting bore…!!

  11. shreya

    ufff……!!!! I m being irritatd….ok…pl sm1 cm here….cuz i noe dat as i will go frm here den smothr will cm …so pl cm fst….!!!

  12. Oh please shreya stop blaming jodha for the lost of
    Both prince becaust if ruks had accepted jodha to be
    The nanny, both of the babies would be alive today
    But ruks was too selfcenter n because of that both
    babies died. So face it ” good things dont happen
    To bad people” ruks will always be lonely

  13. Very nice episode….
    After the consummation scene maybe this is the best episode I liked…. I live in Vizag n suffering from HudHud. T.V. is not cming since a month!!! I wish I could see young Salim!! Unlucky me….
    I feel like crying!!! Sob! Sob!

  14. this soap is the only one that is progressing further it makes you want see more this is because it is moving in the right direction and not keeping fans bored good job writers never fall back with this soap. I rate this five stars. keep up the good work.

  15. shreya

    LOUISE, wat d hell u r…..wat ruk did was rite she didnt wanted jo to b huss nanny as she feard dat huss will like jo mre den her as ak liked maham more den hamida… she kept zeenat in duty n evn ruk was not noeing dat zeenat cud do this type of wrk…….ok so pl….bcuz of jo huss died…..!!!!

  16. shreya

    well gud nite guys…..i m going to sleep now…..its…10:15 pm here but i wake up at 4:30am or b4 dat cuz i hv dat indian habbit so i wake up early acrding new yrk times..!

  17. N i have 1 question that u once said that u r in 8th standard then why r u saying to luv that u r in 7th standard ??? N hi guys i m back cuz my mom allowed me to comment me for some time ….

  18. Hey what the hell some1 is using my name ! U fake aisha just go from here n shilpee ashi its not me who said who said hi to u ! That fake 1 said hi to u !

  19. N its not like that shilpee ! They didn’t talked long ago but now they talk with each other ! There r so many news about it n there were many reasons like some said that rajat thinks that he is superior than paridhi , some says because of his ego , some says that because he is very shy to talk with paridhi , some says because paridhi is married so rajat didn’t talk with her etc. Etc. !

  20. Hey please every1 notice that my name starts with capital a and the another aisha’s name starts with small a so don’t get cofused guys !

  21. Ash.haz

    Shreya jodha is not bad..!!!!!!!!!
    I think you have been mistaken its both ruks AND jo mistake……
    And even
    “don’t judge any1 before you jusge yourself“
    And plus its history and paridhi is doing her work and even ruks so dont blame both of them u all

    • shreya

      ash.zah u r fool ihv writn dat so dat sm1 cud get onlne n cn talk to me…dear so pl dont b angry yaar….!!!

  22. shreya

    wat d hell is dis, no1 is onlne except me but as i will go frm here any1 will cm like u all guys came after i went frm here……i mean like u aisha, ash.haz, aradhya…..

  23. shreya

    lagta hai ki mein hi 200 cmnt pure karungi….wow u r grt shreya…….b proud of ur self…..keep it up cuz dis guys r nt going to join u nor dey will hlp u to cmplt 200 cmnt….!!!

  24. shreya

    i m crying now on my luck dat whn i b onlne den no1 is thr but as go smbdy cms…….!!!!! Mera to luck hi kharab hai…!!!

  25. shreya

    crystal or smbdy else b onlne itz my order……!!! Follow my order nahi to hum tumhara sar kalam kar denge……

  26. shreya

    i will not cm here frm now onwrds cuz no1 is being onlne so its useless 4 me…….its my lst cmnt here

  27. But i m not mistaken dear i remember that when cutie said that she is in 8 std then u also said that ya i m also in 8 std ! Anyway leave it !

  28. salim wasn’t teaching nadira archery but the other two princes daniyal and shahmurad they were practising archery. and the man with whom jalal was sword fighting was Rahim. I guess

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