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Jodha Akbar 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jodha comes to Jalal, she says I don’t think that Maan can do this, Jalal says I cant ignore proofs against him, Jodha says maan is very loyal and brave rajvanshi, he has proved it time and again, you also know it, then why you are ignoring it, Jalal says enough, I don’t wanna talk about it, Jodha say why? I believe maan, Jalal says how can we ignore statements of TOdar, Rahim against him then, how can I ignore that attackers knew Maan from before, how can I ignore that only my close ministers knew about Salim going out of Palace, how can I ignore that Maan was not on his duty, my decision is right, if Maan is innocent then he has to proof it, Jodha says ask your heart, can Maan do this, Jalal says can you think that Salima can do this? but we had to give her punishment,

I have seen many people changing and becoming enemy just for throne, this happens in politics, first bariam khan, then Maham, then Salima, then Maan, Jodha says you can say whatever you want but I trust Maan, she leaves.
Jodha comes to Maan singh’s room, soldiers says we cant allow you to go in, Jodha says don’t forget you are talking to Mariuma zamani, you will be punished if you stop me, soldier moves aside. Jodha comes in room, Maan says you should have not come, Jalal will be angry, Jodha says how can I not come when I know you are innocent and this is all plot against you, you cannot go against Rajsvani morals, you loved Salima a lot, Maan says every proof and Jalal’s decision is against me, I went ot meet Salima too, I am feeling that someone is doing this purposely, he is plotting against people who are close to Jalal, Maan says Jalal arrested me but he didn’t punish me, I am sure he will find out truth, but Jalal will get angry if he know you came here, Jodha says I am marium zamani too, I have to find out who is doing all this, an you tell me anything, Maan says the attackers were wearing rajvanshi clothes but they were not looking like rajvanshies, its a huge plot, don’t go in all this, just be with Jalal, Jodha says I allways with him but he is king so its my duty to show him right path, Maan says you go now, Jodha says trust me, I will give your respect back, Maan touches her feet and greets her, Jodha leaves.

Scene 2
Jodha comes in her room, Jalal is there, he ask where you went at this time? jalal ask jodha where were you? Jodha says I went to meet Maan, Jalal says you went to meet the person who tried to kill our son,, Jalal says that all proofs are against Maaan, jodha says if proofs are against a person then that doesn’t not mean he is bad a person, it can plan of someone too, Jalal says till investigation is done, you should not meet him, don’t forget that you are marium zamani, Jodha ask what is my authority as marium zamani? Jalal is stunned., Jalal ask what kind of question is that, Jodha says I want to know my authority, my right, Jalal says marium zamani position is after king, Jodha says I went to Maan as marium zamani as I want to know the truth, Jalal says you are not allowed to go against king, Jodha says that if I have to find truth then I will go against rules, and I don’t want such position where I cant even talk to someone, I am leaving my position as Marium Zamani I today now itself, Jalal is shocked, Jodha brings her crown of Marium zamani and extends to Jalal, he doesn’t take it, so she puts it on table, Jalal angrily looks at her.

Scene 3
Hamida says to Jalal that what wrong did jodha do, maan is just not minister but Jodha’s nephew too, Jalal says maan is my loyal person so I just arrested him, but nobody is allowed to go against king’s orders, Hamida says mariuma makani and mariuma zamani have some rights, and they have right to change orders of king, why jodha cant meet Maan she didn’t do anything wrong, Jalal says try to understand, Maan is alleged, Hamida says what did he do? did he kill Salim or you? if Maan wanted all this then he could have tried to kill you before, he got many chances, Jalal says I cant ignore statements of other ministers, hamida says try to understand that this is all plot against these people, Salima, jodha, your ministers are your strength and by punishing you have destroyed your pride, I just wanna see Jodah wearing marium zamani crown in jsahn, you have to pacify her, this is Mariuma makani’s order, Jalal leaves.

Scene 4
Resham says to Ruks that Jodha returned Mariuma zamani’s position back to jalal, Ruks says why you are happy with it? this is betraying, Resaham says I thought you will be ahppy listening it, Ruks shows her jewels and says how much you want can take these jewels, I am very happy with this news, I was just waiting fro this news from long ago, Ruks says jodha couldn’t handle this position.
Jodha is getting ready, Jalal comes there, they both are angry with each other, Jalal says that sAlim’s heir announcement is going to happen and you are nor ready, don’t act like kid, comes fast as Mariuma Zamani, jodha says you know I don’t need this position, jala says I know but its not your choice not be marium zamani or not, mariuma zamani is one whose child is heir, you are maiurm and will be, Jodha says I don’t want postion which doesn’t give any right to me, should I tell you what right marium have? Jalal says should I tell what rights king have, Jodha says no, but I didn’t like the way you behaved with Maan yesterday, Jalal says proofs are against him, Jodha says the person who whole life served you leaving back his parents, how can you doubt his intention, Maan is be disrespected, Jalal says so you wont wear this crown, jodha asys no till Maan is being proved innocent then I will not wear it, Jalal says as you wish and leaves.

Scene 5
Jalal is sitting with ministers, priest ask should we commence the ritual, Jalal says call heir, Ruks says I will bring him, Jalal thinks that jodha didn’t come, Jodha comes and looks at Jalal, jodha sits with hamida, Hamida ask why you are not wearing crown, Jodha says I have come here as mother not marium zamani but my son is angry with me, Jodha says dotn worry, everything will be fine, Jodha comes to Rahim, she ask why you are upset? missing SAlima? Rahim says I don’t understand how this is proved against Salima, she cant do this, Jodha says I know SAlima and Maan are innocent but Jalal have to punish according to proofs which were against them, don’t worry, nothing wrong can happen with right people.
Ruks says to Salim that its mariuma zamani’s work to bring heir and today it was jodha’s work, but she left her position of marium zamani because Jalal arrested Maan singh, she cares for everyone except you, she brings him in venue and says look Jodha is not here even now, she is more worried about Maan than you, but I am with you, go to Jalal, Salim comes to Jalal, Priest says should we start the jashn, Hamida says lets wait for Jdoah, Jalal says I will not wait for anyone, starts the ritual, Jalal puts stamp on paper announcing Salim as next king, Jodha also comes there, Jalal says from now one Salim is official heir, he can use his powers for benefit of people, Jodha thinks that ritual was done without me.

PRECAP-Salim says to Jodha that today I will tell you story, Jhodha says it will be fun, Salim says there was one kid, he used to love his parents a lot, he did a mistake and was punished severly, Jodah says it was learning not punishment, Salim says I am sleepy.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i hate jodha today only
    in salima case she is doubt but maan sing case she was support
    how she do this
    but hb give a good sagission to ja

  2. princess akeela

    jodha i love the way u act but today am disappointed in u when salima was arrested it didnt affect u in no way but the minute ur nephew got arrested it hurts i cant believe what am seeing

  3. I think ja is acting to find truth

  4. yes jodah is partial 2rwds maan… n is against salima…she’s behaving as if evey thng is proved against salima …chi…y do people be partial like dis?shame on dem being in such position n dng un ethical thngs

  5. Akeela and devika u guys are right …… How can she think salima can do that and + she could of doubt RUKS coz she was like that before and she took hussain so why not salim and RUKS was insisting to have salim

  6. Track is more disapointing.if dr is no story left btr 2 shut down by dragng story always negetivity it spoils its past positivity

  7. Its history man not a story to,change according to the ppl

  8. The twist to prove salima and man singh innocent will be interesting..

  9. So jodha finally showed her true colour. cos salima is not rajvansy like her dats y she believed she cn do something wrong. Pls she should stop shouting rajvansy this, rajvansy that. It’s very irritating pls. Empty vessels makes a lot of noise. Fanatics like her.

  10. Really behaviour of jodha was not good

  11. it is about time that they find out what ruks is doing another thing how come salima whom they accused of giving salim opium is in prison and still salim told jodha he is sleepy so who is giving him the opium now. come on jalal start thinking quickly and see right under your nose that it is ruks who is instigating all this mischief I say get rid of ruks throw her ass in prison. I only hope that while salima is in prison that salim get really sick again where the doctor would have to make a visit again and let jalal see that he is doing shit. they are not using their brains at all that is all I have to say.

  12. blo*dy rukaiya why is she so mean?

  13. what does she want from Salim

  14. I know… Seriously, jodha, who is known for being just, ddnt act accordingly today… Really disappointing… And now their misunderstandings will also increase -.-

    Ps: our lil Ayaan, aka lil Prince Salim is toooo adorable!! <3 <3 Just love him! He looks just like his sister Jannat doesn't he?? 😀

    PPs: Rajat Tokas is seriously a brilliant actor!! And a hot one too 😉 he's the reason I started watching this series in the first place <3

  15. I think the Emperor is setting them up to find the culprit.

  16. I also agree guys

  17. I am reminded of MA again, plotting endlessly, wickedly & non-stop! Ruks aka MA the 2nd.

  18. Jodha is a mother, she will support her son first. As for Maan, we all know he’s innocent even Jalal. It’s just a matter of time before the truth is out. Jodha is on the right path. This is the old Jodha I know. I particularly like the fact that she left her position as MUZ to fight for what she believes & for love. Way to go Jodha!

  19. jod is ignord by ja………..!!

  20. n by salim also

  21. dats grt

  22. Really i m hating jodha now !!! She can’t support man singh …. If she wants to support man singh then how can she blame salima !!! Omg ! She just said to salima that u gave opium to salim n u back stabbed me but she is not even doubting maan singh !!! Hate u jodha ! Jalal came to u n u were showing attitude to him … Chi jodha u r doing too much now and again in the precap it was like u were trying to talk to your classmate and he just ignored and went to sleep !! Come on jodha salim is ur child not ur classmate !! Grow up jodha

  23. i agree with u aisha n now jo has shown her true colours………….i was hating jo but now i hate her d most cuz she is doing partiality b/w man n salima or a rajput n mugal…………..chi jo n ja n salim bhvd with u lyk dat cuz u deserve it……. U thnk ur slf ovrsmrt!!!!

  24. Really shreya i agree

  25. true shreya..being impartial is gud bt being partial wid one n ignoring the others is not at al entertainable…she deserves d ignorance 4m both jalal,salim…what i say is that she shld be ignored 2 dat level wr in vch she never ever tries 2 become mahaan…being gud is only acceptable bt 4 being mahaan u ignoring others is nt at al agreeable…gud punishmnt gvn 2 jodha by jalal,salim..

    1. she is a dumbo

  26. Yea aa

  27. well if she is ignord den she is responsible n ja startd jahsn witout her……………well no 1 will bothr her n dis ammi jaan she is a devil…………..only bck aftr a hindu lady…………..!!!

  28. LOl u r rite dear shreya

  29. ya you are right but i think jalal is acting to find truth because in shariffudin case he tries to kill salim jalal thought of killing him but in salimas and maan case he did not do that so it is clear he is acting and whenever salim know about ruks he will hate her and loves jodha and whenever the truth comes out then ruks willbe in prison then the serial will be nice according to history jodha will be muz

  30. Really jo always talks about justice but what happened her know, were all the justice of hers gone. She even cant believe salima…she is just rediculus. Know i dont think any1 cud say smething in favour of her!!!

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