Jodha Akbar 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 28th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
dasiz are doing beauty service of ruks, one begum ask about her night, ruks says it was amazing, we were drunk, we played game and talked alot and in morning not to do disturb me he left without telling, begum says we feel jealous of you, ruks says ready me as jodha must wanna know what happened last night.
in jodha’s room, jodha after aarti spread its smoke in room, moti comes there, jodha shows her jalal, she says kahna listened to you thats why he came, what happened between you both? jodha says go from here, she goes, ruks comes there and ask how are you, its a good morning, jodha says yes it is, ruks says i thought you must be sleeping as you might have not slept last night, you thought that you are clever by leaving harem but you lost harem and jalal too. last night

was beautiful. ruks says to jodha that now you understood that jalal is only mine, his days and nights are mine only, ruks eyes falls on bed, jalal is sleeping there, ruks is embarrassed, jodha smiles. she leaves fuming. jalal gets up and says my head is aching please close this light, he gets water and sees its jodha, he says i am dreaming? what you are doing in ruks room, jodha says you are in my room, jalal says why you brought me here, jodha says you yourself came here last night you were drunk. jalal is stunned and get up from bed, jodha says you wanted to ask me something last night, jalal ask what did i say? jodha says you said that what i do you dont find it good, jalal says i wanna go, jodha says 1st tell me, jalal thinks should i ask her, jalal says nothing i was just drunk, he comes close to jodha, he looks in her eyes, he leans in and takes water glass from table, they look in each others eyes, he leaves, jodha looks on.

Scene 2
jalal is in shahi bath tub, ruks comes there, jalal says please give me bath and select my cloth, ruks says why dont you ask jodha, jalal says what, ruks says dont be ignorant, you said that you didnt want to talk about her then went to her room only, jalal says i was drunk only, i went to her room only to ask some questions, ruks says you should not think about things which disturbs you, she hugs jalal and says to think about beautiful moments of us spent last night.

Scene 3
moti says to jodha that hoshiyar is sleeping from three days, he is not answering me, jodha says i will see him, they come out, hoshiyar is crying, jodha ask what happened, any problem, he says i am missing my ammi, jodha says i am angry with you, you hidden your problem from me, he shows her locket, jodha says its good, he says i came in this world on this worst date, we dont come in man or women, nobody respects us, jodha says dont think like that life is for everyone, you must love your life, never say like this again, jodha gives her bangles to hoshiyar as birthday gift, he says you have golden heart.

Scene 4
ruks is checking monetary issues, she says there is alot corruption in hream’s money, maham says jodha have splurged alot, jodha comes there and says i wanna ask your permission, today is hoshiayr’s birthday we want to celebrate it, ruks laugh alot and says you wanna celebrate birthday of a eunuch, jodha says so what if he is eunuch, he is human too, they have right to be happy, ruks says he is servant he must remain in his limit and alot of money has been spent, jodha says not to worry about money i will do it on my own, maham says ruks is right all will laugh on you, ruks says jalal also will not like it and he must have not time for this stupidity, jodha sayss then i will ask permission from jalal only, she leaves, ruks laughs, she says she want to be become angel of harem and other side she meets somebody hiding from all, jalal told me this in drunk state, she says you have to make sure that jodha keep meeting him and jalal keep suspecting her then one day jalal will… this doubt factor can destroy big relations, maham says you are clever.

Scene 5
dilwar is going, sharif stops her, dilawar says bakshi told me take this painting to jodha’s room, sharif says take this to my room now, jalal comes there and sees painting of jodha, sharif lies that bakshi made this painting and wanted to gift jodha but i think it will be good in your room, dilawar looks at him, sharif ask him to take this to jalal’s room, jalal ask about suja, sharif says i will catch him. suja thinks why he lied infront of jalal.

Scene 6
jalal is looking at jodha’s painting, jodha comes in, he hides painting, jodha says i went to ruks to take permission but she denied so i came to you, jalal says i dont have time say it fast, jodha says i will come later jalal says no you can say now, jodha says today is hoshiyar’s birthday i want to celebrate it, jalal says this never happened, jodha says but. jalal says when ruks denied you shouldnt have come here, jodha says he will be happy, jalal shouts that i said that i will not happen, what you think that i will change my decision if you ask again and again, i dont have time for all this, he leaves, jodha is emotional.
Soul talk- jodha says everything went wrong, we couldnt talk, jalal says i was angry on something else and was taking on different things, you lied to me, jodha says i had my reason, jalal says i never wanted to hurt you but we were stuck between things, jodha says still i believed you fully. (we see jalal and jodha going in opposite direction)

PRECAP- maham meets some man in night, she orders him something, in palace, ruks says to jalal that hoshiyar served me alot but i cant ignore that he is just a eunuch and he should be put in his right place, jalal looks at jodha and says you are everyone should be put in their right place they deserve.

Update Credit to: Atiba


    • Raj

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  1. Yadhu

    @anael u search for indian institute for scince college if u wish. U can get information about this college in net.

      • Raj

        hi!!!!!!!!! y’day u r asking [email protected]

  2. Ravan

    Already all these ill treatments were given to Jo during Benajir’s time .Ja forgot what Benajir told about How ruks and Mahamanga tried to impress upon To send Jo out ? God only knows why Ekta again trying to repeat same issues making viewers start hating to see the Serial !

  3. shraddha

    @anael..people also say bonjour! Whats that? I’ve a little knowledge about that! IBut very less!

  4. Raj

    delhi????? fine!!! make a short trip there….I am sure u like it most!!! except it’s crowd and old buildings!!!!!
    eventually I must say…u being a J-A fan..hv 2 fall in love with these tombs and monument s …….!!!!!

  5. shraddha

    @anael…….no dear! As I said I’ve very little knowledge about french…….I know spanish even but very less…..I’m trying to learn urdu!

  6. Haha yar..i know spanish vry little ad well..french is commonly spoken here..urdu nada..hindi still learnin n eng i no..

  7. Yadhu

    @jhanvi wish u happy vishu festival in advance. Let u see the kani first. And may this year bring joy to u.

  8. Raj

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      • Raj

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  9. I love u shradda..u always impress me..hw come u no so much things..dnt no well hw to tell it in hindi..tum achhe dost hain…if am nt mistakin..

  10. shraddha

    @ anael good try! What did you want to say? That I’m a good friend of yours? Little mistakes are there………but I know you’ll learn soon.

  11. Raj

    what is vishu [email protected]

  12. Yadhu

    @raj vishu is a festival that is celebrated in kerala and karnataka. It is believed that the new year starts from this day.

  13. shraddha

    All those who are talking about vishu, correct me if I’m wrong. But is it something related to new year in Malayalam calender????? I’m not sure. I’ll be happy if someone can enlighten me on this topic.

  14. Raj

    [email protected]
    and rohit hits a six just a while ago!!!’

  15. shraddha

    @ Yadhu……….ok yup…..I read your answer late! Thats why! Otherwise I wouldn’t have asked. Ok now I got the answer.

  16. Yadhu

    @anael don’t loose hopes and confidence. As soom as baby is born it doesn’t learn to speak. It takes some time u to take some time. U’ll learn soon.

  17. shraddha

    @ Raj………..I’m a big fan of cricket! Is it the same with you? By the way whats the score? I’ll not be able to watch it today!

  18. Raj

    yah?!!!139 target for [email protected]

  19. Yadhu

    @shraddha didi and one more think about vishu is whoever in the family sees d kani first they believe that the whole year will be joy to she/he.

  20. Raj

    cricket is the heart.of Indian’[email protected]

    • it’s southern part of [email protected]

  21. shraddha

    How many wickets down for India? They must have started playing! Right? Ok! Is virat playing right now?

  22. Yadhu

    @anael u mean kani right. Before vishu festival at night elders arrange yellow flower, fruits, coin, akshat (rice with turmeric powder) in a copper vessel. And keep lord krishna’s idol. Parallel to this idol they keep a mirror. These arranged things are called ‘kani’. Whoever in the morning sees this first will have happy and fun whole year.

  23. Raj

    die hard fan fan of real madrid!!!!!!! and ofcourse [email protected]

  24. shraddha

    @ Raj……..nooooooooooo I don’t like Virat. But I have to admit that he is one of the best players India has……..But other than that, he has a lot of attitude!

      • shraddha

        Yeah I love him toooo………..He is the best captain ever. Bechara tension aur thakaan ke maare kitna old dikh raha hai……….he’s ageing faster…….

  25. Yadhu

    @jhanvi obviously i too burn crackers. And @anael kannada is spoken. English is also spoken but very rare.

  26. Thk u yadhu fr sharing ur culture..really appreciate…so i wish u a happy vishnu..hv u seen it first then?? Am frm mauritius.

  27. gd [email protected].

  28. shraddha

    @ anael do you watch football and all? I do but very rarely………not as much as cricket! And how much I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MESSI……………..!

  29. football is d famous sports in ur nation…[email protected]

  30. Raj

    which country will u follow in wc [email protected]

  31. Raj

    sorry comments on wrong place…but can’t hide the excitement!!!!!!!
    finally got a chance to watch d match at last moment……and paid off!!!!!! dhoni finished of in his style!!!!!!!!a mammoth six!!! India in semi final!’!’

  32. Raj

    my favorite [email protected]
    and@ aradhya
    after a devastating situation in eng, Asia cup….finally r in form now!!!!!

  33. Raj

    anyways gd night 2 all….aradhya.
    @shraddha….I really feel hurt…ur brother didn’t reply….neither of my hi!! nor gd nite!!!!
    gd n8

  34. shraddha

    Guys you won’t believe this. I saw a TOI article. There was a photo where Jalal kissed on Jodha’s forehead……….I was dead on seeing that. The article goes as follows-
    The makers of mythological and historical shows on television leave no stone unturned when it comes to dramatising content to grab eyeballs.
    So, in an upcoming episode of Jodha Akbar, you will see actors Paridhi Sharma (Jodha) and Rajat Tokas (Akbar) sharing some passionate moments. Romance will begin when the emperor realises that his queen has always been loyal to him. Says a source, “Akbar will kiss Jodha’s tears away when he realises that she was meeting her brother Sujamal and not a stranger at midnight.”

    • AISHA

      yup even i saw tht!! i hope tht track is up soon…so this means no jungle and jodha returning to aamer!!!

  35. shraddha

    @anael……may be southern part of India because people over there mostly don’t understand hindi very well. They don’t speak much Hindi. Otherwise english is spoken almosst everywhere.

  36. Yadhu

    @anael yesterday i forgot tell that as i am from karnataka i don’t celebrate vishu festival but d same festival we celebrate it as ugadi. Only one thing is different. That is kani will not be there. Instead of that in d evening whoever sees d moon first he/she will have happy and joy new year. Another important thing about ugadi is eating d sweet called “bevu and bella”. I saw first kani in my relatives house in kerala near vellore.

  37. shraddha

    @Yadhu what a horrible question is this? Of course you are very much younger than me and you are like a younger brother. So its obvious that being younger than me, you should address me as didi. What made you think this way and ask such a question????? Huh!

  38. shraddha

    @Yadhu………you are a girl? Seriously………….hahahahah! Ok I’m sorry! Ok so I got it now! You were asking to clarify your gender! Oops! I found that something else! OH OH! Sorry dear! By the way, I thought Yadhu is the name of a boy! I’m so sorry dear!

  39. shraddha

    @Yadhu…….Ok ! So, Yadhushree is the name of a girl but yadhu sounds like more of a boy’s name. I’m not much familiar with names in southern India. But you know what I want to see raj’s comments after he comes to know about this. He was always busy passing comments!

  40. Pyal

    Yadhu hai!! wish u the same .by the way u said something belu i don’t know properly, we will call it as ugadhi pachhadi. soory i too thought u as a boy

  41. Shradda didi thx fr the info;-)…n yadhu thx also fr clarifyin..i too thought the same but i already appreciated u…n beatiful name u hv…shradda where do u liv then in north or south…n eager to see rajs reaction to this news too..

  42. Omg thx shradda fr infrmin me abut it…first time seein rajat so near in a video..thx a lot dear..n if am nt mistaken hes name on twitter is rajjattokas..couldnt understnd if u could cnfirm it plz….n thx thx thx..

  43. Since i dnt no ur age..well just a joke yaar..yeah ive read it yadhu..n plz always share on this website..i really like readin them n knowin new things..

  44. It happen unknowingly yaar….@parkshit..if am not says tht santram is overfriendly…..n has s*xually harass first motibhai..n now they didnt respond he annoyed them in some way or the other…???

  45. Parikshit

    Yah true anael.Another point is he is friend of rajat….so paridhi also upset on rajat 2.

  46. Yadhu

    @anael i watch yeh hai mohabbatein,iss pyaar ko kya naam doon,mahabharat,sapne suhane ladakpan ke and cartoons

  47. Why is she upset with rajat??coz he does nothin?? Ive seen tht the lip-lock sequence will happen durin the consumation i think it may take a.mnth or more..

    @yadhu..i like iss pyaar…yah hai mohabatein..supne suhane..used to but not anymore..i like beinteha..n rangrasiya…♡♡

  48. Raj is some guy on this earth in india..livin in new delhi..whos hobbies r football cricket..teasin others..n mostly his didi’s bro yadhu..who he thinks is a boy but is actually a girl…

  49. Raj

    that’s mean..girl less jodha akbar set…and.boy less it’s forum….don’t worry…if they needs girls…..grab them from here!!!!!’!!!!”’!’!!!!!

  50. Parikshit

    Hey..I am…[email protected]

  51. Raj

    Hi!!!! pari….
    nd hv 2 figure out wether sameer.sally r boy or not??????????????
    @shraddha..when u make me brother?????!!

  52. Raj

    just watch d link…..There said……all girls r quitting from the show….so…I suggest them …they can grab girls from here!!!!!!

  53. U may in the group too…i dnt no..perhaps u hv another name which is a girls name..we dnt no..jokin yaar…but truly ur a boy..:-Pomg i wuld like to see ur face the moment u read this..

  54. Raj

    😉 ….I already said.I doesn’t hv any interest to be a girl….I am happy to be myself!!!!!!!!!!!
    after then u want 2 think so….no probs……do as u wish…I can’t help!!!!!!

  55. Parikshit

    What’s going on here? That’s mean u r a girl? but it is the name of a [email protected]

  56. Hahaha pari…uve done the whole work…anyways raj ur a gud offence man..just jokin we no ur a gi….i mean.a boy..

  57. Raj

    Wish.the problem shortn out quickly!!! and paridhi will stay..till d end.!!!!!!!!!
    anyways nice 2 meet [email protected] 🙂
    And all 3 of ur comments…hearts me a lot!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 @anael.shree.pari.

  58. Pyal

    I don’t no all the guys in forum will celebrate ugadi or not wish u all happy ugadi in advance

  59. shraddha

    @Raj …….even I have come to know now that I have made you my brother. When did this happen? Let me know guys!

  60. shraddha

    And all those who are discussing about Pari quitting the show, please stop blaming Rajat! Poor guy has nothing to do with this. And most imp of all Pari is not quitting. So this discussion is for what purpose?

  61. Pyal

    Yadhu whether ur celebrating on day after 2mmorow only na yesday janvi commented it’s on april 15 (vishu fest)

  62. shraddha

    Media is spicing up the news, nothing else…….Zee people have already confirmed that if there is any sort of problem, they’ll give an official declaration……..! Noe this u, me and tv should stop spreading nonsense!

  63. Yadhushree

    @pyal yes i’m celebrating day after tommorrow but i think keralites celebrate it on april 15 as vishu festival.

  64. shraddha

    Guys new promo is out! Jalal asks Jodha to leave Agra. Jalal is very angry about her nocturnal visits to a stranger. I couldn’t see the entire promo. But probably Jalal pushes her and she falls on a couch sort of thing.

  65. shraddha

    This promo will appear in the episode this friday. May be I’m not sure……..So we may get tortured for a complete week. @ Yadhu………I don’t know about kidnapping but I don’t want anything like this to happen. Lets see.

  66. Yadhushree

    @pyal it consists of few neem leaves(bevu), sugar(bella), dried coconut, hurigadale(i don’t know what u say it in english)

  67. Parikshit

    I think mughdha will be perfect for [email protected]

  68. shraddha

    @Raj what maharana pratap?? Rajat was potraying the role of Prithviraj Chauhan! Are you talking about that?

  69. Raj

    ohh…I didn’t see serial’s….so hv a lil knowledge on that…just heard d name.from my friends…so….@shraddha

  70. Parikshit

    U r right.shraddha…and dont call me [email protected]

  71. shraddha

    @ Parikshit…you are a boy??? Right? Then what for Raj is addressing you as Pari……..I’m sorry but thats damn funny!

  72. Pyal

    Pariskhit it is festival in southern india we belive new year starts on this day it is celebrated in diff styles in diff states ex we will eat ugadi pacchadi (a.p) knnadians eat sweet named bella if u want to no more u can ask

  73. Raj

    bcoz…First i though…It represents our places and heritages …but later.I was wrong!!!!……but till then..I really like d attitude jalal holds!!! and love the serial [email protected]

  74. shraddha

    @ Raj……..same here! I love Jalal in the show. I’m a staunch supporter of Jalal. I can defend him in any case, whether he is right or he is misunderstood! Because he can never go wrong………!

  75. Yadhushree

    @shraddha didi please don’t feel bad that i’m tellin like this. Without knowing a person exactly u can’t tell anything about him. U have not even met him. Then how can u support him. Please please please please please please please don’t feel bad.

  76. shraddha

    @ Yadhu…Its ok! You think that way and I can’t help it ! But I know I’m right! So, nothing to fell bad about! Chill…….!

  77. Lol…i understnd u happen to me unknowingly to me also to like rajat … the liplock is not fr now..

  78. Yadhushree

    Ok bye got to sleep…… Good night @shraddha didi, anael, raj bhaiya,pyal, jhanvi, namrata…..

  79. Yadhushree

    @anael yadhu means soft,other name of lord krishna and also d name of yadhu vansh dynasty.

  80. Parikshit

    Sorry it’[email protected]

  81. shraddha

    @anael………..I doubt if they’ll show a liplock! Because its a show at 8pm slot and that too a family wala show. But you know what, Ekta Kapoor, the producer of the show has already shown this once in one of her shows. So, we can expect this time, though I’m still doubtful but I won’t mind it. Infact I would love to watch it! @ Yadhu, thank you my sweet little sister…………………and gud night everyone!

  82. AISHA


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