Jodha Akbar 28th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Hoshiyar comes to Ruks and says i have brought your favorite food, eat it, Rusk sees food and says this is my favorite? even dog doesnt eat this, she throws it and ask him to brings another dish, he leaves, Ruks says what does Jodha think of herself, she gave all business to Salima, Salima doesnt deserve it, she did that as she is afraid of giving me duty as i will take her position, you will see what i do in your absence, your business will be destroyed.
Rahim and Jodha disguised, Rahim comes to goons and says we want to stay here for a while, we are on a journey, let us stay, the head goon ask what you need? Rahim says we are going to some place, we want to stay here for sometime, my sister(Jodha) will make food for you all and also will dance, head goon says no this cant happen,

go from here, Jodha thinks if i want to find Jalal then i have to stay here only, Jodha says we will not disturb you, we will make great food for you and will also entertain you by dancing, help us poor, goon sees her with bad intention and says ok you can stay here but follow what you have said, Rahim says we will follow your order, thanks, Jodha whispers to Rahim that we have to find Jalal.

Scene 2
Moti is working in den of goons, Jodha ask Moti did you find about Jalal? she says no, Jodha says you work in kitchen? ask cook there that for whom they make food, Jodha finds Nisar there and says he? she says this means Jalal is here only, he doesnt know i am here, i have to hide my face from him, Nisar stops her, Jodha covers her face wit dupatta, Nisar says i am thirsty, give me water, Jodha gives it, Nisar thanks and leaves, Jodha have sigh of relief.
Hamida and Ruks to comes to Salima, the financier tells that Turkey has ordered more spices, Salima says i will see it, Hamida ask her to take some rest, Ruks says you can give work to me too, Salima says you have many responsibilities, its not easy to handle harem thats why Jodha didnt burden you, they statements fall from Salima’s hand, Ruks bends to pick it up and hides one official statement, she leaves from there with it.
Jodha says to Rahim that distribute herbal medicines here and try to find link to Jalal, goon stop them and ask what are you doing near tent of soldiers? Rahim says i have brought herbal medicines for soldiers, soldier says i will bring other injured people, Rahim andc Jodha sit to do their treatment, they ask random questions like how how you got injured etc to them to get link of Jalal.

Scene 3
Maan ask doctor about Jalal, he says i am trying to nullify poison effect but all in God’s hand.
Rahim is distributing medicine in clinic, he says to Jodha that we didnt ge4t anything about Jalal, Jodha leaves from there.
she comes out of tent, she sees other tents and tries to find Jalal, she says where he must be? Jodha comes in one tent, soldier ask where are you going? there is no one inside, Jodha says i was taking medicines for injured people, soldier takes medicine from her, she leaves and Maan goes out to same tent, soldier brings Jodha’s medicine to doctor and says oner girl gave it, doctor applies it to Jalal.
Rahim says to Jodha that we tried alot but dont know anything about Jalal, Jodha says i can feel his presence here, Rahim says then we would have seen him here, maybe they are sent to some other place, Jodha says that will be known by staying here only, i will not go from here, Rahim says we cant stay here much, if they doubt us then we are gone, goon comes and says Nisar has called you, he leaves, Jodha says why did he call me at this time? Rahim says i will come with you, Jodha says no i will handle everything, if i get late then come there, she leaves with Moti.
Ruks is looking at official statement, hoshiyar brings a girl Gazala, Ruks says i listened that you can copy statements, write a statement like this and write date of one week later, Gazala says work will be done, ruks gives her money and says send this letter to Salima, Gazala leaves, Ruks says Salima will get this statement and date will be of one week later, so export things will reach one week late, Jalal will be insulted again and then he will realize Jodha is wrong to do this work, Hoshioyar says your name should be Hoshiyar begum, she laughs.
Jodha and moti comes to Nisar, Nisar says i listened that you women dance good, you have to dance in function, english men and king is coming in function, dont come in veil, i have listened that you women are beautiful, i will want to see your face, Jodha says i will show such a dance that your friends will be happy, she leaves. Rahim says to Jodha that what are you doing, how can you say yes to this, you are a queen, you have status, i wont let this happen, i will kill Nisar, he brings out sword, Jodha stops him and says you will not do anything like that, Jalal is in problem, if he is here then he will be part of function, and Nisar also said king will come, Rahim says you are a queen, Jodha says no i am just a wife finding her husband and for that if i have to cross my limits then i will do it.

PRECAP- Jodha comes in function in veil, Nisar sees her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. jodha do what you have to do but just find your husband and you see that ruks I just want her to be expose I want to see her face when she gets caught ruks take evil to a higher level that is to show how bad to the bone she is wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa instead of accompanying jodha and Rahim to help save jalal it is all about power for ruks when will she ever learn

  2. How beautiful jodha looked in the banjara costume. The relation between jodha and rahim is very beautiful. I like when rahim calls her ammijaan. Rahim was very happy when mariam makani announced jodha to take charge. It is all because of the affection jodha showed for rahim when he was small boy. How rahim was so concerned for jodha when he heard that she was going to dance in front of english men. He was very protective of her as a son would be of his mother.

    Rahim and Maan Singh are far more loyal to jalal than his own sons. Ofcourse daniyal is better than salim and murad.

    I cant wait for tomorrow’s episode. I wonder why ruks never got the award for best female villain.

  3. I think, unlike jodha who is always thinks of good, salima will find out the truth about ruks as she did when she gave opium to salim as a small boy. That time ruks managed to turn the tables on salima. This time it may not work. Hoshiyar is another ungrateful rat. How jodha helped him. Why should he go and give ruks jalal’s letter meant for jodha. Like master like disciple. Both are ungrateful and egoists.

    I hope tomorrow jodha finds her husband.

    1. Etaferah kassa

      I have the same feeling you I think the writers also they want salima expose ruqiya instead of jodha

  4. Yes ruks has to be knew for what she did & when salima found it… Hope Jodha believes her not like Salim’s case… Can’t wait to see ruk bears for her wrong doing…

  5. I am getting sick n tired of this ruks she is more evil than any1 of them evil actresses in the other show she really need to get expose she is going over her limited all of these peoples who r doing her dirty work for her need to get punish as well as for hoshiyar she need to get some black magic in she or he a** for talk out the whole truth from the being to the ending like what laboni mom did to her in those episode

  6. missing salim maanbai post marriage scene..

  7. Now the track is very interesting but the show is going to end. So sad. When I see other serials on zee tv, i feel the zee tv is biased against JA team. Otherwise how do you explain the sudden removal over some petty excuse like low trp ratings. Look at hello prathiba. It may not get any ratings at all. I am sick of watching the characters of Jamai raja and kumkum bhagya. Qubool hai is like an elastic band whichever way you pull it will go in that direction. Compared to all these non sense which are dished to us by zee tv, JA was far superior not only in terms of story line (even if some tracks were fictional) but even in the quality of acting. No comparison at all. JA is the best love saga of all time with brilliant acting by every actor. Who can ever forget jalal’s smirks on his face, his arrogant look, his intense gaze, his loving or affectionate look. How he is affectionate towards rahim and jodha’s little sisters in amer. My god, what a brilliant actor he is at such an young age. I will miss you jalal and paridhi.

  8. Jodha Akbar is the best.. this lame excuse about low trp ratings so we decided to pull the plug.. I call that BULLSHIT ! Smhh. Why not end the other shows which makes no sense anymore.. ? Atleast Jodha Akbar is great

  9. One good news for all akdha/parijat fans! JA is starting again on Zee Anmol on August 17 at 8.30pm. Please watch it. I know it is not the continuation but still something is better than nothing.

  10. Jalal better not die.

  11. Ja is one of the best shows and what about how great the actors are, gosh what stupidity, they actually want to end the show, let’s just pray that they do not give this amazing show a stupid ending like they do for other shows so annoyed with this news

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