Jodha Akbar 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Salu aarives in jalu’s tent n jalu offers himdrink, he hesitates at first but jalu insist, salu says that he loves jodha so much that’s why he declared war, jalu corrects him saying although he loves jodha but this war is not for love its for beliefs, he made a promise while marrying her n this is to keep that promise, salu understands, jalu saw wound on his hand n apply medi, salu says that wounds on a soldier’s body is like jwellery n it suits them, jalu appreciates n says he think like him.

Next Scene, hamida is unconcious, doc says she got heartattack, all starts blamming jodha, doc says not to give her stress, all came out n starts bombarding jodha with all allegations, n ask her to leave without even listening to her side.

Other side, maan & raim came to jalu n inform him about their progress on war n jalu told them about their next step n thus they celebrate their success.

In agra, all were around hamida, jodha is guitly sitting near her feet, soon she gain conciousness, she dnt want to see jodha, all ask her to leave before it effect hamida’s health, jodha leaves with heavy heart.

During war, salu heps murad but he was rude to him, fight was going on, salu got l’il injured, jalu immidiately came to help him, there hamida wakes up n says its for her children n she won’t eat anything untill they return save n sound. There todarmal n birbal worried for hamida n the current state of the empire.

Next scene, jodha is upset ncrying remembering her good memories with hamida n missing jalu n their jalu missing jodha.

Precap: Jalu is soon going to return, other side, ruqu taunting jodha.

Update Credit to: Amor

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  1. Ruks is such an instigator and is such a vengeful person towards Jodha.No matter what Ruks could never take away the love that Jalal has for Jodha.Salim is getting along with his dad.This is great.Hamida needs to stop her foolishness.She was a beautiful person but has gone bonkers these few episodes towards Jodha.Otherwise great episode.

  2. what is all this nonsense names like jalu and salu call them properly jalal and salim otherwise leave them alone hamida please stop being so niaive and forgive jodha because in the beginning you were supporting jodha not to change her religion now all of a sudden you have a change of heart you want her to change her religion to stop war a war that cannot be avoided come on old woman you know you love jodha so go make up with her and as for you ruks stop your nonsense trying to make mischief all the time and stop slapping hoshiya

    1. Ruks remember what goes around come around all the bad things u doing to jodha will come back to you
      But it will take some time u know every dogs have this day so your days will come soon
      Jalal plz hurry and go home jodha need you by her side rgt now
      And this two faces backstabbing ruks who the hell are you and those pplz to taunt jodha she a big women she dont need pplz n you to tell her whats to do and what not to do u get her life and nobody dont have the rgt to rule her life or interfere in her personal matter so ruks get your a** out of her life

      1. Wrong name suppose to be Rani

  3. True when you reading it u get mix up because of these short way writing like jalu n salu we all are use to jalal n salim that why
    Don’t know when this matter between jodha n hamida will done it getting on my last nerves cuz to know the two of them so to live so nice n loving to one another it like simran she use to be loving n caring to roshni at first and now she hate her to the core and just that is happening here too why writer these two mother was the best but you turn them into some greedy n selfish mothers who only want to ruins the childrens happiness for someone else

  4. Late update..however nice episode, gap increasing between Marium Makani and Marium Uz Zamani.,.रुकैया की तो लाटरी निकल गई है ……

  5. I know that in the next few episodes hamida will realise her mistakes……. but I think it would be too late……..

  6. Please explain all scenes briefly.

  7. huh horrible writen update
    it would be better if that person doesnt write d update
    what jalu,shalu chi,,,,,,,

  8. Whoevr written dis update, never write update hereafter. U r completely unfit for tat. Horrible..

  9. Jodha akbar fans

    Very horrible update. :-[ :'(

  10. Yes I agree who ever written this update has to resign please! Not good! very little! Using name jalu n salu compused me…in the end I know must be Jalal n Salim…. Wake up… Looking forward to see great updating! Promise zee Tv don’t u want two thumbs up??

  11. The written is incomplete!!! they dint wrote much!!!!

  12. N who is jalu all wrong written please everyone dont read it aron who is he he totally dont know to write written update!!!!

  13. hey what’s this jalu n salu? :/

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