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Jodha Akbar 27th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Salima orders royal kitchen cook that Jalal has ordered to make food for whole Agra in royal kitchen because of insects. voiceover says that after Jalal ordered, roayl kitchen people started to make food for poor people. in royal kitchen, the insects start to come in. later people are given food from royal palace, they are eating sitting in lines, soon they start feeling jittery and says food have poison, all get ill eating food, Birbal finds insects running in food and says how did these insects came in food.
Birbal tells everything to Jalal that after eating royal food, many people became ill, the insects entered the food and poisoned the food, Jalal says but how can they reach royal kithcn, Salima says royal kitchen is under me, i dont know from where these insects came from

as when i checked nothing was there, Jalal shouts i am asking same thing how this incident happen, shah says these insecs have spread in whole city, people are not able to eat even, Jalal is tensed.
Mirza’s messenger tell him that jalal have Maan had great tiff, Jalal even raised his hand Maan, they are not in good terms and are against each other, Mirza says so Maan was right, bring him here.
Anarkali meets dance bar manager, she tell Aanrkali that dance bar is not getting any help from royal palace after storm, she says i listened that SAlim ordered to not help dance bar at all, Anarkali says i will see the matter.
Salim says to haidar that we have to serve each and everyone, Haidar says work will be done in 2 3 days, Salim shouts that we dont ahave much, we have to serve people fast.
Anarkali comes in palace, Haidar stops her and ask why you here? Anarkali says i got to know that royal palace is not helping dance bar and its people, i want to ask him why he did that? Haidar thinks that Anarkali should not meet Salim, Haidar says i dont know why he is doing it, i will talk to him.
Haidar comes to Salim and says someone has come to meet you, Salim says i dont have time to meet anyone, leave. Haidar comes to Anarkali and says SAlim denied to meet you, maybe he doesnt want to meet a dancer, i cant do anything, Anarkali leaves sadly. Salim comes to Haidar and says sorry for shouting, go to work and see to it that all poor people get food and clothes.

Scene 2
Mirza says to Maan that i got to know that you and jalal had great fight, jalal cant be of anyone, as you said that enemy’s enemy is a friend, i want to raise friendly hand towards you, Maan says i accept your offer, he ask him the plan, Mirza tells his plan which is muted, Maan says right, we will attack Jalal and he wont be able to fight us.
Shah says to Jalal that insects are not letting people eat anything, also they are biting people. Jalal ask if any minister have solution for this problem, one minister says that we can control these insects via fire, Shah says you are trying to say that the crops in which these insects are irsiding should be burnt, Birbal says this is wrong, these crops are hard work of farmers, you cant burn it, Jalal says crops can be re-established again but human life cant be brought, so i order to burn the crops and kill these insects, he leaves, Shah smirks to minister who presented idea of burning crops, (they fooled Jalal).
Anarkali brins some grains to dance bar, she says this is send to my house from royal palace, manager ask didnt Salim agree to help you? Anarkali says i couldnt meet him, its their wish to not help us but i will help you people as much as i can.
Jodha says to Jalal that do you think that it is right to burn crops of farmers, for farmers, crops are like their child, they grow them whole year, Jalal says i have taken decision after thinking, i have not other way, you tell me any other solution. Jodha says that you are right, we dont have any other way but you can talk to farmers first before doing this, Jalal says i am like their father, i understand that crops are like their children to them but ithey will understand the decision, Jodha says you should take them in confidence, Jalal says dont worry, nobody will go against me, they will understand that i did this for them.
the crops have put to fire, Jalal and jodha come to see city in fire, Jalal says it was difficult decision to take, Birbal says i got the news that these insects have surrounded other places too, Shah says the states which are under Mughal sultanat, only those states have insects while other states are peaceful, Jodha thinks how to make Jalal understand that God is angry with us. Jalal says i never thought that my saltanat will burn like this infront of my eyes.

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farmers tell soldiers that dont do this, these crops are our life, we have worked hard to grow these crops, Soldier says Jalal has ordered us, its to kill insects, people start fighting with soldier.
some priest says to royal priest that jalal is wrong, he is living a lavish life and ordered to burn crops of people who are suffering from storm after effects, he has become God of people and doesnt even think about them before taking decision. you have to talk to him as you supported him when he was publishing coins, royal priest remains silent.

Scene 3
some people come in palace, they chant against Jalal. Jalal ask Birbal the matter, Birbal says they are angry that you didnt even take their consent before burning their crops. Jalal says dont they know that i did this for their good only, i will go and will address them, Jodha comes there and says dont go in public right now, theya re really every angry on you and will not listen to you, it can be dangerous for your life, Jalal says no,n i have to go to them, i have to tell them that they are like my children, i took this decision for their good only, i will go and address them, they are my children, they will understand me, he leaves.

PRECAP- Jalal comes in balcony to address people, people get angry seeing him and start throwing stones at him, Jodha is stunned. Jalal tries to save himself from stones.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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