Jodha Akbar 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 27th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Ruks fumes and ask hoshiyar to make darkness in room, she lies down and ask hoshiyar who is special wife according to you, he says you, she says then why jalal think it is jodha, he cant see anyone else infront of her, whats in her that he thinks she is always right, dont know when jalal will know her real face, she is doing conspiracy like putting her life in danger for jalal, she has bigger plans and jalal also believes her, didnt he remember that jodha used to hate him. Ruk is disturbed by a commotion in the harem, two bandhiz are fighting. Hoshiyar tries to settle the matter but they are having fisticuffs.. Ruks is furious ..She goes there to stop them fighting. There are fighting that mazhar was supposed to get married to ruksana since childhood but another bandhi fell

for Mazhar. The other bandhi says mazhar is in love with her. She pleads jodha to look into it. ruksana says our relation was arranged in childhood only. Ruks says she is incharge of harem she has decided mazhar will marry ruksana, other bandhi says i cant accept your decision. The bandhi says that mazhar is not part of harem and you are incharge of here only, you are no one to decide who will mazher marry, ruks slaps her. ruks fumes on her for questioning her, she says this harem is mine and i rule here, jodha interrupts and says she is right, mazhar has no connections with harem, you cant take his decision, he has right to take his decision, ruks says enough, you stay silent, no need for your suggestion, jodha says i agree but here its about justice, you should listen to aziza once, if they want ti marry then they can, Ruks says mazhar and ruksnana’s nikkah is arranged, jodha says but it was arranged in childhood now mazhar loves aziza, ruks says love is just showoff, real thing is friendship, mazhar have to accept ruksana only and its special wife’s order and these bandhiz are under me so i will decide their fate. Jodha says but mazher is not under you so your orders doesnt fit on him so his decision will be taken by jalal only. Ruks says you are challenging me, jodha says no i want justice to be done by right person, ruks says harem is mine and i have right, Maham says but this matter is under jalal and he will decide whom mazher should marry, ruks is surprised that Maham is taking Jodha’s side.

Scene 2
All the baandiz and begums are complaining against Ruk’s anger and attitude. They praise jodha for having the courage to speak up against Ruks.
Jalal is having discussion with his ministers. He is informed about the fisticuffs in the harem, He orders ruks to deal with the matter, He would not interrupt, When jodha comes and says i came to request you, i know you are always busy in providing services to your people, jalal says its my responsibility to check that my people are happy else i have no right to be king, jodha says who is your people> the only one who is outside this palace, what about people inside palace, harem is yours, jalal says i dont interfere in matters of harem, ruks deals with them, jodha says you are shehehshah maybe this is just another thing for you but its matter of life for a dasi, jalal says ruks is capable to handle these things, jodha says its about their feelings, what if she is a dasi but she is also included in your nation, i know this is small matter to involve you but this matter is very serious, listen to her once, they all love you, they respect you and by listening to them you will not interfere in anybody’s position but will do justice, i have this request from justice giving king, she leaves, jalal is tensed.

Scene 3
Elsewhere There is preparations for war by sujamal, They plan to attack against amer. His generals speak against bharmal, They speak against jodha That she should have killed herself instead of marrying mughul. Sujamal is infuriated on hearing bad words about jodha he says he would kill the person speak against jodha. Sujamal prepares to go to Agra to meet his sis jodha Even as he is warned against it.

Scene 4
Ruks is resting as Maham comes to her room, Finds hoshiyar guarding, she ask whats happening here, hoshiyar says she is sleeping and said whoever will disturb her she will kill her, maham says let me see. Maham proceeds to wake up ruks, she ask her to get up. she Warns her that ruks is losing control of the harem, That jodha is being preferred by all inmates of harem .. Jodha is gaining supremacy in harem, Ruks laugh it off. Maham tries to instigate Ruks to take action against Jodha. Ruks is warned, maham says that jodha might influence Jalal to take decision
Hoshiyar informs that all ladies of harem would be addressed by Jalal. ruks proceeds unwillingly ..

Precap- Jalal naughtily tells Jodha to give him head massage faking a head ache..Jodha protests that he had just received head massage from baandi. Jalal says that the baandi’s hand would never have the same effects that her soft tender hands would have, he looks at her naughtily

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  11. Ekta mam dont stop this jodha akbar telecast as its worlds best telecast that i cannot see in my life this telecast is my life if this serial stop i dont want to live so its my heartful request to u sooo please mam . Dont give importance to that man who opposes this telecast just neglect bloddypepole

  12. Tweet from Ekta’s brother Tushar-Tusshar @TusshKapoor 1h
    Karni Sena says, it wil not permit any film of Ekta Kapoor to release til her TV serial Jodha Akbar is pulled off air. Disgusting!!!
    Political parties, media channels, why don’t you debate & speak up now! Doesn’t the film industry also deserve justice? India wants to know!

  13. How disgusting! Protest karne ki itni padi hui hai to koi achi cheez ke liye karo na! Why after a fictional daily soap? Har din ek 32s ka disclaimer dete hain ye kehne ke liye ki this serial is fictional and does not intend to hurt any community, group, caste etc. Phir bhi!
    Representatives of press associations on Wednesday met the Jaipur police authorities to submit a memorandum seeking the immediate arrest of members of a caste outfit, in connection with an attack on the offices of Zee Media.

    Activists of Karni Sena, a Rajput caste organisation, led by its leader Lokendra Singh Kalvi, allegedly attacked the offices of Zee Media here on Monday. The activists are said to have accused the channel of portraying the Rajput community in less-than-favourable light in the television serial, Jodha Akbar , which is aired on Zee TV.

    On Wednesday, office-bearers of all journalist unions in Jaipur gathered in protest and gave a memorandum to ADG, CID-CB, Ajit Singh. Mr. Singh assured the delegation that all the accused would soon be arrested.

    He led the attack on offices of Zee media, say protesters

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  15. guys, relax. Nobody is putting down Rajputs. Chillout. It is good show. Ekta, good job!

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