Jodha Akbar 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
mughal men are in tents, Murad says to Salim that war is almost over, Salim says this is your first war but the way you fought war great, Murad says thanks for praising, soldiers comes and says enemies master have been arrested, he will be presented to Jalal, Salim, Murad all gets happy, Salim congratulate Murad, he does too.
Maan informs Jalal that we have won the war, the master of Badksha (country) is jailed, Badksha is presented to Jalal, he ask soldiers to leave, Badksha says are you still afraid of me even after winning war, Jalal says if i was afraid then i would have killed you, he puts hand his shoulder and says i want you to listen to me, i dont want your land, i only want you to take our side in war against Iran, Badksha says if i say no to that? Jalal smiles and says

all know i am peaceful person but if my thing is not followed then i am most dangerous person, he grabs him by shoulder and says i hope your decision is in favor of your nation and for your life too.
Jodha is standing near weighing balance, Salima comes there, Jodah says to her that i did mistake, i should have not asked question to Hamida, you know she thinks i have called her in court, Salima says i know, Jodha says how to end this matter? this is family matter and shouldnt be dsicussed in court, people will get to know that i have differences with Hamida, Salima says this is not in your hands, let it happen what is happening, this is your duty, you just follow it, Jodha says but in court? Salima says yes, all want to know from Hamida that why she is contacing Iran, you are Queen so you have question her, Jodha says how can i question her? Salima says forget that she is your mother, think that she is common person and you have to do justice, you and Hamida will rift apart but you have to do justice as Queen, i pray that you do justice at every step of life, i am with Jodha, Jodha is tensed. Ruks in her room ask Hoshiyar who will win Jodha or Hamida tomorrow? Hoshiyar says Jodha is clever, she will find some way, Rusk angrily looks at him, he thinks my tongue will kill me one day, Ruks ask hoshiyar to eat sweets, he says you wanna slap me then do it, Ruks laughs and says i like this about you, you are always ready to get beaten up, she says pray that whatever happen in court, should be in my favor.

Scene 2
In morning, Jodha says to Kahna what are you doing, what should i decide, how can i listen case against Hamida, she is already angry on me and now if i do it then she will be more angry, one side is my relation with her and otherside is my duty as queen, what to decide, Jodha says sometime, infront of justice, relations are to be compromised, she looks at her crown, she wears her ‘Queen of India” crown and says sorry Hamida but i will have to call you in court, and listen to your case, Jodha starts going towards court, she recalls how she promised Jalal to handle everything in court. wives are discussing that Jodha have done mistake, now she wont be able to pacify Hamida ever, Ruks says i feel Jodha will not stay here for much time, Salima comes there and says you ae mistaken, Jodha will not go anywhere as she is shine of this palace, she leaves, Ruks fumes. Jodha comes in court with veil on her face, all greet her, Ruks thinks now Jodha will have to bear storm of problems, Hamida comes in court, all greet her including Jodha, Birbal says Hamida has requested to say something in court, Jodha says she is allowed, Hamida says my husband used to sit on this throne, now my son sit on this throne, nothing is more important than this throne to me so i will answer the questions of Queen, all are worried that when Jalal is doing war against Iran, i am meeting their ambassadors, i wanted to end this war, this war will bring destruction, our relation with Iran will be destroyed, this war could have been stopped by Jodha way back if she had changed her religion, Jalal thinks Iran is our enemy but for me, Iran has always helped us so i want to stop this war, if thinking about family and nation is sin then punish me for this deed, if i am wrong then announce punishment for me, Hamida ask Jodha to give her punishment, she starts feeling dizzy, Jodha ask Ammi.. Hamida says stop, what i did was for my nation, but what you did for your nation? you have no soft corner for those soldiers who are fighting in this war, you could have stopped this war but you didnt, you cant answer me, because of you Salim suffered, because of you nation will suffer so let me suffer too, punish me, she suddenly falls unconscious, all are shocked, Ruks shouts to call doctor.

PRECAP- Gul badan says to Jodha that what was need to question Hamida like this infront of all? if someone else had done this with her then she would have bear it, if your own hurts your then its unbearable.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Tough exam for Jodha to punish Marium Makani, however Jodha is looking nice with crown and power of attorney….

  2. Hey I missed out on a lot and can’t remember where I watched last so can someone plz give me a brief update on Wat is happening with salim and anarkali

  3. I do not understand what is really going on with hamida and jodha so jalal please hurry back and clear the misunderstanding we all know hamida loves jodha and as for this ruks It would not be a surprise if she put something in hamidas food for her to fall unconscious she ruks needs to be dealt with seriously

  4. Now all will think its jodha faults she fall on unconscious because of this court pressure but i feel ruks end will come soon maybe after everythings is sort between jodha n hamida because she will start doing bad things to cause problems between they two of them and sometime jodha will try to find out who is behind all what happen in and who is causing all this problems and then maybe she will learn it is ruks who was behind everythings just saying

  5. Ruks the devil calls the doctor hah she must pay the doc to tell Hamida gets sick coz Jodha … Like Salima begums don’t worry Jodha … Ruks will get her turn to b destroyed … Hamida you are so selfish

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