Jodha Akbar 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with …. Jalal discussing jazia in DEK. Ruku urges That he should not abolish jazia. Jodha then offers to pay Jazia for her two babies. Ruku exclaims that one of the babies were hers and so no jazia was needed. Jala then explains that since a Hindu mother had given birth so the kids were hindu and so they ought to pay jazia. Ruku then urges jalal to convert them to Islam. But jala tells them that just for avoiding jazia no one would be converted. Ruku then suggests jalal to change the rule. Jalal is happy that ruku understood him.

Birbal then explains how abolition of jazia would help them but the maulvies worry how could he equate hindu religion with islam they were different. Other minister explains that their coffers would be empty if jazia was abolished. Jalal

then declares That all religions were equal and no tax would be levied for their religion.

Later Jodha and Jalal are sitting very close arms around each other. Jodha is very happy that he abolished jazia. Jalal praises Jo for her efforts. Jodha the gives credits to Mahesh das .. Birbal
She praises birbal jalal gets irritated with her for praising Birbal.

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Jodha and jalal are very happy they share their happiness on being parents of two lovely children they were happiest on this earth. The kids start crying both Jo and Jalal hold one child in their arms and pacify the kids. Jodha calms the baby easily but Jalal is not able to pacify the baby. Jodha then takes the other baby from Jalal and calm that baby too.

At Birbal’s hojra in the palace his wife is very happy with shehenshah for that beautiful living space and birbal praises his biwi. Birbal discusses shehenshah’s difficult problems that he had solved. Pati Patni spend some close moments.

Ruku comes to hameeda’s hojra . After hameeda finished namaaz ruku asks her to give her one of the babies accept. Hameeda tells her that the babies were very small and they needed their mother. Ruku pleads that the baby would get used to jodha and later would not accept any other as their mother. Ruku assures hameeda that she would employ a good dai maa for the baby just as Hameeda had done for Jalal. Hameeda says that it was her compulsion she had no choice. But ruku is adamant that it was routine practice to employ dai maas in royal families. Jalal over hears this conversation and goes to jodha’s hojra and finds her spending happy close moments with her babies. Jalal reminds jodha that only one of those babies were hers. Jodha gets upset and weeps. Jalal then reminds her that he had warned her.

Ruku comes to jodha’s hojra. Jodha then offers Ruku one of the twins .. hussain. Jodha picks up hussain from the cradle she is distraught as she thinks of giving him to Ruku. She carries him in her arms and caresses him tearfully. Ruku gets impatient to hold the baby. Jodha gets emotional as she hands over the baby Hussain to Ruku. After ruku gets the baby she thinks that she had takes that baby who loved jodha the. Ost just like jodha had takes from ruku her Jalal. Ruku leaves the room stating hussains room was ready

Jodha is heart broken and weeps. Jalal hugs her and pacifies her. He lovingly tells her that she had done something no other mother could do.

In DEK ruku declares that hussain was her baby and she would employ a dai ma for him . Jodha offers to become his dai maa. Ruku declines jodha’s offer stating that the baby belonged to her now and she would decide for him and she would never let jodha become his dai maa or have any claims on her baby. Jodha is shocked at ruku’s ruthlessness. So are the entire royal family

Update Credit to: sumana


  1. Sanaya

    i miss our ex-updater…sumana is not svn in the comparison level to her -.-‘
    i knew it!! i knew rusk would never change 🙁 -_-

  2. meetu

    ruks must behave politely.her happiness will not last 4 long as the child which she has taken fro jo will die soon

  3. Anonymous

    You are right sanaya but we should give her a chance at least may be she was nervous cuz its her first time and she written very good english and maybe she will get used to it
    don’t u agree

  4. Anonymous

    I was damn sure that Rukaiya will show her real face now and will be rude to jodha bcz now she got the child and her mission is accomplished

  5. Hi guys Really ruks is never gonna change and jo didn’t took ja from her ja got irritate by her but still ja understands her as his childhood friend

  6. shayon

    Lol sid u are funny…and it’s the same thing i hate about jodha character too nice…u have to learn to say no sometimes u can’t please everybody.

  7. shreya

    agar jo rowti hai to uske lea wahi zimmedar hai itni achi jo woh banti ti woh janti hi hai ki ruk kaisi hai aur ek maa hone k baad koi apne bache se kaise alg reh pat par fir bhi………… this allthing done by jo is to gain sympathy

  8. shreya

    aur agar ruk na badle to hi thik hai kyon ki agar sultanate mein jo jaisi aurat ho to ruk jaise karak aurat ka hona zaroori hai aisi aurto to handle kon karega?

  9. shreya

    how many of u feel that ruks thaught was rite- ham aapse aapka hussain chin rahen hain jis tarah apne hamse hamare jalal ko china

  10. shreya

    hey no 1 online today i think that tum sab ub chuke ho comments post karte karte jo aur akbar par, aur agar aesa nahi hai to fir tum log kahan ho sania shanaya usha cutie nakshatra arun……….

  11. shreya

    hey did u all remember there was another girl but she is not comming from many months her name was suygami(not sure)?

  12. I guess me neha shud change her name coz nowadays sumone is using my name….my real name is neha and now am changing it…please give me a name

  13. Ranjani

    Hey guys just nw read that ” after couple of failed attempts zeenat finally manages to kill one of the twin babies”

  14. Raj

    Nice to see that the serial goes a long run…go on jalal…anyways hello everyone.
    Is there anyone regular here????

  15. Guys I am very happy today before 2 years I came oman for India and today after 2 year I got my best friends no and called she recognised my voice when I just said hello I am very happy we r BFF from 8 years

  16. shreya

    hey even i live abroad in new york, my home is in patna but i do my studies here and a lots of sorry that i said that i m a daviant actually my cousin studies there so i wanted to know about it so sorry once again but i m going to come back india within this year

  17. shreya

    i dont know thats place name i just came here 4 2 months as my aunt lives here with her small baby so i came to see her but i dont want to stay here& want to come back india as heres atmsp is not so gud and i dont know cultires and this commenys i m posting with my aunt’s mobile only!

  18. My Life is Full jumling 1 when i was Small baby 6 Years i was in Iran then i came to India 4 2years them i Went dubai and back India and now i am in Oman but i Went to Kuwait and Saudi too

  19. Ranjani

    Hi shreyaaa … in one of my earler comments i was only checking fr any other new info fm web on d story ahaad. Guess u mistuk me …

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