Jodha Akbar 26th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rahim is standing, Salima comes to him and ask where is Jalal, Rahim says he is busy in jashn, what happened, Salima looks at Jalal and comes to him, she says I want to talk to you, Jalal says after sometime, Tansen says is singing very nicely, SAlima says its important, Jalal says I request you to give some time to me, Salima ask zakira where is jodha, she says Jodha went to her room.
Salima finds jodha going to her room and says I wanna tell you something about Salim, she tell here everything how ruks made Salim drink the milk and he got dizzy then Ruk and she had tiff and milk fell on floor, and it was of brown color, SAlima says wwe have to rush to Salim, don’t know what happened to him, come fast, Jodha sternly looks at her and says but you took milk to Salim, Salima

is stunned and says yes, Jodha says what did you mix in Salim’s milk? Salima says I didn’t mix anything, I just mixed kesar, I have seen with my eyes that Ruks was mixing something and made Salim’ drink the milk, Jodha says I cant believe you did this, Ruks told me everything, she said that you mixed something in milk and now you are saying that Ruks mixed something, Ruks comes there and smirks at Salim, Jodha says you are alleging each other, I cant believe this, Salim is your child too, how can any one of you do this with Salim, tell me who did this with Salim? Ruks says you know how much I love Salim, Salima is alleging me, Salima says now you will blame me, Jodha says enough, don’t blame each other, for me Salim maters the most, she runs from there, Salima is disgusted at Ruks and leaves too, ruks smirks.

Scene 2
doctor checks Salim, Ruks ask will he be fine? doctor says he will be fine, I have given him medicine but opium’s effect will take time to come off him, Jalal comes and ask how is he, doctor says we have made Salim vomit so opium has come out of his stomach, she leaves, Jalal looks at SAlima and Ruks, Jalal says you both are special to me and alleging each other for this sin but don’t forget that you will be punished so tell me who did this, if you take time then my anger will become more, so tell me the truth wwho did this, Ruks says its Salim, she came to make SAlim sleep, and she gave milk to Salim, Salima says when I came in room Ruks was making Salim drink the milk, Ruks says yes I made him frink it as glass was already placed there but I didn’t know that there was opium in it, Hamida says I cant believe that Salima can do anything like this, Ruks says you wanna say that I can do this, Hamida says thing is that somebody gave opium to Salim, who did this, Ruks says its SAlima.. Jalal says enough, no more word, When Salim will come in senses, he will tell who gave him milk, he will tell the truth, you both go from here, Salima is sad and leaves, ruks leaves too, Jalal looks at Jodha sadly.

Scene 3
Jodha is sitting beside sleeping Salim, she prays to god that why you take my exam related to my son, why every problem is related to Salim, when will these problems end, Kahna give problems to me but protect my son, she kisses SAlim’s forehead.
Hamida says to Gul badan that I cant sleep till I don’t know who gave opium to Sali,, Gul says ruks told that Salima gave him, Hamida says I my heart is saying that Salima cant do this, Gul says ruks also cant do this, you know how much she love Salim. Hamida says don’t know what truth is, even Salim cant tell anything, he doesn’t know about plotting in this age.
Jalal is in garden and thinking, he is tension, DAsi comes and tells him that SAlim has become conscious.
Jalal comes to Salim and says I cant believe that my wives did this with my son, he ask Salima and ruks to tell truth who did this and why? Jalal ask Salima to speask up, did she mix opium in milk and why? Ruks says because she want Murad to be heir and want to become Marium Zamani that’s why she was making Salim addict to Opium so that he becomes incompetent to be king, Salima says be afraid of GOd ruks, why are you lying? ruk says why would I lie, you brought milk for Salim, SAlima says yes I brought it but I swear I didn’t mix opium in it, Ruks says what gain will I get by mixing opium, I have no son to desire to make him heir, so I cant do this, Salima says I cant do this, Jalal has given me so much, I cant go against him, Ruks says you only know that, how do we know that you went against him or not. Jalal ask to bring Salim here, now we will know the truth as child never lies.

Scene 4
Salim comes there, Jalal ask him to come to him, he ask how are you now? he ask Salim to tell truth who made you eat opium? SAlim ask what is opium? Jalal says I mean to say that who from Ruks and Salima make you eat something through which you start to feel dizzy, Salima looks at Salima and Ruks, Jalal says don’t be afraid just tell truth, Salim gets up and looks at both, he thinks and points to Ruks but then points to Salima, she is appalled, all are shocked, Salim says it is done by Salima, whenever she make me eat something, I feel dizzy, all are shocked, Ruks smirks, Ruks says see Jalal, I told you that this sin is done my Salima only, I caught her red handed so she started alleging me, Salima cries and says believe me, I didn’t make Salima eat any opium, I don’t know why Salim is lying, I think its Ruks plan, Jalal says enough, why would ruks do that and she is right that you have reason to do all this, Rahim is hurt, Jalal says I wanna talk to Salima alone, all leaves.

Scene 5
Salima comes to Jalal, Jalal says welcome, sit, Salima sit infront of him. Jalal ask why you did this? Salima says I didn’t do this, Jalal says ruks said that you did this, Salima says I am also saying that ruks have done it, you believe her but not me, Jalal says what about Salim pointing at you? you wanaa say that Salim is lying? a small kid, you know very well that after bairam Khan I married you and took care of you, I wouldn’t have believed ruks but Salim pointed at you, thing that hurts more is that you did all this with SAlim, Salima says when you have decided that I am criminal then I don’t have anything to say in my defense, Jalal says you know you will be jailed for this, Salima has given statement against you but I still think that you should be given chance so tell me why you did this? if you didn’t do it then have you got any proof that prove you innocent, Salima says I have no proofs or witness, she is in tears, Jalal calls todar mal there, Jalal says house arrest Salima, Salima is shocked, Jalal turns, Salima greets Jalal and leaves with soldiers, Jalal is hurt.
Salima is going with soldiers to be arrested, she looks at Jalal last time but he turns away. Jodha looks at SAlima going to be arrested, Salima looks at Hamida with sad eyes, Hamida stands sternly there, Jodha feels bad, Salima then finds Ruks who is smirking at her, Rahim comes to Salima and says I am sad but you deserve this, Salima says you also don’t trust me? Rahim says no, you gave Opium to Salim so that Murad can get throne, I am brother of Salim and Murad, I am their teacher, I am ashamed of you, Salima is hurt, he leaves, Salim is with ruks angrily looking at Salima.

PRECAP- Todar reads a letter to Jalal that you gave punishment to Salima on charges of trying to give opium to Salim but there are many enemies of Salim in palace roaming freely, you own is trying to hurt Salim.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. No sehensa cant do wrong descision he will just find out the truth by blaming salima as he can believe salima not rukaiya and ruks truth from first to last will come in front

  2. Di

    Ruks is eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilll, she’s evil!!

    • geku

      Di why didn’t Jalal take help of beerbal(mahesh das) as he was such a brainy person.Beerbal solved some problems of jalal earlier.Jala took decision hurridly being blind in salim’s love.

  3. Di

    And maybe the letter written to Jalal will help to catch Ruks?? That letter must have come after Salima was arrested & put in prison

  4. Baisali

    I don’t believe this. the whole palace know what kind of woman is salima then how can they blame her? and what happened to jodhaa and jalal? they knew very well how salima helped them in various situations then atleast they should have trusted her. and rahim too is blaming her, can’t believe that. I don’t know why salim took salima’s name. but it was an emotional scene. just hope jalal finds out the truth soon.

  5. अरूण

    Shahanshah knows that throne can do any game, however he will try to find out the truth may be some one else is trapped.

  6. nia

    After this, salim will point to jodha for another crime. And then Jodha will be jailed. So Jalal, Ruq and Salim will become together, happily ever after.
    And i will throw a bomb to agra palace so they will all die. None left. And the serial will be end.

  7. ruks is a filthy two timing old witch like I said before maham anga incarnate. how cannot jalal see ruks for who she really is jalal know that ruks was always jealous of jodha and what about salim he is heavily under the influence of opium cant he not remember that it is ruks who always give him something to eat or drink and right afterwards he would feel dizzy and fall asleep why is salim pointing the finger at salima. jalal and jodha please start thinking put your heads together and see that is that evil witch ruks is destroying your son salim out of her jealousy towards you. salima if I was you do not forgive jalal and jodha so easily because they know you and they know that you would not do something like that, even Rahim whom you mind from small how could he accuse you also as far as I see they are all playing blind, jalal do something about that evil witch ruks before he completely destroy your son wake up and smell the coffee. ruks deserve a severe punishment throw her ass in jail and treat her the way you treat maham anga before she died. please let ruks try it one more time and let jodha catch her that would be great but please let her be caught.

  8. bkw

    Omg poor poor saleema begum :'( it just broke my heart to see her arrested like that… Seriously jalal knows both of them very well, specially ruqaiyya, cudnt he put two and two together?? But gotta give credit to ruqaiyya’s wit, using Murad as an excuse was a masterstroke! >.< was she seriously this evil in reality?? o.o heartbreaking episode 🙁

  9. aa

    as of now salima is in jail..thru that letter jalal gona knw abt other enemies who wana attack salim..wid dis move he keeps an eye on others n wil catch rukaiya for sure bt only after draging d shw 2 that long extent may for 10-15 daz….

  10. gjkj

    Jodha is so selfish . salima who made her and halal closer today she is only blamed by them. Jodha soooo selfish kahiki . khudko jab help chahiye tha chahiye then she used Salina . and now after the work is finished use chor dia. Jaha Fida she goes there

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