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Jodha Akbar 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Soul talk- Jalal’s soul says that with time everything was getting worse, people were not happy with me and otherside my loyal people were drifting away from me, it was most difficult days of my life and then the day came which i cant forget, i did a huge mistake that day.
In present, Jalal is scolding his senior minister, he says i cant understand how you can do mistake, you cant catch Maan singh, he says to Birbal that you always have solution but why dont you tell how to catch Maan, you all dont want him to get caught, let me tell you that he is not your friend but betrayer of saltanat, if you people dont catch him then i will see the matter myself and then result wont be good, he leaves, Jodha listens all this.
Birbal comes to Jodha, Jodha says i know you are hurt

with Jalal’s behavior but Jalal is on wrong path, i am with him, you also dont leave him, Birbal says that i dont want to leave him but he doesnt want my assistance anymore now, i am afraid that like Maan sigh all Jalal’s loyal people will go away from him, Jodha says i will talk to Him.
Shah says to Jalal that fort is in making, Jalal says i will go to site, Jodha comes and says i want to see fort too, i will go with you Jalal, Jalal says i will like it if you come with me, he leaves.
Jalal and Jodha comes to see working of fort, Shah says to Jalal that fort will be ready soon, one person comes there and says this fort will not be made, he says to Jalal that you have done a sin, you have hurt your people, you have insulted God, this fort will not be made, this land will become graveyards, Jalal ask Shsh to give him some gold coin and ask him to leaves, Shah gives him a coin which have Jalal and God’s name together, person laughs and says that what justice by God, he shows coin, the side which have God’s name is shining, the side which have Jalal’s name has blacken, Jalal find all coins like that, man says everything will be finished, this fort will not be made, Man is thrown out, Jalal finds grave of great spiritual leader, he says to Shah that shift this grave to somewhere else, Shah agrees, suddenly a wall of fort falls down, worker says that we had made wall very strong but i dont know it fell down, Jalal ask to make wall again and make it very much stron, Jodha finds insects coming out of fort, soon whole fort covered with insects, she is shocked and says these are same insects like i saw in my dream, Jalal is stunned to see insects and ask workers to leave, the same man laughs and says this fort will not be made, Jalal is covered with insects, he leaves from there.

Scene 2
doctor is checking Jalal as insects have bite him, Jalal says i am fine, Jodha says you keep silent, doctor says poison of the wounds is strange, i have not seen this kind of wounds before, Jodha gets tensed, Hamida ask her to not worry.
Murad says to Salim that we need more money to serve people who have suffered from storm, Salim says that take as much as money you want but serve people, he ask Murad to make list of people who want our help and make sure that all are helped.
the insects enter the city, people are suffered from it.
Shah says to Jalal that our enemies are attacing but we cant send force as money is already being used to help people, Jalal says i dont know anything, use new coins, sell them and use it, Birbal says that all coins have gone black, they cant be used again, Jalal says so make new coins, worker says that the site where we make these coins have suffered in storm, we cant make new coins, Jalal says so repair the black coins and make it again like one side God’s name and other Jalal’s name, Haidar says there is a problem. Jalal ask what now? haidar says we have got news that some strange insects have come in city, they are affecting people, Jodha and Jalal are shocked. Jodha is about to go to Jalal, Hamida stops her and says Jalal is worried, dont go to him, make him understand after sometime.
Haidar have penalty of money as Salim has asked him to renovate the dance bar, his uncle says that dont use it for dance bar, we will enjoy it, Haidar says i dont run behind money, i dont need it, my father got killed because of this money only, my life’s aim is to make Jalal suffer not to run behind money, his uncle says that i am proud of you, Haidar calls soldier and says take this money, divide between my men and remember dont use a single penny on dance bar, soldier agrees.

Scene 3
Jalal recalls how there are so many problems in his reign, he is tensed when Jodha comes there, she ask what are you thinking? he doesnt answer, Jodha says i know you are worried, problems are there, i cant solve it but you can talk to me so you can feel better, i feel that we have gone apart, earlier you used to talk to me about every matter but now you dont speak to me, i am your wife, you can share why you are afraid? Jalal says who told you that i am afraid? i am ruling whole India, Jodha says but you cant change fate, Jalal says enough, dont forget that you are talking to India’s great king, i can buy anything i want, soone these problems will be solved, and about these insects, i will crush them, i will solve every problem as i am God for my people, he leaves, Jodha prays to God to give Jalal some sense before its too late.

PRECAP- Jalal says to Salim that we can grow crops again but we cant bring people back to life so burn all crops of saltanat so that these insects die.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Please understand shahanshah you are not God.

  2. Jala where is your ego leading you to.

  3. Oh God what now and what are the insects

    1. Amanda these insects are called plagues and they will eat the land dry until there in no food to eat.They will get into your homes .water etc.This is what happened in the bible centuries ago.

  4. Some of Muslim, hinduism and christian …wow good combi

  5. I do not understand what turn this serial is taking but jalal needs to come to his senses and know he is not god or is he equal to god so jalal needs to listen to what his wife jodha is telling him before it is toooooooooooo late

  6. This is the anger of the Lord our God upon Jalal.These insects are called plagues.Nomatter what Jalal does the plague will continue until Jalal surrender under the mighty hand of God.He has to repent or else he will be destroyed..This is a lesson to all those who feel that their wealth and power makes them akin to God.Anyway I still love this show.I love Jalal and Jodha,Great actor and actress.

    1. ……………….

  7. i agree with rosey … no one is god in this whole world

  8. Jalal will pay for all dis

  9. Experience is the best teacher. Let Jalal learn first hand the consequences of defying God.

  10. Well…. Its happening even in this soap!! And the bible says that it will happen again in the last days, and we are in the last days!! There will soon be a man who will proclaim himself god and demand worship!! Its a msg!! He who has an ear, let him hear!!!

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