Jodha Akbar 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 26th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
jalal and jodha are siting in boat, jalal thinks first she called me for this ride at night and now she is not saying anything, jodha thinks same that he caled me here but why is he silent, they both say together that will you not say anything, both laughs, jalal says something is common between us. Jodha ask what do you mean, jalal says like we both like ride of boat, jodha says yes i like this sky, water and all, she says you become totally changed after coming out of palace, jalal says you also behave like stubborn in palace, jodha says you are taunting here too, jalal says its childhood habit, jodha laughs, jalal says you like me teasing you thats why you called me here.
In palace, ruks slaps bandhi who sent ruk’s message to jalal, she slaps hoshiyar too, she says

how can jodha know about it, she ask bandhi how much money you took from jodha, she says i am your bandhi i didnt do anything, maham comes and why are you here, maham ask all to go out, she says control your self, i had seen she gave your message to shahabbuddin that specail begum had sent the message, jalal thinks jodha as special, jodha took advantage of it, son she will take your place, ruks says what are you saying, maham says maintaining your position is difficult, there is still time, stop jodha, ruks says i will not forgive jodha now

Scene 2
Jodha says i didn call you, you called me here, jalal thinks its happening again that 1st she called then denies it, he smiles, jodha ask why is he smiling, he says its very difficult to understand you begums, to understand that you no is actually is yes.
Sharif beats his soldier for not telling about jalal going out so that he could have attacked him. he kills him
Jalal says you say something ese and means something else, he stops, jodha ask what happened, he says pipe coming out from water, he ask them to come out of water, soldiers come out and says atgah had sent us, jalal says tell him that i safe, jodha says how much atgah care for you, he says alot, jodha says how yu got to know, how much eyes you have? he says earlier it was and now 4, he says i am soldier and i deal with enemies most so i know these things, jodha says your own loves you alot, jalal says but i have to keep up the respect of my sword, he says thanks for calling him here, jodha says i didnt call you, jalal says i know your yes and no, jodha says i didnt send any message to you, jalal says that mean someone else sent it, jodha ask why? he says many like to see us together, he offers apple to jodha, jalal is smiling all the time, jodha smiles looking at him (in ankhoon main plays).

Scene 3
Ruks is looking at her gift, hoshiyar comes and ask you didnt sleep, ruks says how can i sleep, jodha snatched it and jalal always goes to her. she ask did they came back, hoshiyar says yes a little while ago.
Jodha is praying to kahna and says why i am feeling distracted, ruks comes and says you think yourself very clever or me as fool, jodha ask what do you mean? ruks says dont act naive, yesterday i arranged everything to with him on boat and you went with him, you earlier played chess with him when he was there to play with me, jodha says jalal called there i didnt, ruks says now you are putting jalal in all this, ok lets go, he will decide, she drags her but jodha says i can walk, they leave. Maham sees them and smirks that now it will be fun.

Scene 4
Ruks and jodha comes to jalal, ruks says i want one decision from you, jalal ask what happened, ruks drags jodha, she says jodha said lie to you, she snatched my opportunity, ruks says i sent you message that i want to go on boaet ride with you but jodha planted and sent message by her name, jalal says i just replied message to special wife thinking its jodha, he calls shahbuddin, he says message was that special begum wants to go otu, ruks ask why said jodha’s name then, did you forget that i ma special wife, he says jalal gave this position to salima and jodha. jalal was going out everywhere with jodha so i thought its jodha, he leaves, jalal says it was just misunderstanding, ruks says why this punishment for me, jalal ask you have still that position, you could have come to me why this message and why you used special wife word, ruks says i thought you would understand that only i can send this message, but jodha has become special wife. she leaves. Jodha is about to leave but jalal stops her holding her hand, he makes her sit, she says i am sorry for whatever happened, jalal says there are about 5000 wives and dasiz in palace, but ruks is right at her place, think if you make arrangements for our meeting, you decorate everything but if i go out with other wife the, jodha says then i will feel very bad, jalal says then whats the difference between you and ruks, she says i will not feel bad about my position but about my love, i will feel that my love has been disrespected, jalal broadly smiles at this, jodha gets awre of what she blurt out, she leaves from there, jalal is smile like anything.

PRECAP-Ruks says mazhar and ruksnana’s nikkah is arranged, jodha says but it was arranged in childhood now mazhar loves azziza, ruks says love is just showoff, real thing is friendship, mazhar have to accept ruksans only

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. According to a SPOILER ALERT
    Jodha gets KIDNAPPED
    Guess by who???

  2. Number 1- Rajat has clarified about 100 times that he is not in twitter. Thats a fake account. Number 2- Who else than shariffuddin or abul mali. probably shariffuddin………By the way, Hi Sally!

  3. Jodha to abolish Slavery System in kingdom, Jalal in dilemma

    In the upcoming Episodes of Zee Tv Show,Jodha Akbar viewers will see the Tuff competition between Rukkaiya and Jodha,However Jodha is not into competition as she don’t mind with titles,while Rukkaiya is fuming in anger and decides to get the Title for her.

    The Entire Palace Including Jalal has to choose Beghum-e- Khaas,While Jalal will be in dilemma as he has to choose between both.Sources Inform that Jodha and Rukkaiya will challenge eachother,but we never Knew whom Jalal selects as it might be Jodha.Jodha decides to remove Rukkaiya’s Arrogance as a Queen.

    Otherside Jodha will comes to know about Violence on Salves in their Kingdom and worries about the cruel acts.She decides to talk to Jalal and put an end to the slavery.

    Will Jalal Select Jodha as Beghum-e-Khaas ? Well When love is in air for both obviosuly Jalal will choose Jodha.However Sources inform Rukkaiya will be upset and angry with Jodha.What will be her next plans to ruin Jodha ?

    Do Keep up the space for more updates.

  4. Hello shraddha
    I’m glad you and I are not going off track
    We only talk about jodha akbar

  5. Yeah of course! I mean I come here for jodha akbar only! N ya by the way have you seen the new mahaepisode promo which will air on saturday 8:00pm. N again I’ll miss it n I have to come for written update. I’m glad there is a written update concept.

  6. I stay in South Africa
    So I like to watch an episode in advance

  7. I just love jalal and jodha as a couple so ruks stay away plzzzzzz

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