Jodha Akbar 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
maan singh is saving person from fire, jodha ask him to do fast, maan saves the girl, jodha ask what were you doing? why were you doing suicide and you were killing your child too, girl says we have to pay the tax to live in this country, either to pay the tax or to become muslim, you people just take the tax and don’t care for us, jodha says I acme for giving gifts, girl says wow first you take the tax then you donate something from it so that you will become great, my husband is in jail as he couldn’t pay tax, only we have hindus have to pay the tax, maan ask jodha to not involve in all this, jodha says no this is wrong, girl says stop this drama, you live in palace, you are celebrating your children’s arrival in grand and from where is money is coming from? tell

your husband king jalal that we will do suicide, jodha says you will get justice, I will free your husband and I promise from today no girl will do suicide because of this tax, she blesses the girl and her child and thinks.
birbal meets tansen and says you make people fool by your singing, tansen says you used to be with me in chandardas palace and when I have come here ou came here too, birbal says its fate, jalal have appointed me here, tansen ask for what? birbal says to make weather happy here, tansen says you will not get any work here as jalal gets happy listening to my songs, birbal says no he laughs on my talks, tansen says no he laughs seeing your face, birbal makes fun of his singing and says you make weather gloomy by your singing and then I have to work.
jodha talks to jalal and says that girl was doing suicide because she didn’t had tax money, ruks says its rule of Mughal government, jodha says we cant take tax from poor people, jalal you have to take decision, ruks says jalal you cant change the decision by just on sayong of one wife, birbal listens all this, jalal says please you both stop fighting, let me see the matter then I will decide, he goes from there, ruks gives miffed look to jodha.
jalal discusses things with todar, jalal ask what if remove zajziya( tax taken from hindus), todar says its true that if we remove zajziya then finance of government will go down, priest says that we earn from this a lot, we cant remove it, jalal says is there anyway to dodge this tax, priest says yes, if hindu accept islam, if he becomes muslim then he can be freed from tax, sharif says we give salary to soldiers from this tax only and if we remove this tax then our force will become weak and you know government can survive only when it has strong force so we cant remove this tax, jalal nods.
todar comes out court and finds all hindu dasies and jodha standing outside, he comes to jodha and ask the matter, jodha says I came to give Jaziya tax, todar says what? jodha says we have decided that all hindu ladies of this palace will also give the tax, todar ask soldier to call jalal, ruks comes there and says to jodha that being king’s wife and living palace, you had immunity from this tax but if you want to pay this tax then ok it will be collected from you, jodha says yes, when all hindus are giving this tax then why immunity for me? I will als pay it. jalal comes there and ask the matter, ruks says jodh has come to give tax, jodha says yes, I came here for the person who didn’t had money to pay the tax and he was captured for that, I want you too free him.

Scene 2
ruks, jalal and jodha discusses the tax matter, ruks says its true that I like jodha now and we have become friends but that does not mean that what jodha will say we will agree, jalal you don’t have to follow her every talk, she cant pressurize you, if she want then she can pay the tax, jodha says no I am not giving pressurizing anybody, I am just saying what is right, jalal says you can pay this tax, jodha ask why? when all hindus are giving tax then why not me? I will pay the tax, jalal says leave this stubbornness, I have decided that I wont remove this tax, jodha says ok then I will also pay the tax, I am a lost hindu, jalal says jodha… jodha says I have to follow the rules so that nation will aslo follow it, she extends her tax, ruks takes it. jodha and jalal look at each other.
jodha and moti are in garden, birbal comes there and says what happened today was not good, jodha says yes but we cant do much, birbal says you have to take my help, jodha ask for what? birbal says if you don’t take my help then you wont be able to fill happiness in palace, jodha ask how do you know that weather is gloomy, birbal says this is my work only.
jalal is in court, maan says uday pratap is giving shelter to enemy of ours, jalal says this is like announcing war against us, send him letter to not do this. bribal comes there and says many people have come to become muslim, jalal says suddenly? tell them I will come in sometime, birbal request to come now. jalal goes with him.

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Scene 3
jalal comes outside and sees thousands of hindus waiting to become muslim, jalal how come they suddenly decide to become muslim, birbal says they are forced to become muslim, jalal ask how? its against Mughal rule, birbal says exactly I don’t understand how two opposite rules are working in government as one side you say no one is forced to become muslim and other side you say that to be saved from tax they have to become muslim, they are forced to become muslim as they don’t have money to pay tax, you can make or break rules for your wife’s happiness but you have to think about people first as a king, jalal says this is wrong, this is against islam, as forced man can accept islam but islam wont accept him ever.
jalal is near wight balance, he recalls how jodha said that she is a lost hindu, jalal says no jodha you cant lose, birbal comes there and ask whats this place is? jalal says is justice weighing machine, whenever I am in dilemma I come here, birbal says you are a king and you should be happy for your nation, jalal says I have come here to check whether my justice is right, birbal says I know you do not differentiate between hindu and muslim then why difference in serving justice, jalal says its not so easy. birbal says to jalal that I have3 any idea through which you will break this rule and your wives will be happy too, jalal says how? birbal says just call all in court tomorrow and leave everything on me.

PRECAP-in court, ruks says to jodha that how can you do that, one child is mine from twins and he is not hindu, he wont pay Jaziya(tax), jalal is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Arun

    jajia has always been a controversial issue between Indian Hindu and muslims , thanks to the director to show the subject without hetchitation.

  2. shreya

    hey jo did a great job but at last the precao shown was not gud if she has 1 child to ruk then she/he is mus then why will he pay jazia and wat ruk did was right

  3. shreya

    did u all read the last comment of yestday we have made any mistake so tellyupdate posred a comment i didnt undstood it!

  4. shreya

    what this birbal is going to do? whatever u say jo creates a dharmsankat 4 ja everytime now in this ruk is there & ja had told that ruk jo bolti hai wahi karti hai and she will not let her child to b a hindu or give jazia

  5. shreya

    now a days this show has really became so irritating yaar kisi ko koi hak nahi hai ki koi kisi aur k bache ko kisi or ka bana they only just for a fake luv story! Pak or afgan jaise desho mein to aab tak ye band ho gaya hoga.

  6. Shreya it was nt by tellyupdate it was by some1 else who did fr fun. There was nothing wrong on that page due to which they has to post rules. we come here to read update n just some conversation bitwin us which we can do freely wheras the comment rules its just a formality. So just dont bother about it just take care of stop posting abusing comments may be the administrator can remove your comments. Ya but u hve never done or created above situation. So chill

  7. Arun

    hassan and hussain will die shortly, rukiya again will be childless, to fulfill her wish shahansha in future will give right to bring up second son of Jahangir, it is in history that shahjahan was brought by rukaiya sultan.

  8. shreya

    this shows that how much ja luved her and u allkonw that not jo ruk was ja fvrt wife, anew photo of ruk i saw on net u know that it was made like this- phele jalal ka head aur baal hain par uske face k jagha par ruk ka chehera bana hua tha.

  9. shreya

    this ma also na hun…… marte dum tak naak mein dum kar diya hai usne aab ja jo aur ruk ka bacha mar jayga so sad

  10. Arun

    only jodha got post of Marim-uz-zamani she was also burried nearest to her husband.. so jodha was also important for shahansha.

  11. shreya

    no u r wrong arun read their life historu u will know the truth and if burring then mar zam from the begining were burried next to their hus as she had given him a waris

  12. meetu

    jo child ruks k pas hoga wahi marega so maham ka shrap bhi sach hoga jodha ne aapna child ruks ko diya to uska man bhi rah jayega and jodha k pas jo child hai wo zinda rahega isi tarah maham ka last bless bhi sach hoga jodha ko ma zamani ka man bhi milega

  13. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was wondering what all is needed to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very web savvy so I’m not 100% positive. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks|

  14. shreya

    i just dont undstnd why jo is doing like this, when she has given 1 of her child to ruk then that child is of ruk then why will he pay jazia. uff……………..

  15. Purvi

    Jodha loves saving the world. Not to say that it is not right,but Jodha just go’s against jalal’s decision. He has to go against his other queens only Jodha can tell him what to do. It is a bit rude to make them pay tax,but Jodha needs to understand at times. Jodha just try’s to be the best. Shariffudin needs to get caught pls do something to get him and Ruks caught. Jodha was stupid to give her child to Ruks, she is going to turn the child against Jodha . Does Jalal always have to listen Jodha’s decision. Everything works in Jodha’s favour. She likes to be god. She even put her children’s life in danger. She just recovered and she started to act like god. Jalal should keep her in the palace whole day. I understand she is being nice but she acts like god. Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya has the best story. No other the FLIM has that story!!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.