Jodha Akbar 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 25th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Jodhu’s lecture about not judging Azija based on the past, Jallu counters but Jodhu goes on ranting about the “vishwas” when finally Jallu blew off his fuse. He lets out in his furious tone about all he had kept hidden, the “yakeen” aspect but again viewers dream comes crashing down, this rage was just Jallu’s dream.

Jallu explains to her in a very calm voice that he has taken a right decision and that king and a husband should have the right to know the truth.

The recruitment drive is on at the gates of palace, every new baandhis are scrutinized , MA is supervising, Ruks comes and also shows off her powers.

Someone comes and informs MA that a person has come to meet her, she comes to know that a bahurupia has entered harem, she spots a person and identifies Sujamal, gets happy that her plans will work but she has to be sure about him.

Sujamal sees Sharifu and Maan Singh inside the palace.

Jodha is playing with Rahim, MA sees Jodha and figures if Dilawar Khan is really Sujamal then he will defo falter. MA asks Resham to again check if the khwaja shera is not a man in disguise. She gets confirmed that Dilawar Khan is the real Sujamal.

MA tells Ruks that she wants all khwaja sheras for introduction, Ruks asks DK to go to help BB. MA takes him to meet BB.

Jodhu thinks of talking to jallu to clear MU, Jallu ignores her and asks a baandhi to inform that he would like to visit Ruks in the night. Jodhi is shocked.

Precap–Cheapudin asking DK to take care of BB , looks at him closely to identify him.

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  1. AISHA


  2. Aisha i agree with u…seriously…we were waitin fr fake stuffs..omg i cnt believe this..all these shit promos…wastage of time!!!!

  3. AISHA

    Jo is chasing Rahim for his lessons… Moti is laughing, first time she is seeing a shishya running after the guru for lessons… Hosh is watching too… he seems to be impressed by Jo’s humility and her down to earth manner…
    MA comes there with the eunuchs… Su pauses to gaze at Jo… which MA notices… her doubts are cleared… she asks Resham whether all of them eunuchs… she asks Resh to do it thourughly…. Resh announces that one by one they should come with her to be checked… that they are really eunuchs and not a man dressed as a eunuch…
    Su somehow escape… Resh comes and tells MA that Bilawar Khan didn’t come for check up… MA says that is what she wants…
    Su thanks Ambe Ma
    MA thinks evilly that Su is welcome in Mughal Qila
    Once inside, he will only go out to reach God… but before that he has to do something for her…

  4. AISHA

    MA and Resham come to Ruqs chamber to present the eunuchs…
    Ruqs asks them for their talents… and one by one are assigned their jobs…
    finally Su’s turn comes… MA says he is a good Midwife… Ruqs says she is very beautiful… Su is assigned to Bakshi Banu
    MA is happy… she plans to kill two Rajvanshi with one stone
    MA takes Su to BB

  5. AISHA

    JA is walking in the courtyard… Jo approaches him… JA ignores her and asks Hosh to tell Ruqs that he will be spending the night with her

    Cheepuddin is romancing Plump Banu
    He orders Su to take good take of BB
    Cheepo looks at Su and he seems to recognize him… he comes nearer

  6. Now they r goin to shift the confrontation fr nxt year or may be in five years..rather thn improvin this show..they r spoilin it with stupid things..

  7. jhanvi

    are yaar what’s going on in dis serial………………the storyline is now very disguisting

  8. AISHA


  9. Raj

    sujamal and his behavior!!!!! just irritating!!!!!!’!!
    why he came back….again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!’!!
    MA played master one!!!!!!

  10. shraddha

    @ anael…….Presently I’m a very very very very disappointed viewer. I’ve already said na that Maham will probably kill Bakshi’s child and put the blame on Sujamal. You know na how Maham has done a PhD in causing miscarriages. I’m just guessing. But if things go well, then Sujamal may be proved innocent during this time period. But this can land Jodha in trouble. Can’t say anything now. You can look at things in as many ways as you can. And after this episode I just can’t trust the creatives.

    • Ashwini is doin a great job as fact the crew itself is really gud..but hw they act in the show does not value their capacity…sad really sad..

  11. Raj

    funniest one from sonshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheapuddin……using the trademark of shraddha!!!!!!! :-X

  12. shraddha

    @anael resham khan is married in real life. And believe me he looks completely different. I saw some of his photo in fb. And hoshiyar too.

  13. After hoshiyar and its fr sujamals turn…lol..seriously am tellin u yaar this show is depleasin me day by day..:-(

  14. Rohini

    This show has become a total farce pathetic the first 100 episodes were fine but after that it seems like they don’t want to take the serial further … Some stupid diversion .. In today’s age nobody waits for a wife who is not interested and would akbar wait .. With his thousands of women .. It is pathetic to watch ..

    • jhanvi

      akbar is waiting bcz he loves jodha so much……bt its rue dat it’s high time dat jodha realise his lv

  15. shraddha

    By the way, the episode turned out to be a comic one due to Sujamal. I didn’t understand why was he smiling so much. Ufffff……..Everyone was busy praising her/him(whatever) for her/his looks. I don’t understand what made Sujamal think that no one will ever have an iota of doubt of him being in the palace.

  16. Sonshine,you need to use a decent language for the update. However cheap the person is, you cannot use this word as this is an update of the show but not your comment.

  17. Jodha is blind…jalal cnt talk..maham is superma..suja is too much in the show..well evryone has got a serious n uncurable disease….long life to u n ur family shehenshah..may god help u n the creatives…:$

  18. shraddha

    @anael…….This show is testing our patience…….Limits yaar! You know why didn’t they show that confrontation???? Because they want to drag this track. I just hope they don’t make this benazir track- part 2……………

  19. Hai shradda. Ya hope so..n i agree with u…hv u seen in the promos of JA..they always show the same pics fr all promos bur sayin somethin else..wtvr….then when will be tht stupid confrntation…

  20. This show will lose fame was great fr the first epis..but now seems like it is goin to crash like malaysian air line..

  21. shraddha

    @ANAEL Thats why I say that promos and precaps of Jodha Akbar are sometimes misleading. Confrontation????? I doubt if it will happen. Enough is enough! Rather than behaving rudely, Jalal should directly question Jodha. But even that is of no use. All credits to the “vachan”. Hopelessssssssssssssssssss…….

  22. lahari

    Yaar this show is loosing our patience guys…..cannot be able to see mahamanga ki strategies…..agreed with me guys

  23. sAChiN

    If JodhA akBaR were alIvE, thEy wOulD kill tHe entIRe membEr of creAters of jOdha akBar tV seriES, esPeciAly thE drAma qUeen ekTa kAfOOr. . . WhAt a bUllshittttt

  24. Omg shradda…addicted to akdha too..but sometimes its too much my dear..ok one time..two time bur alwys the same stupid stuffs…hi gud n u??

  25. Rohini

    This serial was good only till the first 100 episodes after that I guess they. Did not how to take the story forward … And the costumes have also become like a b grade movie .. In today’s age no one waits for anybody for years and years and will akbar wait how stupid do they show them … Really ridiculous … Atleast the jalal they showed in the first few episodes was authentic ….and real …

  26. shraddha

    Has anyone heard about the latest rumour in the town? Paridhi is quitting Jodha Akbar. Hundreds of articles are out but none of them give a confirmation. I hope its a rumour only. Fingers crossed!

  27. Yadhu

    @namrata i’m not a kerallite but guess to which state do i belong to. 1 clue i belong to d state top of kerala.

  28. Namrata

    Yadhu… i’ve no idea where you are from…. but unfortuneately i will not celebrate vishu this year as my grandmother passed away… 🙁

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