Jodha Akbar 25th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
in jashn, hamida ask where Is jodha, jodha comes there beautifully dressed, she greets all, she sits beside jalal, he smiles, hamida comes to them and blesses them, ruks comes there in jashn, she greets everyone, she greets jodha and says that you are giving Mughals heir, I congrats you, jodha thanks her, she ask ruks where are going, you are jalal’s 1st wife, if you sit beside jalal then it will be good, sit with us, ruks is stunned, jodha takes her and makes her sit beside jalal while she sits on other side, bharmal comes to jodha and gifts her, then salim comes and gifts her, jalal says to jodha that I want to give 1st gift of jashn to you and I want you to ask anything from me, jalal ask whats your wish? jodha looks on, all waits for her answer, jodha says I want you to give ruks

her right 1st, she is going to be mother too of this child, gift her too, jalal says very good thought, I like it, ruks smiles and says that I will ask you what I want, jalal nods, jalal says on this occasion, I want to gift jodha a special thing, he holds jodha’s hand and shows her the gift, it is baby cot and child is sitting in it, jalal says look I am giving you cot which have child, jodha is happy and says its beautiful, I am thankful to you, jalal says this is not enough, there are many more gifts, they sit back, the dancers come in court and starts singing in praise of jodha.
outside of palace, the mahaC, khaibar and their force reaches.
in court, all are busy enjoying dance of dancer, they are singing amer de raj kumara jodha.. jodha is all smiling looking at jalal.
the nissar(soldier who controls khaibar) gives cloth to khaibar which have jalal’s blood, he says to khaibar that smell this blood, you have to find this man and kill him, khaibar smell the cloth and screams, he comes out of his cage and starts going towards palace, jalal’s soldiers that are on duty are killed by mahac’s soldiers, otherside in court, nobody knows whats happening inside, after dance, jalal ask did you like it jodha? jodha nods, suddenly the lights of court is switched off, tansen ram tanu appears and starts singing his slow song, all enjoys his magical voice, jalal holds jodha’s hand, jodha blushes. ruks sees them and is hurt.

Scene 2
outside kahibar breaks palace’s gate and enters the palace, he kills all soldiers, fight starts between jalal’s and mahac’s soldiers, kharibar kills them with his long sword. soon mahac’s soldiers over powers them. inside raam finishes his song, all praises him, jalal says to jodha that from now on whenever tansen will sing, he will sing fro you only, he hires tansen fro jodha, ruks is jealous.
in jashn, atgah gets to know that palace is attacked by some people, soldier informs them that a giant man is also with them and has created hovac, jalal gets to know and fumes, he says to baharmal to take all women inside safely, nobody should know about what happening, while he will see outside, bharmal and todar comes to ladies, bharmal says that you all come with me to harem, all are tensed, bharmal says nothing to be tensed but just come with me. jalal is going outside, jodha comes and ask him what has happened, jalal puts hand on her forehead and says that nothing is serious, you go inside. he leaves.

Scene 3
jalal comes outside and says they are mahaC’s soldiers, atgah says nigaar was right, jalal says I will punish them for disturbing us in jashn, atgah and jalal goes down in garden, khaibar is standing there, atgah is shocked to see him, he ask what is this creature, he seems like a wolf, jalal stands infront of khaibar, all ladies come to balcony and is shocked to see devil khaibar, jalal comes forward, khaibar holds jalal and beats him, jalal is not able to understand him, khaibar beats todar and all, he again holds jalal and beats him a lot, jodha shouts shehenshah, she is about to go down but salima stops her, khaibar throws jalal on ground and is about to throw pillar on him when soldiers come and saves jalal. jodha feels dizzy seeing all this. khaibar shouts. khaibar smells jalal’s cloth and recalls how his master said that his nutrition is blood and he doesn’t leave the person whose blood he smells.

khaibar has reached the harem, he has created the hovac in whole harem, he corners jodha and throw away her dupatta, he holds jodha’s hand and drags her away, jodha is afraid, he lifts jodha and puts her on his shoulde and is leaving from harem.. jodha screams, jalal is still in garden area, he is shocked to listen jodha’s scream.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Actually according 2 history jodha’s twins namd hasad nd hussain died 1 mnth after they born πŸ™ πŸ™ bt it may or may not happen in JA

  2. Jodha Akbar to take a leap gap and will have twins

  3. Oh I told u before that the twins r gonna die
    Is the only
    Surviving child in akbars life
    And hassan Hussain’s death will be a great shock and attack in akbars and jodha s life ”**’**

  4. Once again
    Felling πŸ™ sad for jodha and AkBar
    πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
    πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  5. But πŸ˜€
    For eid

  6. Listening to NAAT
    I am getting toooooOooo
    But its good good v goood in Ramadan
    In eid I’ll be little modern hahahahha
    But I am still a good Muslim πŸ˜€ &
    I am smiling like this
    I hope hope
    This eid will be v good inshallah

  7. Waioooo we made 50 coments

  8. on monday –
    jalal will rescue jodha and he will imprison khaiber.

  9. cutie if you think practical n read history it mentions that akbar had 3 special wifes rukaiya salima n harka bai (jodha) n akbar was closest to rukaiya
    becoz jodha was marium uz zamani she was given high respect by every religion

    we have always studied akbar as grt kinh bt nt as a grt lover u only a man who can have 300 wifes in his harem can b dedicated to one wife if we think practically ans will b know bt still wat they r showing let’s enjoy that

  10. U r right shringarika let’s in enjoy what they are showing

  11. H guys any 1 der

  12. Any one here ???’?’?’/??’/’/

  13. Any 1 online ?????? πŸ™

  14. Hii any1 there

  15. We thought tomorrow will be eid in oman but it’s day after tomorrow

  16. Giyz thoda o guzariya bhi padlou

  17. Do u watch it sania

  18. Hi evry1……
    New spoilers !!
    1) jo has 2 suffr 4 sumtym wit kaibet
    b4 ja saves her den d serial will take a leap
    2 wen jo gives birth 2 d twins n jo n ja r parents
    bt d twins will die soon !!
    2) jo will change kaiber into a gud person n kaiber will
    fall in luv wit jo

  19. Sry *kaiber

  20. I luv dis serial bt dey r dragging d serial

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