Jodha Akbar 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 25th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
jalal says to jodha that everything is fair in love and war, meena says to bharmal that see jalal seems fine now, he ask about jodha, she says jodha is still angry but jalal is trying, give them time, sometime relation strongs with fight.
maham comes to secret hut and ask man to open gate, hamida is following her, maham goes in, hamida thinks what maham is upto, i should go from here now before anybody sees.
in amer, all men sit for lunch, bahrmal ask about jalalโ€™s health, jalal says wind here is suiting me, i am feeling fine now, dadi says to dasi to give jalal food, jodha is standing near jalal, she makes angry faces, jalal eats, jodha says to dasi to place water on one side and juice on other hand of jalal, he needs it when he eats spicy food, dasi places it. jalal

drinks water, jodha is satisfied, he looks at her and nods in thanks. all men finishes lunch, jalal says it was delicious, bharmal says come in ganghuar celebration you will eat more, dadi says there are many things, like wives will have veil on their face and you have to find your wife, jalal says i can recognize jodha with close eyes. jalal leaves. jodha says to meena why dadi invited jalal. i will not come there now, she says yes you are right, why should you come when you are angry with him, maybe dadi will feel bad so what, you are angry. jodha says no, i think i should come, he is not bad by heart,situation was bad that what he did, meena says i dont understand you, i am on your side, if you are angry then why to come and you will not win, jodha says he is not that inteligent, i will win he wont recognize me, dadi comes, jodha says i will come, participate and will win too. she leaves, meena smiles.

Scene 2
meena says to dadi that i dont understand johd abut i know she loves jalal, dadi says she doesnt good people, meena says when she went earlier from here, it was sacrifice but now i want to send her happily, jodha comes, meena shows her dress and ask will you wear, jodha is silent, dadi says you are pride of amer, so wear it. jodha thinks.

Scene 3
some aatimad khan comes to meet atgah, she is eunuch and is agent to send eunuchs to palace for work, she shows atgah real dilawar khan and says someone snatched his clothes and attacked him and took everything from him, atgah ask who was she, she says she was maham anga, we told her about attack on dilawar but she asked us to not tell about it to anyone, i couldnt understand and i came to you, atgah says we will talk when jalal will come back.
in amer, celebration starts, all wives dances with veil on her, dadi ask him to go and find jodha, he says its good environment here dadisa, she says nice to listen dadi from you, jalal sayy you can call me jalal, she says no its against our traditions, jalal goes to find jodha, she dances. jalal thinks that good you are running from me but i will find you, jodha is running from jalal, jalal stands in center ang holds hand of one lady, he says till when you will run from mew, soon i will make you mine, he says dadisa i found my wife, he turns her to him and takes off veil, she is jodha. jalal says maybe you are angry with me but this bangle allowed me to find you, jodha recalls how once jalal made her wear it. jalal is holding jodhaโ€™s hand infront of all, jodha jerks it away and leaves, bahrmal says please dont mid her, jalal says its okay she is my wife, jalal says to bharmal that maybe she didnt like me holding her hand infront of all thats why ran from here, i will goo and talk with her, he goes. jodha is going to her room fuming in rage, jalal is coming behind her, he stops jodha and ask now mistake i did? i just holded hand of my wife and you jerked it infront of all, you dont like me touching you so i will not touch you, you dont like mw then i will leave from here but i being a emeperor came behind you, left my palace, my people for you, walked through jungles, deserts for you, only to ask forgiveness but you ego is not breaking dont forget that it all started with your mistake, you hide it from me,jodha says i had promise,i even came to meet yoou but maham stopped me saying you dont wanna meet me, jalal says you came to mee only once and me, i am asking forgiveness from many days, i am trying to talk to you every single minute, i promised hamida that i will bring back her daughter, what about smal rahim that i said to him that i will bring her choti ammi, its okay that shehenshah lost, a son lost but you won your ego won, i am accpeting my defeat, i am bowing my head infront of you asking you with folded hand that will you come with me, jodha says no never, i took promises with you and you told me bitter words, we took pheras and you doubted me, you left me alone, you can throw me or can ask me to cvomeback, i will come to you when i want, jalal says okay this is your last decision, so my decision is that i am leaving from here, you can ignore me infront of all, but you cant ignore the promises you gave to your mother, mughal sultanat, my people needs me so i am going back, bye.


PRECAP- hamida says to jalal answer me, after coming back from many days you have this answer to my promise to prayers. meena says jodha that you have only answer to every food that you dont wanna ea, you havnt eaten enything from 5 day, whats going on in your heart tell me.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. ray

    and omg i am loving this epi today and @avair u were right it turned out to ba a snake hahahahaha… r u [email protected]

    • ray

      im fantastic since all of my fav shows are doing good how r u @sharon…where is @anaelle prob finding the show

  2. Hiiiii everyone….
    Jodha is reacting tooooo much now
    I am feeling like hitting her head with a 1000kg hammer so that “her dimag ki batti will be on” ๐Ÿ˜

  3. aivar

    Me too Aarohi nicely said… hahahahha… ray in the precap of rangrasiya it look like he got mad when she told him off

  4. devika

    i think jodha return to agra , jodha kidnaped by shariff
    both maha anga and shariff truth reveled

  5. Hi sharon ray aivar n others!!!
    ToDs epi i too njoyed it…jodha looked vry beautiful…but by seein precap she wont leave with jl…n either hamida or atgah may reveal truth abut maham…hugh..i hate it when jo reacts like tht..i think she wnted jl to pacify her whole life but she got a gud slap when jl said tht he is leavin agra!!! Vry well done on his part…nw we dnt no who how n when will THE GREAT JODHA BEGUM leave fr agra with jl…

  6. sharon

    If jodha will get kidnappd this show will go long more nd more wid borring i hope shell get bck agra soon

  7. ray

    and @anaelle i saw yeterdays epi and i laughed so much when jalal shouts at her saying what r u doing? hahahahaha it looked like he was scared looking at his face

  8. Raj

    hi!!!! pari…hi.everyone.
    btw….when u all close d chapter of kidnapping.guys are not u used that point in everyone angle?????????

  9. It was said jo wuld be kidnap by sharif but nothin as such happen..also tht thodal mal ll keep jo safe in his asylum but only shit happned n accrdin to recnt news jo n jl wre to play chess but WHERES THE CHESS ??? n now news r sayin tht maham ll soon be in light…

  10. aivar

    Aarohi… Yes, we did… I think we wher absent on the same day lol… I enjoy reading your comments…

  11. ray

    come on jalal bowed his head in front of her and jo still didnt forgive him they need to end this track

  12. Am gud guys..yes ray me too n when he said tht :atleast the snake liked my cmpany i really liked jodhas
    N arohi ur back vry gud…hw r u yar??

    • ray

      hahahahaha her expression was so funny she gave her shut up right now or we r going to start fighting look

  13. ray

    i feel like meena is going to persuade jo to back to agra and …jo will go back to agra saying i came back only to keep the promises she gave to hamida and rahim

  14. Yaar i m 2 much frustated what is gonna happen and i hate jodha for not forgiving jalal and why she left food and all she has choose not to return aagra with jalal then why these irritating dramaas

  15. Yaar i m 2 much frustated what is gonna happen and i hate jodha for not forgiving jalal and why she left food and all she has choosed not to return aagra with jalal then why these irritating dramaas

  16. Raj

    dude.. here are lot’s of one who can help u….like honar ki khan (shraddha)..romantic queen (anael)….
    bro not here…it’s update forum.answer u soon!!!

  17. Raj

    yah…I am surprised 2…someone who didn’t eat for 5days… she can be active!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Jodha didnt eat fr 5 days n yet her character has nt changed, she evn runs, does sword fightin like a man, dances without feelin tired…jodha u shuld tell me wat vitamins u take…i culd hv hrdly been able to do 1/4 of wat u do…ya tell me!!! U argue so much but u r alwys fit!!! Share ur tips dear…

  19. Raj

    for me shahnaz is confusing character…she is good but still…
    and if we according to the film then Maham’s reality has to be unleashed [email protected]

  20. shraddha

    @anaelle seems you are not acquainted with the heroines of hindi serials! Every hindi serial heroine, especially Ekta’s tele soaps heroine are superwomans! They are not less than devis. They are almost perfect.

  21. After shraddha..its nw u romantic queen nw…ok i accept my title as this show really lacks of it..but dnt worry we ll soon get a nice n funny name fr u..coz u deserve 1 too…
    Sharon am gud n u dear??

  22. Parikshit

    No…it’s not needs to be…u really help me a lot…sorry if I disturbed u.but I really appreciate ur sence!!!! Really hat’s off in ur style!!

  23. shraddha

    @anaelle so now you are oficially “the most romantic person ever” on this forum. Congratssss!

  24. Thanks aivar…..
    Guys remaining hungry for 5 days is one more hunar of jodha……
    She is doing anshan like anna hazare…:p

  25. Raj

    pari!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u r really very sensitive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dude never mind.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    and gd night 2 u 2 Sharon!!

  26. shraddha

    @Payal…….There was a news in Times Of India about Santram Verma, director of JA, quitting the show. Well whether its true or a rumour is yet to be found out!

  27. No shraddha he is nt leavin
    I read he said tht he evn dnt talk to pari..nt evn greet her..thy wrk separately too..but all kind of things r said fr pub..but do u think if pari was harassed she wuld still stay there??

  28. I totally agree with u raj shenaz is a mysterious character
    Although she is good but i have gut feeling that there is some bomb size mystry behind her

  29. shraddha

    @anaelle Dhanyavad ki koi avashyakta nahin this. Dosti main kshyma aur dhanyavad ka koi sthan nahin hota, koi mahatva nahin hota.

  30. Raj night everyone….hope hamida could bring down maham’s reality soon!!!!!!!!!!aur. bardah nahi hota!!!!!!

  31. shraddha

    @anaelle who said pari was harassed! Common! She never said that. Its all media doing this. And yeah this news about Santaram leaving came in today’s newspaper!

  32. shraddha

    @anaelle because you are! Anyways Raj named you and so you can now name him. Score barabar!

  33. shraddha

    @anaelle I’m clueless for now! And most important of all, I’m late! Got to go! Good bye!
    @everyone good night and sweet dreams!

  34. nanda

    episode is going tooo boring ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what they want to show us in this drama ufffffffff,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  35. Oh ok..i really like talkin to u yar…but whenver u get time we cn talk..hmm need to leave nw..see u tommrw n take care..hope we cn talk later..bye gud night

  36. sharon

    SPOILER “shivani re-entry.everyone
    will think jalal ‘ll punish shivani but
    he forgives her ‘ll arrange her marrg
    in grand manner

  37. sharon

    Frns new news
    Jodha will come back 2 agra jalal will ask her why u came herei(usse bulwane ke liye that she loves him dts why)mahamangas secret will come out . Shivani will re-enter in d serial all will think jalal will not forgive her n give her punishment but he will forgive her n her marriage will b done in a royal manner.

  38. hi evrybody..i hv a question
    in new promo its said ”mahams truth ll be out. jl be be heart broken n consumation track ll take place”
    well jl ll be heart broken coz of jo/ma??? bcoz he trusted ma blindly n he ll be the most affected by this truth so hw cn a consumation take place?? am not sayin tht consumation must not take place but this truth ll be a real shock fr him..thn hw cn a consumation take place at tht moment n all this ll take place nxt week
    @sharon there r two promos actually now..which 1 ll be first??? mahams truth ya shivanis comin back????

  39. sharon

    Hey anaelle jodha will get back agra monday or tuesday i dnt think they will strech dis track 2 long now..wat do u think..??

  40. hey sharon just watched the new promo of JA..but jodha is not in it..tht probably mean she ll be back after maham truth revealed..huh r u sayin tht jo ll be back this mon 28??

  41. in the promo jl wasnt tht affected though it was his bari ammi…no tears or sadness..well no EMOTIONS…so accrdin to written promo their consumation ll take place after ma’s truth..

  42. @sharon in the promo only ruq n salima were shown jo was nt there..does it mean tht ma’s truth ll be out bfre comin back of jo??

  43. payal wats a,p??
    in new promo thy show jl n maham in court..ruq n salima r also there…i dnt no wat he says coz my hindi is poor..but well jl is vry angry n ma doesnt seem to be fact shes lookin angry against jl..tht all

  44. Payal

    Anael sharon can i give a shocking news here 10 students should write public exams and that were completed before 10 days today there is school for students who entering into 10

  45. @sharon im thinkin abut the meetings of ja/jo in nxt epis..thy will surely be funny n i missed the teasings of jl..his teasings were funny but with lov n hatred in it as well…hmm i wnt the rest of the serial frm now onwrds to hv only romance…

  46. Payal

    Anael 10 means its a class like 1st class ,2nd class, 10th class its last where student will complete school and will enter collg

  47. in k.k.k i thought debina nikitin or deana wuld be less competitive thn the others but no thy evn excelled the gud ones..mean gauhar gurmeet etc…

  48. u were 17?? thn wats ur actual [email protected]

  49. ya i saw it [email protected].i thought it wuld be salman or gurmeet..

  50. Payal

    Anael thats my actual age who completed 15 will enter cllg and 17 cllg /university depends on course choosen

  51. but wat did u watched payal?/ i dnt get time to watch serials nw..i hv tuitions evry dy..i leave fr school at 7:30am n com back at 6:00 pm after tuitions..but i watched ipkknd 2 rangrasiya yeh hai moha…n JA a cnnt miss show lol

  52. here its 8:30 to 2:30 but i hv tuitions from 3:30 to 6:00 evry day…unfrtunately sharon no one watches this serial in my family evn at school..i wuld like to share my views with my surroundings but my friends watch other serials…

  53. Payal

    Anael i watched ipkknd 2 .sathiya .saraswathichrand ek haseena .diya aur bati .pyar ka dardh. veera. yeh hai .vadhu .madhu rang.beintehaa. ek mutti .sapna suhana, jodha, aur pyar ,pavitra

  54. @payal i still dnt no wat i wnt to do..i was thinkin abut mechanical engineerin n chemical engineerin but not sure…but i wnt to cmplete my studies india..

  55. ha shaaron thts y i like cmmntin here..i cn share my views n vice versa..evn if i hv loads of h/w i make sure to spend time here..JA is best n am too addicetd to it..

  56. Payal

    Anael i will take ece by this we can get govt engineer if not so job in soft ware side we cn get

  57. girls i wuld like to ask a question..plz dnt feel bad abut it…but do feel like india is dngerous n tht women r not safe??

  58. am so eager to come to india its my dream but my mom is nt willin to let me go…u no on social netwrks like fb…usually indian men or evn students add foreigners to talk abut s*x…wat u think abut tht??

  59. Payal

    Anael i don’t have fb but my friend said that once she ad foreiner by mistake she questioned my friend about s*x my freind deleted her name

  60. no sharon but sooner i ll be in india..two more years to go bfre..i’ll complete my last year in 2015 n ll move to india in 2016..

  61. Payal

    No anael we will get summer holidays if u get any long holidays u can come to 2 india why 2 wait untik 2016

  62. payal my parents dnt wnt me to come there..only education pretext cn help me to get there…n i wnt to discover evry corner of india eat evry dish..well the whole package!! my friend is goin to punjab in dec n i told her to take lots of pics..

  63. ok its better i tell my whole name sharon..u search fr it n add me…its nxt sunday payal n tell ur bd dates as well girls..

  64. Payal

    Both will have passwords to open ur accounts if any send request u no about them to ad or reject so no worry na

  65. madagascar is an island yar but its for africa in fact..well u shuld look fr a universal map…mauritius is vry small..its a dot in indian ocean..

  66. Yup yaar butter milk is very tasty…. Ilike lassi but not very much but i hate milk
    But i like bevrages like sundays, nimbu pani, jal zeera

  67. Payal

    Anael i heard mauritius name near my social sir if any want to learn map pointing learn near my social sir he will show all countries in 1 map

  68. Hiiiii payal, anael, sharon
    Ohhh!!!!! So sweet of u anael for welcoming me ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yaar i can’t drink milk without adding some flavouring substance in it bcoz its smell nd taste irritates me

  69. Sharon go on jodha akbar-zee tv which has 282k likes..the section where fans post their views etc..u go there n u ll find my name whether in commnt box or posts…just try to find it..the page with 282 000 likes ok??? Tell if culd find it..

  70. @payal
    Sorry for giving late reply actually there was some problem in my mobile ๐Ÿ˜›

  71. sharon

    Jodha will be returning to agra by next week. Jalal will continue to tease her why she came back. But she will refuse to admit anything. Mahamanga truth will finally expose. Hence why jalal will be heart broken thus leading to consummation between jodha and jalal because of jalals depression.
    Shaguni bai will be seen dancing in a red outfit saying that the story has turned it’s way, and now they have became from two to one soul forever.

  72. sharon the page with 282k likes just posted a photo of jl n jo flash back in last epi where jl is makin jo wearin the bangle…ill commnt on this photo n u may find my name..ill also like it…ok?

  73. Girls do u watch mohabbatein, ek haseena, ipkknd, beintehaa, sadda haq, yeh hai aashiqui, ishq kills ๐Ÿ˜€ 8)
    Last 2 only on sundays ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  74. Sharon am havin in loadin on this acc. Is private ill desactivate it till tommrw..send ur request by tonight bot sure if ill be able to cmmnr again here but i ll see ur msg..

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