Jodha Akbar 24th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jodha comes out of her room, she ask why all this decorations in palace, Hamida comes and says that today is very special day, for you too, Qadir has come to consciousness, Jalal has ordered to call Salim back and send Qadir to Fatima bi, Jodha says really my son is coming back? she starts crying and says Maa listened to me, Qadir got fine and my son is coming back, I will go to bring him, Jalal comes and says if you go to bring him then who will make choorma bhaati for him? don’t worry Todar and Ruks have gone to bring him, they must be coming, Jodha says its good ruks went to take him, I have to do many things, I have to make halwa for him, she runs to do the preparations for Salim’s welcome, all smiling, Jalal says to Hamida that I have seen smile on her face after much

time, Hamida says she is mother, palace happiness is coming back, I will not let him go away again, Jalal says I will not get time to meet Salim as he has many mothers, you Salima, Jodha, Ruks etc that I will not be bale to meet him, Hamida says all love him.
All comes on gate, Salim comes in palalce on horse, all soldiers cheer for him, Salim looks at Jodha and thinks that Jodha was in palalce but couldn’t come to bring me this means she doesn’t love me, Jodha does aarti of Salim, Salim recalls how Jodha went against him every time, how she askded Jalal to give him punishment, How Ruks kept telling him that his moher doesn’t love so didn’t even come to bring him to palalce, after Aarti, Jodha says to Salim that I cant tell how much I love you, she opens her arms to hug Salim, Salim runs to Hamida and hugs her, Salim meets Salima, Jodha feels it but smile nonetheless, all kids hug Salim and congrats him, Jodha says Salim lets go inside, Salim ignores her, Jalal opens his arms to hug Salim but Salim ignores him too,, Jalal notices his behavior.

Scene 2
Salim comes in room and finds Rangoli there, he recalls how Salim once said to Jodha that I like rangoli you make, I will keep sitting here to protect it that nobody destroy it, Jodha says if you like this then I will make this rangoli on every special occasion, flashback ends, Salim now recalls bitter words of ruks that mother can die for her child but your mother has taken side of Rashid who was conspiring to kill you, Salim angrily looks at Rangoli and smears it with his feet, Jodha comes there and ask who smeared the rangoli, she says it maybe because of heavy winds, she says look what I have brought for you, I will make you eat food today, I have made everything which is your favourite, Jalal comes there, Salim says to Jodha that I am not hungry.
in night, Jodha recalls how Salim ignored her and Jalal, Jalal comes there and says I know you are worried about Salim, Jodha says I am not understanding anything, Jalal says maybe he is tired, Jodha says no its something else, Jalal says give him sometime, he will be fine, you also get angry with him but pacify you so you pacify him too, don’t worry, everything will be fine till tomorrow, Jodha says I hope so.

Scene 3
Rahim comes to Salim and ask him to come for sword fighting, Salim is tensed, Rahim ask the matter, Salim says don’t you think that Jalal was unfair with me in giving me punishment? Rahim says if punishment is less than crime then its for teaching, if it is equal then justice and if more than crime then cruelty, Jalal has made you taught things, Salim says I did mistake unintentionally, Rashid was forgiven but not me? Rahim says you will understand when you will become king, don’t think about it, lets go, they go to practice.
All kids are doing practice for sword fighting, Jalal comes there and says I will practice with Salim, while Rahim you practice with other kids, Jalal and Salim starts sword fighting, Salim is attacking Jalal, Jalal is defending, Jalal says enough, he ask Salim to come with him, SAlim and Jalal sit, Jalal ask are you angry with me? hy this much rudeness, Salim you punished me, you should not have done that, Jalal says what I did was for your good, I wanted to make you learn something and you did, when you will grow up, you will know, Salim says you didn’t do justice, I would not have given such punishment if I was king, Jalal says then what punishment you would have given? Salim that I will tell you when I will become king, now I wanna practice. he leaves.
Jalal is in his room, Jodha comes there and says that this is wrong, Salim has returned just now and you sent him for practice, Jalal says he is next king, Jodha says then I have to wait for him to shower my love, Jalal says you don’t have to wait, you can love till Salim come, Jodha says no whose love it is will be given to him only, Jalal says you are right, Jodha ask why you seem tensed, Jalal says Salim is angry with me, that I gave punishment to him, Jodha sayshe has taken that decision on his heart. Hamida comes there and says I wanna do royal fiest on salim’s return, jala and jodha are happy that salim might pacify this way

precap- jodha ask salim why he is not going to come in fiest jalal willl be angry salim says its jalal’s work to get angry, ruks comes and salim will come in fiest, salim agrees to come and says i will dress which ruks brought for me.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. अरूण

    New promo .. shanshah is asking about opium to Salim from where he got Salim is blaming salima while jodha is abusing salima …. ruk is happy.

  2. shreya

    oh gopal jst shut up………..jise kuch karna chahie tha ussne to kuch bhi nahi kiya aur jise nahi karna tha usae sab kuch mil gaya dis shows how fool jo is…….!!!!!

  3. अरूण

    It is nice that Salim is ignoring both shahanshah and jodha; दोनो और नजदीक होंगे ।

  4. shreya

    n u arun it seems dat u noe much abt histry den u all might b noeing dat thr was nothing like this akb only luv was ruk…………..n she was not a evil…………rite………..!!!!

    • shreya

      a/q to hisry ruk was only grnd daught n fvrt of babbur so she ws burried in babur a bagh n jo was burrd near akb cuz it was ruks order dat dey whr not close whn dey whr alive but dey might get close aftr death stleast………!!!!

  5. shreya

    shilpa r u onlne or shall i go now………cuz i get annoyd whn no1 cms n i simply chat lyk dumboz……….

  6. अरूण

    Ruk was childless life time while jodha was muz even first marriage of salim was with man singh sister.

    • shreya

      yes she was chldless bt b4 dat she had daniyel murad hass n huss fatima n mny more children……… no1 survivd dats true

  7. shreya

    n arun it will b bettr if u dont try to show ruk dwn n jo as supirior cuz no1 can chng d truth nor rajat tokas nor paridhi nor lavina n nor this ekta’s 3rd class serial ok……….got dat !!!!

  8. shreya

    n also in reallity ruk was more pretty den jo………i hv red it smwhr dat……….kehten hain ki rukaiya sultan ka roop bighalta sona/hira tha……..!!!!

    • shreya

      no dear jab koi luv tha hi nahi tow luv story kahan se aa gaya………..dey both r connectd by historians by mistake dey both r said to b togethr cuz bcuz of jo he gad hart bt he gave dat to ruk n anothr thing is dat jo make her akb d grt……..only dis much bt in reallity he ljvd ruk only !!!!!

  9. ruks only mistake is giving opium…she has done lot more thngs ike telling lies 2 jalal that she is preagnant, nt telling 2 jalal dat she knew dat dilawar was sujamal. etc. but she did all this so dat not 2 loose her love jalal. she had been wit him since childhood nd wat was her mistake dat jalal wud leave hr nd love jo. i also abuse jo dat she tuk place of rukku…

  10. Auranzeb is not cruel
    He is disciplined person
    He used to earn his own money by making n selling Masjid caps, mats, chain of beads (jap Mala) n holy books of Islam . He made his livinghood with that income
    He is simple person
    Many such n real things of aurangzeb is not shown bcoz he followed his own religion but respected others too
    But the thing is his personal life is not shared by other religions like akbar
    The only reason that made him cruel is he is a perfect religious man
    India needs some more secularism
    I’m not criticizing India ,I love my country
    Do u find any such true people’s written history is correct
    So do not blame such great rulers without knowing the facts

  11. Nan

    Why is ugly ruks still in the show. She is a witch she cannot have a child, what child she is blaming Jodha for? Jodha’s own child. I hope Jalaal wip her realy realy good . She really needs to be out of the she let her die in shame. Witch.

    • shreya

      hey cnt u mind ur own business wat ruk is doing here u dont need to care abt it……….thr r many to thnk abt d track ok n pl thnk b4 u speak cuz ruk is not any1’s servnt here bt jo cn b cuz she luvs to do all hos wrks n it will b bettr dat u b in ur limit……………got dat………..!!!!

  12. ruks is a terrible woman how dare she interfere with jalal and jodhas love for their son salim. salim is an intelligent boy does he not see what is going on with ruks. please let it be revealed of what ruks is doing to salim turning him against his father and mother what kind of stupidity is this come on jalal please find out what ruks is doing to your son before it is tooooooooooooooo

  13. ruks is maham anga come back from the dead that is all I could say she is sooooooooooooooo evil how could anyone who calls themselves mother be doing such evil deeds I think it is about time ruks be killed off the show.

  14. shreya

    was here a debate yestday n gloria bhve ur self ok if jo cn b d wall b/w ruk n akb den why cnt ruk b d wall n up of dat ruk has more rite on akb den jo

  15. shreya

    gloria if u dont lyk ruk den dont bt dont b so rude dat it may cause a STUCK knd of thngs on a frndship…………ok……….!!!!

  16. shreya

    well shimoun r u a histry studnt……………if yes den its gud 4 me only……… reply to my ques 1st…………yes/no………!!!

  17. Aisha

    Hey i also love history …..and guys bahadur shah zafar was the last mughal emperor ….. And auranzeb was not at all interested in politics ….he was only interested in money n in only getting royal facilities n that all !

  18. shreya

    Srry gys i m vry srry i ll nver say any wrong thng to jo frm now i m vry srry i admit ruk is vry bad ugly also srry

  19. it is bcoming late if i vote eeach category… ithink we shld distribute d wrk among ourselves wat do u say shreya will u help me plzzz?

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