Jodha Akbar 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 24th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
maham is in darkness, she sits and see some baby, she takes baby in her hand and says to get up and eat something, you have to eat one day, you have to answer my qusetions, i have waited alot, i can wait some more time but i will get what i want, do you understand, she smirks at baby(face is not shown).
In amer, jalal is shirtless with bandages, he drinks milks and thinks that i know you care about me alot but you are stubborn, but i am your husband and stubborn too, i will pacify you, jodha is making remedy, she ask dasi to put it on jalal’s hands’ wounds, jalal says i dont need it jodha says doctor said you need it, she ask all to leave, she takes remedy and says this is important, jalal says okay aply, jodha calls dasi, jalal thinks i thought you will apply, it, he

says no need, i can apply myself, he tries to apply with much difficulty, jodha says wait. she sits beside him, jalal says if you are still angry, jodha says you need rest, she applies medicine, jalal says till when you dont forgive me, i cant rest, jodha says look otherside, jodha says some wounds are deep, jalal says if remedy is applied it is treated, jalal says i have left my stubborness for you, i came here and cant sleep with seeing you, jodha says remedy is applied and is about to leave, jalal calls out to her and winces in pain, jodha gets wottied and ask him to be careful and holds him, they share an eyelock, she makes him lie on bed, she sits on other side of bed and start taking out jewelry, jalal looks at her smiles and thinks that your wall of stubborness is big but my earth of love is more big, thanks for taking my care. jodha puts net curtain between them.

Scene 2
ruks says wow weather is awesome, i will go out with jalal, she then remembers jalal is not here, she thinks that when will you return, dont you miss, i have no one to talk, she comes to salima and says i am missing jalal, she says jalal will return with jodha, he has hurt her heart so it will take time to pacify her, ruks says i will leave. salima says no you can stay, ruks says no you sleep and leaves.

Scene 3
In night, PRECAP. it was snake, jalal shouts, jodha throws it, and sit to other side, jalal says snake roam here like this? jodha says yes and also female snake, she says if i wouldnt have removed it it would have bitten you, jalal says seems you have some animosity with poison, once saved from benazir and now with this snake, why? jodha says you are our guest thats why i did that, she lies with her back to jalal, jalal says innocent snake atleast he was happy with me, jodha looks back at jalal, jalal smiles.

Scene 4
salima and hamida are at dargah, they pray that jalal and jodha get back toghether,hamida says jodha believes on wish, i wish she comes back, salima says we got attach to jodha, they gives things to poors, hamida ask salima to back to palace as rahim is alone there, she leaves. hamida sees maham draping shawl and going in darkness, hamida says why is she going there, i have to find out.

Scene 5
its morning, jalal gets up and says where is jodha, he drapes shawland comes out looking for jodha, he sees jodha practising sword fighting, he says i like this talent of yours, i have seen smile on your face after many days, it makes you more beautiful and i took that smile from you, dasi says its time for your medicine, jalal says i am going t my medicine(jodha). he comes down wearing his gown, jodha looks at him, he greets jodha, she greets back, jalal says you are amazing in sword fighting, shehnaz ask dasi will jalal swordfight with jodha, she says dont know. jalal says to jodha that its beautiful morning, jodha says injured man should take rest, jalal says injured loin is more dangerous, he shows his sword to her, jodha says i will not be lilient just because you are injured, they start fighting, jalal says you are attacking me like i am your enemy, jodha says battle is battle, dasi says jalal is just defending but jodha is attacking badly, jalal doesnt play his swrod on jodha but she keep attacking him, dasi ask her to be careful, she says then he shouldnt have come here, jalal says its good chance for you, cut off my head i will not say anything, jodha says i am not killer, meena and bharmal comes there, meena says sometime yo behave weird with the one you love, she says jalal is guilty and jodha is angry, its between them, she will not hurt jalal, let her anger come out, jalal says t jodha that all are seeing us fighting like this, jodha gets busy in looking around, jalal throws her sword and grabs her by neck, he then leaves her and says i could have attacked you, jodha says cheating, everytime you cheat in everything, jalal comes closer and says everything is fair in lovbe and war, jodha fumes and ask shehnaz lets leave. shehnaz ask are you given your heart to him ,jalal shouts you didnt thanks me, i pardoned your life. jodha leaves.

PRECAP- jalal is holding jodha’s hand infront of all, jodha jerks it away and leaves, jalal comes to her and says you can ignore me infront of all, but you cant ignore the promises you gave to your mother, mughal sultanat, my people needs me so i am going back, bye.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. shraddha

    I was reminded of the good old days! Sword fighting scene was awesome! Toooooooo goooood! Yeah as per precap, Jalal will be leaving for Agra! Hope Jodha follows him soon!

  2. aivar

    who’s baby… jalal’s sister… Who is maham hiding or imprisioning… I think it is a women…

  3. shraddha

    Hi Payal! By the way I missed that scene and I actually want to know if Maham was actually holding a baby or not! Clarify please. If its a baby, then its difficult guess what is she planning for!

  4. After jl hallucinatin its nw the turn of ruq…lol..n i liked toD ‘s epi…jodha was on top…she’s like a magnet..she cnnt get away frm jl…btw bonsoir shraddha!!! N hi evrybody..hw r u all??

  5. Am thinkin it may be benazirs baby..coz jl slept with her..n no dead bodies of her was shown..n if wat am sayin is true thn this cn be a great twist in the show…

  6. shraddha

    Whatever it is, I want Maham to die as soon as possible. Irritating witch! N by the way, today Hamida Bano was even suspicious of her. So we should start the countdown!

  7. Payal

    Shraddha sharon said that jo will play chasur with jl jl wins he asks jo to come agra when will this happen

  8. Payal just saw it too!!
    In the real film when jl n jo were fighting..jl said to jo if he wins she will hv to com back with him..but here in this serial nothin as such happned…nw while playin chausar jo will leave amer as she will lose..hmm wat u think guys will JA win awards this year,?

  9. shraddha

    @Payal Oh common! She’ll play chausar with him, lose the game and hence will go to Agra. This sounds so childish. I mean this isn’t a small thing that can be sorted out so easily. They need to talk over it; some serious talking of course! And since the precap is all about Jalal leaving for Agra, I hope JJ talk at least once before Jalal leaves. And Jalal had promised Hamida that he wouldn’t return without Jodha and now all of a sudden he is leaving. I think there is a big reason behind this, not sure though!
    Well, even if it happens, that can’t be the reason for her to follow him.

  10. shraddha

    Jalal is not wrong in going to Agra. After all, he is the Shahenshah of Mughal Sultanat. And he has duties. He can’t run after his wife all the time. He can’t even force Jodha now.

  11. Ya im gettin anoyed with this show!!!!
    Things r draggin n draggin n draggin!!!!
    Its vry sad coz this show cnnt defeat other show in trps…n audience was vry gud at beginnin but with time its decreasin…i am vry sad..i wish JA does nt takw the path of qubool hai…

  12. @shraddha i wnder hw jodha will leave amer n wat will make her leave…n if jl isleavin fr agra…wat abut shenaz??? Uff too much things happenin in this show right nw…

  13. sharon

    Payal it cant b zakira the cvs are making us think too much so just wait nd watch wat will hppn nxt

  14. shraddha

    @Payal…….no no! The way they are dragging things, it can’t end so soon. And I don’t even want that to end so soon. Actually it depends on Ekta. If it is only about showing their love story, it will end soon but if they have planned to show about Jodha as MUZ and Akbar’s achievements, then the show is going to continue for a longer time.
    @anael Presently there are many issues which are not solved. And they are introducing multiple characters. Somewhere I expect these to have a connection. Well, lets wait before jumping on to a conclusion.
    Anyways good night guys!

  15. Agree sharon..i too think its shenaz baby n she acts strngely coz she got traumatise may be…sharon i see the new spoiler evrywhere..but some place its written chess n other chausar..

  16. Nxt week is end of april n beginnin of may…tht means consumation sequence is nearing but like things r goin i guess it ll be in 2 weeks!!! Or perhaps it ll happen bfre revealin truth abut shenaz…

  17. anilah

    wow why she jerked him gosh jodha u playin a stupid role right now though stop pushing him away

  18. I m damn sure jalal will not return to aagra he is just frightning jodha so that she can go with him because there is a news that jodha will play chauser with jalal so if jodha will play with jalal how jalal can return to aagra but what about shehnaaz it is like the cv’s have forgo10 about her and after a long wait jodha akbar came 2nd slot in trp ratings so ya looking forward for the next epi

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