Jodha Akbar 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1ts raining heavilu, jodha and ruks’s palanquin is going through jungle. otherside dadi prays to kali maata to save jodha from problems.
jalal is in shop, the drunk man(birbal) ask jalal is he king jalal that he got worried listening to the name of king jalal, jalal ask why? man ask are you king jalal? our king is a loin outside but he lives like a coward in palace, he has many wives and no wife can go out without his permission, he rules on his wife, he says to jalal that you don’t know me, I am special person of jalal, soldiers come there and says this person is spreading wrong things about jalal, we will take him, birbal says jalal doent let me live and now he is not even allowing me die, this is wrong, jalals’ soldiers takes birbal from there.
in storm, jodha’

palanquin slips and jodha falls from it, she gets hurt and starts feeling labour pain, ruks hold her and says nothing will happen to you. otherside shagani bai says to dadi they in this drak night, something is going to happen and we cant do anything, we can just see what fate is doing.
ruks ask soldiers to bring another palanquin, jodha is in much pain, ruks makes her sit in another palanquin, soldiers run it, jodha says its not good this dark night and storm, ruks says we cant do anything, we have to go to palace, josha is screaming in pain, ruks ask soldiers to stop and set a big palanquin for jodha, jodha says to ruks that I am feeling much pain, ruks says no you are srtong, you cant become weak, think about our children, just be awake, ruks finds blood coming out of jodha and is shocked.
shaguni is praying to kali maata, dadi ask what did you find? shaguni says there is no way to be saved, maham’s curse will happen, jai kali plays.
jodha says to ruks that I cant bear the pain now, do something, ruks ask soldiers to distribute and find some help, moti says to ruks that the time has come, we have to do the delivery, ruks says but one month is left, moti says by slipping off from palanquin, the water line has burst.

Scene 2
birbal is taken to court, he looks at court with wide open mouth. jalal comes in court, birbal says to jalal that its strange you here, jalal ask why you said that you have problems because of me, birbal says I wanted to reach you and it was the only way, you have destroyed the lives to us mans, jalal ask how? birbal says I used to live happily with my wife, you gifts your wife the expensive things, you give diamonds to your wives, once my wife saw your wife and she saw your wife’s diamonds and clothes, she liked it and started to crave for it, I used to be king in my house but after that I became servant in my house only, she used to love me but after that she used to call me useless, jalal and all laughs on his rants, birbal says that’s why I have said you have destroyed my life, todar takes out his sword and says to not say anything about our king, birbal says to jalal that I can serve and I can od that for you which you cant for yourself, jalal ask what? birbal says to serve you, jalal smiles, birbal says to jalal that I can make your wives happy now, jalal ask if you don’t? birbal says then I will bow my head to you and will give you slipper, birbal says I will tell you the wife whom you love most, he says the one you love most the wife who gets ready for in morning and waits for in night, who becomes shy seeing, jalal smiles, all ladies smile, birbal says now I know that you wont give me punishment, jalal ask why? birbal says the person who made your wives smile at same time, how can you punish him? jalal smiles and cuts his chains, he ask birbal, will he work in court? birbal ask what will I do here? jalal says you will have to just light the mood here, birbal agrees, sharif says one more hindu.

hamida comes to salima and says I am worried for jodha and ruks, they haven’t comeback, I am feeling like this storm has come to fulfill the curse of maham, I am feeling restless, salima gives her Quran pak to recite and say this will help us in difficult, they recite Quran together.
ruks is taking jodha to another palanquin, she makes jodha lie in it, jodha is feeling labour pain and says I cant bear it now, I am in pain, ruks says don’t worry, I am here, I will do something, she puts cloth on palanquin, and goes in side it, ruks and moti are with jodha inside palanquin, ruks sees blood on her hands, she is shocked to see jodha in bath of blood and wincing in pain., jodha becomes unconscious, ruks shouts no.
otherside shaguni says to dadi that maham’s curse is going to be fulfilled.
jalal is waiting for ruks and jodha, he says why they are taking much time, todar says no need to worry, they will come, jalal says if they don’t come in sometime then I will myself to search for them, ruks comes there, her clothes are stained with blood, jalal ask what happened ruks? ruks says jalal jodha and kids… jalal gets tensed.

PRECAP- jodha has given birth to twins, jalal comes to her room and looks at twins. otherside Shaguni bai says that maham’s curse is not gone, it will show its colors soon and everything will be destroyed.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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