Jodha Akbar 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
hamida comes to jalal and jodha, she kisses their heads, hamida brings gifts, the royal turban and crown for them and make them wear it, all people chants for jalal and jodha’s long life, jodha smiles and looks at jalal and makes face. atgah gets up and says bharmal has gifted you elephants and other animal, meenavati has also sent gifts.
shehnaz is roeming and thinks that all are busy in celebrating, I can finish my work which was left due to gul babdan begum that day, she comes in her room and sees something in humayun’s biography, she says I have to find things fro my work to be done, she closes it and says I should leave before anybody sees me, she comes out of room. moti comes there and ask where are you going? shehnaz says I am going on roof. moti says don’t be sad I will

make you see celebrations. shehnaz sasy jalal will be angry, moti says we are not going to celebrations but I will make you see it, shehnaz thinks that I got such a nice chance but this moti bai..

Scene 2
hamida says jalal all Mughal rituals are done, now time for rajvanshi rituals, he ask whats it, hamida says its game of magic eyes, jodha laughs. hamida ask them to come, they gets up and are going somewhere, jalal whispers jodha that you are smiling looking at all but not looking at me, are you that angry, jodha says no but I am angry on your thoughts about shehnaz, jalal says I don’t have any personal animosity but I don’t want anybody to be hurt by her, jodha says she doesn’t do it purposely, jalal says I know but remember what she did with Rahim. we have to be careful with kids, hamida turns and ask what are you advising her related to kids? jalal says nothing, jodha knows about kids better, hamida says how she can know without being mother, when she will become mother she will know, jalal smiles while jodha is shy. they come for ritual, hamida gives them bowl filled with milk and rose petals, she says find magic eyes in it, jalal and jodha tries to find, jalal gets naughty and holds jodha’s hand in bowl, jodha is stunned but couldn’t say anything infront of anyone, hamida says I listened that Krishna ji use to like this game, salima says jodha you have to win, jodha looks at jalal and pleads to leave her hand, jalal leaves, jalal makes jodha win, hamida says good and ask her to make wish, jodha says yes but.. jalal says I will make wish with her, hamida says I have already wished that soon jodha gives young brother to Rahim to play with him, jodha is stunned.

Scene 2
ruks ask dasi to bring doctor and don’t allow anyone to come in. doctor comes, ruks ask her to sit.
maham is with some hakim(doctor), she says I tried everything on patient but he is not getting well, doc says every illness has treatment, I will see patient and then tell you, he goes to check him, maham says you have to become fine at any cost, so that I achieve my goals.

Scene 3
atgah tells jalal that some common people wants to congratulate you, they comes and praises jalal jodha, they say we hope your wishes get fulfilled, the dancers are dancing and praising jalal on song jai ho jai ho. jalal aks jodha to come close, she says what, he says either you didn’t listen or want me to tell loudly about my love, jodha comes close, jalal too comes close. jalal whispers to jodha that we have to talk about child tonight, jodha looks at him and sasy this is why you called me close, jalal says its very important matter, jodha angrily looks at him and is about to go far but her dupatta get stuck under jalal’s elbow, jalal says look your dupatta is also in mood of naughtiness, jodha is speechless..
the doctor which came to meet ruks, calls atgah out of venue, she informs him something. atgah comes informs jalal same and jalal leaves with him, jodha looks on. jalal comes out and meets that girl, she says him something which is muted, jalal says is it true? she nods, jalal comes to ruks room and says don’t get up, he says is this news true? she says yes, he says this news is very serious for me so tell me truth, ruks says yes you are going to be father, I promised you that I will make you father, I will give you child and I fulfilled my promise, jalal gets happy and kisses her forehead, he says you have told me the most beautiful news, I am thankful to god that he gave this happiness, he orders daises to take full care ruks, he says there should be no carelessness in her care, more dasies should be appointed, food should be given after checking, call priest who will pray for child, earlier also an unfortunate incident happened, I don’t want any worng thing this time. the day which I waited for so long is about to come, you have given me happiness ruks, I cant thank you enough.
he kisses her forehead, jodha comes there and sees this, he keeps kissing her hand, jodha cant see this and closes her eyes, she says jalal this was most precious day for me and you came here leaving me there, she recalls how jalal said that this is most beautiful day and he wants to spend his life with her, she is teary eyed. ruks thinks jodha now celebrate your anniversary without jalal.

Scene 4
all dasies discusses this news of ruks going to be mother, they tells this news to hamida and salima, hamida is beyond happy, salima says seems good days are coming, hamida says doctor said that ruks cant be mother then how this happened, doctor says miracles happen, it was destined to be, I am happy that I was worng. salima congratulate hamida, jiji anga also congratulate, she says we should celebrate, we should share this with people, hamida says unfortunate happened earlier, I don’t want this happen again, don’t know where is enemy, we should control our emotions, jalal and ruks suffered earlier too.
jalal is with ruks and says you have given me the best news, I cant tell you how much happy I am, I will take care of you even more this time, jodha sees their affection and cant tolerate jalal being so close to ruks, she leaves from there crying.

PRECAP- jalal being happy gifts his necklace to shehnaz, she says how nice of you, he leaves, she turns evil and says I don’t want this haar(necklace), I want your haar(lose). she breaks necklace into pieces.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. ray

    awww man shenaz is going on the roof!!! which means there will be interference in jo and jala moments

  2. rimi

    hey guyz! cud i join in ur convo? m a regular readr of ja updates bt nevr rlly commntd!

  3. aivar

    the doctor is going to lie and tell jalal that ruks is pregnant which will cause jalal to ignore jodha… and cause a rift… again… can jodha and jalal share one good moment without it being inturpted???? uffff

    • Baisali

      I thot dis tym ruks won’t lie again. earlier she kept those idols in hindu dasi’s room n blamed jodha, bt she got caught. isnt she scared dat if dis tym jalal catches her lying then she wud lose all respect in4nt f every1. d fact is dat rukaiya is vry insecure abt her n jalal’s relation. she dsn trust him at all. she dsn deserve jalal. I jst hpe d truth cums out soon. dunno wt jalal is gonna do aftr knwing d truth.

  4. ray

    ugh well atleast ruks wont be preganent for real and lie and when jalal finds out he will kick her out of agra

  5. JA may go off air ya paridhi will replace bcoz ekta may sign paridhi for her nxt show which air on colors in july i hope its jst a rumour…

  6. aivar

    ray… how do you think jalal will find out she is not pregnant??? and what is ruks plan exactly would it be weirod that he belly isnt growning or that after 9 months there is no baby…

    • ray

      either jo will come with evidence as the witness will be doctor or he himself will see her doing something that proves she is not preggo

  7. rimi

    its still nt clear whthr ruks is rlly pregnant, i so hope she is nt nd jst playng a drty trck nd she gets xposed soon

  8. Dramaqueen

    I think ruk will make a scene where in she will blame jodha for her miscarriage and try and seperate jalal and jodha.

  9. JA may go off air ya paridhi will replace bcoz ekta may sign paridhi for her nxt show which air on colors in july.. i hope its jst a rumour…

  10. aivar

    it is for sure a fake pregnancy…because she said she will separte them at any cost… she is lying now we have to wait and see how her lie will be exposed…

  11. prabha

    hi everyone…i read your comments daily..u guys rockzzz in ur comments..well guessing.. 🙂

  12. ray


  13. ray

    @aivar hahahahaha lol im calmed down u know what they say “truth shall always be revealed in the end”
    lol but we dont know for sure if she is telling the truth or not

  14. ray

    im from america living in america still
    @aivar OMG u live in egypt!!! that is soo cool do u live w ur family?

    • ray

      wow that is so cool and im sorry i didnt know u didnt live w ur family sorry and i pray that u will soon 🙂

  15. Seriously ruks again spoiled everything
    Hope jalal soon sought out matter of ruks and maham and then ja will remain close
    Hi everyone I am new to this conver bt not to updates

  16. Cristy21

    My friends dad works in zee tv(uae)
    and she told me that ja wont go off air for 2 or 3 years

  17. Cristy21

    It seems only rajat and paridhi have signed
    a contract that they will not leave the show
    unless it ends

  18. Baisali

    I think aftr getting xposed rukaiya may emotionally blackmail jalal so dat he dsn punish her 4 wt she hs done. I jst wnt jalal n jodha 2geder. I jst hate dis rukaiya.

  19. swa

    obvi dat ruk lyin bcos moti had told jodha dat jalal regreted every night n dint go 2 any begum room wen she was away!

  20. hi everyone am frm nigeria en am soo much in lov with dis program been following since last yr.hope to see the end of ruks en mahamanga

  21. Shaini

    I m 100% sure dat dis is d fake pregnancy of ruk just 2 take jodha away from jalal. Idiot ruks.

  22. Sush

    Hey guys…Even am d gr8 fan of jodha n akbar… If u guys don mind shall i join dis conversation too… Even i would luv to share ma opinion..

  23. sharon

    Jodha Akbar will finally consummate on 26th May episode

    Zee TV’s popular show Jodha Akbar is on a happy track these days. Jodha and Akbar are coming closer and we see many sweet romantic scenes between them. The much awaited consummation scene of Jodha and AKbar was delayed due to some reasons but now finally audiences will see this happening on 26 May episode.

    Well, it won’t happen so smoothly as when Jodha and Akbar will come together in their palatial room, King Akbar will get a news of Rukaiya begum’s pregnancy and he will leave Jodha alone in the room to see Rukaiya. Akbar will be very happy and will forget that this night is for Jodha. Poor Jodha begum, she will feel little disheartened.

    When Akabr returns from Rukaiya’s room, he will ask Jodha to forgive him as it was his responsibility to meet Rukaiya at this time. Jodha who has been waiting since long to spend some quality time with Akabr will argue with Akbar and finally both will make love. Also, as far as current track is concerned, it looks like soon Jodha will get pregnant with her first child. Also, there is a twist with Rukaiya’s pregnancy which we will reveal later.

  24. Shaini

    No i cant watch i m busy wit some work. My mom wont allow me 2 watch. Sad abt it. R u watching pari

  25. Hey may I join our group plz I lv this show I am Pakistani and there zee TV doesn’t come so I watch all episodes on net only Geo kahani comes but there episodes are very slow yet they are sticking at benazir and Akbar mariedge plz can I join ur group tell me

  26. sameer

    Lol… mad pati and shaini… using JA update episode has some chat room!! lol…

    Brace yourselves everyone… mad army coming!!!!!!

  27. Shaini

    Hey pari dont mind sameer he is like dat and is funny if u want 2 kno plz visit 20 may 2014 written episode of jodha akbar

    • sameer

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      have u seen your comments?? totally senseless!!!! and using this page as some fb messenger typo thing!!

  28. sameer

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  29. sugyami

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  30. Pari

    Sameer aap hame batayye k hum serial k siva kisi aur topic pe kyou baat nahi kar sakte…

  31. sameer

    change ur name to “crying baby”..@pari!!…
    i wanna see u cry cry cry
    until ur tears dnt dry dry dry…..

  32. Shaini

    Pari sameer is like dat. Plz visit 20 may written episode coment section of jodha akbar. U wil kno wat sameer is

    • sameer

      thanks for advertising my name so much… asking people to go and read previous update comments…that too only mine.. thanks..thanks shaini!!

  33. Sugyami

    Cool sameer u should get d nobel prize 4 being d maddest and d dumbest person in d world

  34. sameer

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  35. Sameer

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  36. sameer

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  38. sameer

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    crazy people on earth!!!!!!!!!

  39. Hey6yyyyyyyyyyyy guys I respect u all whiy r u all fighting be 4rnds and be good to each other right like this :DD: OK !!!!!

  40. Shaini

    I dont want 2 fast 4 u i wanna fast 4 other guys who r bcoming mad. I did not kno dat u dont understand english

  41. Deeksha

    M bhi jodha akbar serial ki fan hu .aapke comments read m 2 din se read kar rahi hu. Accha lagta h .par kya m ek question puchuu?? .Aap loog kitne years ke h.?????????

  42. sameer

    Suno re baba main 1 year ka chota baby hun. Isiliye to aisa baat kar raha hun. Khush ab chup raho

  43. Does any one have any details that is maha episode going to be come or not. Because I see all episodes on net no zee TV in my home ????? Plz tell if u know

  44. Deeksha

    Aap 1 year ke ho sameer phir what are you doing here .??? aapko tho mummy ke pass ho na chahiye .

  45. sameer

    @pari….. but ur name will always be “crying baby”…. DumPer gal…hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Shaini

    By d way i asked abt pari and diksha staying place and not urs. So no need 2 answer u mama’s pamper boy:-P

  47. dumb serial


  48. Shaini

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  50. Shaini

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  52. dumb serial

    i’l pray god to bring you both back to senses..because u have lost it to this stupid serial..

  53. sameer

    @shaini… i agree with for the first and the last time…. chuck this Dumb serial..
    JA is the one and only fabulous show…

  54. sameer

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  55. sameer

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  59. pari

    Sorry telly updates jo bhi hua uske liye aur mere sab dosto ki aur se once again sorry……

  60. ajju

    Yeh rukaiya pregenent hone ka natak kar rahi hai…..jodha akber ko dur kar ne k liye…..

  61. pari

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  68. Deeksha

    Hi kisine new promo dekha jodha akbar ka jo kal ke episode m dekhane wale h. I liked very much agar nahi dekha tho jaldi dekho youtube par.

  69. pari

    Hii deksha and thank you batane k liya…promo bahut achcha tha…shaini tum bhi dekho…

  70. Shaini

    Sameer agar head ke upar hota to maja ata par kya mamma chodeki. Na saat jaoam me nai

  71. pari

    Aey dupu muje tumse baat kar ne me koi intrest nahi he ne to bas yuhi kaha tha….tum online the isiliye……ab age se meri baat me interfere mat kar na…samje…get lost….

  72. pari

    Hiii shaini,diksha kaha ho tum sab 6 kab ke baj gaye yaar….aur shaini barish bandh hui k nai…

  73. naina

    Love has already blossomed on the show and soon viewers will witness the consummation scene on Jodha Akbar

    Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) and Akbar’s (Rajat Tokas) personal equation off screen has finally taken a backseat with their onscreen romance taking over the audiences. While for sometime now we have seen the growing chemistry between Jodha and Akbar on the show, the couple will finally make love in the next episode (Monday May 26) and consummate their relationship. Just like their story so far, the lovemaking scene too will not be all mushy and perfect.

    While both Akbar and Jodha are in their palatial room in an intimate setup the duo are ready to be one. However playing a spoiler in this perfect romantic moment comes the news of Rukaiya begum’s pregnancy. Akbar without realising that his next act might upset his love, walks out and visits Rukaiya. He returns to find Jodha upset and apologises to her. And amidst another nok-jhok starts their love.

    So, what’s next a good news from Jodha? Will there be more surprises and twists in Jodha Akbar in the comings days?

  74. pari

    Sameer me ne to aapse achche se hi baat kithi….lekin aap uske layak hi nahi ho……me aaj ke baad apse kabhi baat nahi karungi…

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  84. guys eagerly waiting for jodha akbar today is the most awaited day.By the way did any one of u have seen the new promo and it’s true that jodha has signed a new contract with ekta



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