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Jodha Akbar 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal’s caravan is going through jungle, Jalal stops tp drink water, he ask how mkuch time is left? translator says most our journey is completed, Jalal says we should take rest, Maan announces to set tents, English men are happy that plan is working.
Jodha is working and checking spice qwuantity, Moti ask should I bring food for you? Jodha says I have a lot of work, I don’t have time, she ask Salima about spices, Salima says everything is done, the agreement needs your stamp, Jodha puts stamp on it.
Ruks ask dasi how much will it spend to renovate my room? she tells her that it wil take 75,000 coins, she ask her to send application to Todar so that he can grant you coins, Ruks gets angry and writes application, she says now I have to beg to todar, wish I had business

under me like Jodha, when Jalal will complete this armour deal then I will take it from Jalal then I wil have money too.
At night, Jodha is missing Jalal, she recallsw how Jalal said that if you miss me then se moon, she looks at moon and says I miss you.
In tent, Jalal looks at moon and says I miss you too, he sends letter to Agra, Maan comes there and says we will see weapons tomorrow, Jalal says It will help our soldiers, I want to end this work soon.

Scene 2
Rahim and Todar comes to Jodha, she ask what happened? Rahim says thieves are increasing in way to transport, Jodha says it had to happen as our business is increasing, make security tight, Todar says Ruks has requested money to renovate her room, Jodha says then give it, she is royal wife, Todar says it is huge cost, 75000 coins and I cant give it without Jalal’s order, should I do it? Jodha thinks what to do, if I say yes then Jalal will get miffed and if I say no then Ruks will get miffed, Rahim says we should wait for Jalal to return, she says I will talk to Ruks then will take decision, todar says okay.
Jalal is getting ready to continue journey, English men come, Jalal ask the sample of weapons are ready? English men says we need some days to prepare it, Jalal says if samples were not ready then why did they brought us here? translator says our sample was ready but it destroyed in changing place, they are making it again, it will take 5 to 6 days, they say sorry and leaves.

Scene 3
Ruks is scolding financer and says why my money is not granted? Jodha comes and says I have stopped transaction, Ruks says why? ruks says why did you do this? what you think of your self? I am also Jalal’s wife, it never happened that my order is denied then how dare you? Jodha says its about finance, we need Jalal’s approval to give that much money, Ruks says Jalal will not say no to me, Jodha says you maybe right but I cant grant it without him, you wait him till he return, Ruks says you have started think that you own whole finance just because you some business, you know who I am? Hamida comes and says she is queen of India, her decision is right, she cannot give money like this, Ruks says this is my insult, Hamida says land the way you are behaving with queen? I think you should says sorry, its order of Marium Makani, she ask Ruks to say sorry, Ruks says sorry to Jodha, Jodha says its not needed, you wait for Jalal’s return, he wil give you moneym, Ruks thinks she will have to pay for it.
Jodha comes back room, Moti ask should I bring food? Jodha says no I am tired, I just wanna sleep, Moti says I have something through which your tiredness will go away, she gives her letter of Jalal, Jodha smiles broadly, Moti says now you don’t need me, she leaves, Jodha opens letter, Jalal writes greeting, he says after going away from you, I realized how much long a night can be, when I sit with you to see star in sky, they are reason to life and now they are reason to cry, when you are around then deserts are nice too, your essence in me, without you I feel alone in crowd too, I can imagine your smile and shy smile, Jodha blushes and imagines Jalal in room, Salima comes there and ask whose letter is this? Jodha says Jalal’s, Salima ask how much he is desperate to come to you? Jodha says nothing like that, he wrote about his well being, Salima ask did he writer everything for you? or asked about us too, Jodha blushes, Salima says you will sleep now, she leaves.
Ruks I fuming in angry, she ask Hoshiyar did Jalal sent letter for me? he says no it was for Jodha, Ruks says throne for Jodha, respect for Jodha, business for Jodha, money for Jodha and Jalal’s love for Jodha too, what I have? just insult, she ask hoshiyar to bring more opium.
informer says to Murad that we have stopped Jalal from coming to Agra, you meet your friends, strength yourself and take over throne, Murad says I have got message.
jalal says to Birbal that what they are doing? they are wasting my time a lot, it has been days, I have other work too, tell them that I cant wait more no, Fazal informs that some soldiers died, I think because of eating poisonous food, Jalal says I want their bodies to be sent to Agra to give them honor.

PRECAP- Jalal drinks wine with English men. Jalal gets jittery in room as wine was poisonous. Ruks burns godown of chilies, Jodha comes there and is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Now ruks will have it from jodhaa and jalal.

  2. sad precap one side shahansha’s life is in danger and other side bussiness of jodha is on stake.

  3. Nice episode ruks is crossing her limits now hope this time jodha catch she red handed no wonder why god didnt give she a child she would feed him opium all this life i just want all her evil doing to get exposed from the being to the ending of her evil plan to come out in the open writer it high time now it getting irrritate to know all the rest of people like laboni benzair……etc truth come in the open why u cant just bring out her true face to every1

  4. At least before the serial ends, i would like ruks gets exposed infront of jalal. She must tender an unconditional apology to JJ.

    I was hoping that JA would not wind up after zee started to retelecast it 4 times a day. I am still under shock that i wont be able to watch anymore my favourite lead pair. I am hoping for a miracle that would JA.

  5. Dear akdha fans, if by chance any channel retelecasts JA in future please spread the word. I wont get tired of watching all over again.

    On Tamil star vijay, Mahabharat serial is being retelecast from the beginning. Hope this happens with JA too.

  6. I hope jodha gets the ill feeling that something is wrong with jalal and go to him with soldiers so they can help him jalal himself for all he has been through trust no one he heard that soldiers died from poisoning yet he did not find something wrong and the delay with the weapons he must know that it is a trick with those English people why did he drink the wine especially knowing that he is far away from the palace from his people I hope jodha senses something quick and go and save her husband as for ruks it is about time that she be exposed for the evil opium hookah witch she really is why on earth she cannot leave jodha alone jodha does not have an evil bone in her why cannot ruks take pattern and change and be a good person look at all the other queens they all love jodha they do not pretend like ruks and put up a front even salima look how loving and caring salima is towards jodha and she is never jealous of her nay but ruks she has to always show the dark side of her and this should not be tolerated anymore by jalal whether or not she is his childhood friend he needs to deal with ruks once and for all and let her know where she stands with him when coming to the wives position ruks has to understand the difference between love and friendship and that is she will always be his best friend from childhood but jodha is the love of his life he cannot live without her so there it is he loves ruks but he is deeply in love with jodha comprende ruks now ruks please do the honourable thing and tell yourself QUBOOL HAI

    1. Ruks does not know the meaning of frienship either. Otherwise she would not have faked her pregnancy to jalal. She would not have also hurt jalal by giving opium to a samll child salim. How she put jalal in afix by snatching one child from JJ’s twins. She is unfit to call herself jalal’s batchpannke doste. She is an apology for a friend. She is too self centered to care for anyone including for jalal. Let’s not compare her to jodha who is a perfect indian wife, endangering her own life to save her husband. Ruks has never sacrificed anything for jalal.

  7. Omg…jalal,by this time shd have sensed it that those englishmen have smthng fishy in their mind…on the otherside ruks is showing her true colours…precap …now ruks shd b expose….enough of her,she being jalal’s childhood friend n patshahi begum doing such cheap things…i wish jodha to get to know smtg bad happening to jalal n she shd rush to save him asap…

  8. lets just say that ruks is obsessed with jalal and power she loves no one really

  9. can any one pliz tel mi wetha jalal wil die???

    1. Don’t worry jalal will not die. As he died after his son murad died

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