Jodha Akbar 23rd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jodha says as women as your wife i took this decision, you were skeptical to fight against your sister and if you had known that i am pregnant then you wouldn’t go on war and i am rajvanshi women and we are our husband’s strength not weakness, jodha says in high tone that we are women who in war put tilak of our blood on your husbandโ€™s head, we donโ€™t shed tears to make our husband weak, it was my responsibility to make you win the war so I hided the news., we give strength to our husband not make them weak, i want my child to sacrifice his life for his nation and do not become coward by hiding and he learned this in my belly only, jodha says i got this news the night we were leaving, how could i tell you when you were going on war, jalal says you thought that i am that

weak that i will not go on war listening to this news, cant you trist me? jodha says i trust you but i was worried that if this news come out then i will become weak, this child gave me strength, i thought to tell you this news in court, i wanted to tell yesterday but nigaar came and today when.. jalal holds her head and touches his head with her, jalal says i am not angry, i was wanted to tell you that i am worried for you and for our child, what if something had happened to you.
soldier opens khaibar’s cage and ask him to be calm, khaibar comes out, soldier says now you have to find enemy, you have to finish enemy, he ask him to control your anger, mahaC says i like his style, soldier(nissar) controls him, mahaC says good you have controlled him very well, he obeys you, nissar brings three people there, he takes one’s blood sample and gives it to khaibar, he ask khaibar to find whose blood is this and kill, he ask him to smell this blood and find this man and kill him, kahibar smells it and starts beating the right person, he kills him, mahaC claps, khaibar is getting violent, soldier who takes care of him ask him to bow down to mahaC, she is your master, khaibar doesn’t, soldier puts him in cage, mahaC comes to soldier and says that you have showed me his power. mahaC says that now its time to test our most promising weapon and use it, she ask soldier to go with him to agra , its time to kill jalal, there khaibar is resealing from cage.. beg says you don’t worry mahaC i know from where to get jalal’s blood sample.

Scene 2
jalal calls all wives and women of harem and says today jodha gave me one more reason to love her more, she is going to be mother, hamida and all are happy, hamida hugs jodha and says you gave us biggest happiness, salima congrats her too, jalal says as the news is very big so we will celebrate in grand jashn, jalal says to jodha that you have given me the biggest happiness of life, i will make your life full of happiness. maham thinks this cant happen, this is what i was always afraid of, a rajvanshi women cant be marium zamani, all women congrats jodha.
voiceover says that one side there was preparations for kashn and otherside, mahaC has sent khaibar and her force, khaibar’s only mission was to kill jalal.
jodha is making garland, moti ask her to take rest and she will do it, jodha says no i will do it i am fine, jodha says you cant order me moti, jalal comes and says let it be moti bai, jodha is stubborn and she will not leave the work, jodha leaves it and makes face, she says look i am not doing it now, jalal sits with her and says to moti that i know you take good care of jodha but give her medicines and remedies what doctor has prescribed her, i will take your class if anything goes wrong, moti agrees and goes away, hamida comes there, jodha greets her, hamida says i have brought a gift for you, she gives her some papers and says that there are remedy formulas written in it, these are for pregnancy, my frined gifted me, they are very good, you should use them, i know this gift is not precious money wise but i learnt from you only that gift matters the most than its price, jodha thanks her, hamida says i have to go now as i am going to be grand mother so i have to prepare many things, i will inform your parents too in amer. she leaves.
jalal says to jodha that how do you do it, jodha ask what? jalal says you are stubborn then how win hearts of people, jodha says i am less stuboorn then someone else, jalal ask who> jodha says are you less stubborn then me? jalal says then how our child will be? jodha says when mother is good then child will be good too. jalal says i want this that if its a baby girl then it should be lively and beautiful like you.

Scene 3
jiji anga tells nigaar that chand begum used to like sports, she used to play choghan, maham comes there and thinks that i am not getting a chance to meet nigaar alone, nigaar thanks jiji to tell her about her mother, she says i didn’t know about it, i saw ami in very bad state, i don’t know where is she, jiji pacifies her that jalal will find her, maham thinks that this is what i don’t want, what if jalal finds chand, my plan will fail then, daasi informs nigaar that jalal has called her in court, maham thinks that this must be about chand, what if nigaar tells something about me to jalal.
mahaC says to soldier that they are very close to agra, khaibar should be ready. soldier says to mahaC that khaibar is fully ready but he only wants jalal’s blood sample, beg says you work is done. he gives blood sample to mahaC, she says very well done but from where did you get it, mali says that where jalal was caught in our prison, his blood was spread there, we got it from there only, mahaC says good.

Scene 4
jalal is in court, he says that i want to know where did you see chand begum, at what time because me and my soldiers also went there but she wasn’t there, nigaar says that day i went to secret hut, my mother was there but she couldn’t recognize me, jalal says control your emotions, we will find your mother and will punish the culprit but tell me who told you that i have captured your mother, nigaar says i was told that you knew that humuyun gave me property and many and you were afraid to give my property, my rights to me so that’s why you are doing all this, jalal ask who said this lie about me to you, maham is super tensed, nigaar points to maham and says she said to me all this, jalal is stunned, maham tries to flee from there but atgah blocks her way and says you are caught maham anga, jalal says i said you as my mother, i gave you everything but you only hurt me, you hurt my own people, 1st you hurt my khan baba then you hurt jodha and this time you didn’t leave me, you had dirt on me, jalal says arrest her and puts her in jail for life time, maham sits in jalal’s feet and says pardon me jalal, you know that i love you a lot, i care for you, please let me go, adham cant stand quiet and says that enough ami jaan, you don’t need to plead infront of this man, i will kill this jalal today. he takes out his sword.

PRECAP- doctor informs jalal that he going to be father of twins, jalal and jodha are surprised

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. missM

    OMG!!! Luv u jalal ur expressions were really cute today but khaiabar looks scary Rajat & Paridhi rocks luv u guys luv u so much

    • Di

      Unfortunately (not really), both Rajat & Paridhi are engaged & married respectively, in reality.

  2. Deeksha

    Di ..when jalal sent khan baba to haj mahamanga killed him .thats why jalal married with salima because of rahems responsibility

  3. Di

    Locking MA up for life is too lenient/small punishment. She has caused a lot of trouble, done irreparable damage, etc. Her punishment should be worse I say! Or she might start planning & plotting evil while locked up. It’s in her blood. She’s eeeeeviillllll.

  4. Yeah I am too happy for jodha twins
    But also sad for it ๐Ÿ™
    Because after when the twinns will born
    After 3-4 months
    They r gonna die
    And jodha and akbr will be so sad that they will loose hope of another child
    So so so so
    SAD ๐Ÿ™
    Hmmmmm what do u think guyes

  5. Di

    And Deeksha, if Jalal knew MA killed khan baba, why didn’t he punish her then?? She will never change, she’s evil through & through. What is bad is bad is bad, & so forth……

  6. Chantal

    Hmmm i wonder why that monster abducted jodha and i hope she and her babies make it out safely. Superb episode today

  7. Deeksha

    Di…before jodha came mughal sultant jalal used to keep blind love for mahamanga thats why whatever she used to do he would except that.

    • Di

      Okay, but killing another human unfairly? How could Jalal be so love blind?? Anyways, MA’s time is up & that’s all that really matters.

  8. Gates

    What!!! the twins will die…
    I think if it will happen then by ruks it is going to be happen

  9. Ranjani

    Guys i think its MA’s dream. If its real then i cannot but hav to raise fingers against the very wrak story line and direction

  10. Me

    I hope dis isn’t maham day dreaming of her fate n den we have our joy of her getting caught crushed. Its tym things cum out in da open. Its being dragged long enuf

  11. Hey guys I am little confused khaber came to kill jala he was givin the blood of halal then why did he kidnapped jodha

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