Jodha Akbar 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 23rd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
jodha prays to protect jalal. otherside in jungle, mali say to injured jalal that nobody will save you, your deadbody will go to agra, jalal is lying on ground, adham attacks him sword and hits him in belly but sword doesnt go in because jalal had tied coin there and sword hits coin on his beely, jalal takes dust in his hand and puts in mali’s eyes, jalal looks at coin and is stunned, jalal gets up and fights with mali, he grabs mali by neck and hits him with sword on face but doesnt kill him, mali lies on ground, jalal says whenever you will see your face you will remember me, wish you were not my brother in law, wish i had no feelings for my soster, he says you know why you didnt succeed in your mission? because i have prayers of my whole nation, i have will to win my wife and

that is not allowing me to die, if i had died today even then warrior inside me will never die, i have win love of my wife, have to serve my nation till then nobody can touch me, jalal gets up and goes from there, jalal is badly injured and falls on ground, some men holds him.

Scene 2
in amer, ganghaur pooja is done, jodha recalls jalal asking pardon, her chachi calls her, jodha thinks why i am thinking about you jalal, who are you that doesnt get out of my heart, whom i trusted, i loved, you cant be that one.

jalal is lying on bed, he gets up and is about to attack man, he says we are your men, bharmal comes and says i sent some soldiers behind you, jalal says thanks, jalal ask about jodha? he says she is better, jalal says i will meet her, bharmal says she is gone for ganghaur pooja, jalal says i will go there without wasting time, he gets up and goes out.

at lake, all are gathered for rituals, meena says last year unexpected storm came i hope this doesnt happen this time, she ask jodha to make diya float in water, wishes gets fulfilled by this, jodha thinks that maa is great, she said last year that whose face i will see inlake he will be my life and now she knows i have wishes, she has great heart and knows me well, thanks maasa. jalal is coming there, he is unable to walk because of injuries but says i have to see jodha. jodha puts diya in lake and opens her eyes, she sees jalal’s face in lake and is stunned, she says its my imagination, why cant i forget him, she closes her eyes, jalal on pain so bharmal takes him away, meena sees it, jodha opens her eyes and is convinced that she was imagining. bharamla says to jalal that i will not listen to you now, you need rest, your life is precious, its your father in law’s order that you take rest, meena comes there, bharmal says he came to talk to jalal but he is not in state to talk and also jodha will not be happy to see him like this. jalal is taken inside, meena says to bharmal that you know jodha is angry with jalal, he says i want when they meet they listen to each other but jalal needs me now, he leaves, meena comes to jodha, jodha tells her that you said i will see face of my partner in lake , last year and this year too i saw only jalal’s face, today i seen him and it felt like it wasn’t my imagination but he was here, meena thinks that truth is that jalal came to meet you, meena says why you are talking about jalal, remember how he insulted and when you decided to get separated from him then why think about him, jodha thinks that i am trying hard to not remember him but i see him everywhere, meena thinks that whatever you say jodha your heart is with jalal, now you are not queen jodha but jalal’s wife.

Scene 3
jodha is thinking that why i keep remembering jalal, why cant i take him out of my mind, i see him everywhere, she comes in room and see jalal lying on bed, she thinks that she is imagining again, kaki comes there, jalal calls out to jodha, she says to kaki that i am imagining jalal everywhere and now hearing him too, kaki says nothing like that and leaves, she turns and comes in room and is relieved that jalal is gone, jalal calls jodha from behind, she says oh god i am hearing him again, jalal smiles and puts hand on his shoulder, jodha is stunned and says jalal you here, he says wherever you go i will come there till i talk to you, jodha says i told you clearly that i will not to agra and what are you doing in my room, jalal says bharmal asked to rest here, i just want to talk once that.. bhramal comes there, he says sorry for disturbing you but doctor asked you to take rest, jalal says i was doing it but somebody disturbed me, bharmal says i want to talk to jodha, he takes jodha out, jodha ask how he here? and how he is injured,he tels her that mali attacked him

bharmal says i sent some soldiers behind him who took him here, he needs rest so i placed hm in your room, jodha says you know i dont want to live with him he says in every situation you cant show your anger, i know you are angry with your husband but he is sheheshah too, he is out from many days in search of you and wanted to talk to you but you.. okay you don’t want to care about him then.. he goes from there.

Scene 4
meena is ordering dasies what should be given to jalal, jodha is standong there, meena ask what are you doing here, go in your room and take rest, jodha says i didnt want to disturb him, he is taking rest,so i came here, meena says good, she says bharmal was saying that jalal is guest and needs someone to take care of him, he said jodha will take care of him but i said why will she? she is not interested, i am thinking to move your thngs to another room, jodha says no, bapu is right, he is pur guest and injured too, jodha tells dasi to send badam milk to jalal, she says i will make remedy for him, meena smiles, jodha goes from there, meena says from outside you may seem angry but i know you love him from inside, you are angry because yu want him to pacify you, now everything will be alright.

PRECAP-jodha is standing near jalal, he says what.. jodha stops him saying, she bends down and comes closer to him ,jalal feels awkward, she leans to his face, he moves his face away.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Hey guys did u notice dat whn jodha heard about jall got attackd by some one she didnt react much aa if she dnt care about her huby anymore

  2. aivar

    Payal I love rangrasiya… great show… I hope but… I think rudra’s past with lila might hurt paro… when she comes to know

  3. aivar

    Ray I am not sure but I think it is gonna be good… slowly rudra is seeing he is falling for paro… I cant wait either… I think lila might ruin their relationship by revealing about her and rudra

  4. Raj many serial do u [email protected]

  5. karan

    hey guys im new here…i used to read the updates but never commented….i used to read all ur comments also!!
    and i used to love reading AISHA ARADHYA AND RAJ COMMENTS!!
    wish i could become a frnd here also!!!

  6. shraddha

    Precap was damn funny. Jalal’s expressions were worth wathching. And by the way Jalal was using the same blanket which Jodha used to cover herself with and go for meeting Sujamal.

  7. why didn’t jodha react about jalal’s injury and in the precap why jalal turned aroun at first he was roaming around jodha and now he is turning face

  8. Raj

    hat’s off 2 u guys!!!!!
    I..I am my entire life!!!!
    and…ofcourse..hi!!! karan.

  9. Hey sharon ray raj aivar n all…toD s epi was gud…but i think we r gonna get some romance soon…but u think guys jo is doin by leanin near to jls face???
    @raj…wat happn?? Yadhu replied??

  10. aivar

    anaelle24 I think jodha is grabing a snake or something from the bed like what jalal did in a past epi… it look like she was reaching for something… what do u think anaelle24 ?

  11. I think jl was shocked when jo came closer to him..but dnt no perhaps his love has affected him…lol..anyways i dnt think jo will take tht step intentionally…..she says she loves him but remain idle abut revealin it…

  12. shraddha

    The way Jodha was looking at Jalal’s face I felt as if she was going to kill a mosquito. Sorry guys I know many found it romantic but that was damn funny.

  13. ray

    i think that jalal will act like he doesnt care for jodha and that will get her to talk to him out of jealousy

  14. Raj

    it’s pretty sad….but she didn’t reply yet..even after shraddha’s love confession letter@ anael

  15. @sharon am gud yar..n u?? N wat abut u ray?? U no guys…if when jo is leanin to jl to remove tht unknown thing , she falls on him..n inn akhon mein tum plays..both hv an eyelock n get embarassed..tht wuld be great to watch..wat u predict guys??

  16. This akdha forum is just superb!!! I like talkin to u guys n makin new friends school am like a insane when talkin abut JA…but here evrybody cn xpress his/her view..n really enjoy readin each of ur commnts guys.
    When this show ll end i ll be vry sad nt only coz JA ll be over but coz u guys r amazin…

  17. shraddha

    @ray and @sharon yeah………….she has that extraordinary capability to imagine romantic scenes everytime.

  18. @shraddha ray n sharon…as alwys u guys…but really wnt this scene to happn it wuld be great…n ya if i was the cv the show will get too much romance fr u guys…

  19. aivar

    anaelle24 and sharon me too… we can all find another serial to talk about together after this one…

  20. SOooooooooooo excited to know they are finally in the same place!!! love this serial , got a superb cast and great dialogues

  21. shraddha

    @anaelle of course! Its going to be a year and we have the couple romancing in each other’s dream. Its high time they get out of their shells.

  22. Jo is awarin evry1 tht she loves jl..i dnr no but finds it really eerie…jo is a woman who respect hrself a lot n jl hurt her a cnfrontation scene she cried fr rights respecr etc…i think she gonna make jl pay fr wat he did…wat u think guys??

  23. shraddha

    @EVERYONE Good night and sweet dreams
    @anaelle…….. I’ve every right to tease you! “And bonne nuit”

  24. Ok guys got to go…Bonne nuit to all!!! Bye sharon aivar raj & co
    Tommorw we gonna see some romance or not..but well sweet dreams all…

  25. Raj

    @Rihana..u may check dailymotion…but u can’t get it now…u may check full episode including precap!!

  26. Sonu

    So sad dat dis show ll end. Hey guys can any 1 tell me dat after d show ends can we c the episodes on internet?

  27. muu

    I luv to read ur [email protected] n i luv u2

  28. Rihanna

    Very nice. But who is Rihana? I’m feeling very weird with a person commenting who has the same name as me. That’s just messed up.

  29. sharon

    Breaking News:-
    Jodha too wanna play chausar with jalal now
    and Jalal will won and ask jodha to come to agra

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