Jodha Akbar 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jodha hugs jalal, they both cries, jodha wipes jalal’s tears.
soul talk- jalal says that day we united, those tears of death of Hassan and hussain came out that day, I had to repent for my mistakes which I did in anger, I killed thousands of people in my anger and i was guilt.
Chisti says to God that jalal has lost his path, he is going on wrong, please show him right path.
jalal looks at jodha, he touches her face and comes closer to her, jodha closes her eyes, in ankhoon main sad version plays.
in morning, jodha is giving water to jalal for wash his hands, Chisti comes there and says what you both have lost cant be brought again, i think that you both should stay here and please people, serve them, help them, you will feel peace but you cant live like

royals here, be a common person and serve common people, serving people can only was guilt, he says to jalal that how much lives you have taken, you have to serve that much people now, you have to repent for your mistake, jalal says as you baba, Chisti blesses them.
Soul talk, jalal says it was easy for a king to take lives of many people but being common and serve common people was difficult but i had to do it and marium uz zamani was there with me on every step.

Scene 2
jalal is watering plants, jodha is helping him by giving him water.
Voice over says that time passed away, now bakshi’s daughter is grown up like 7 years old, she cant hear but bakshi was happy with and she was strong mother, otherside javeda has come out of maham and adham’s death issue, she is now playing with her son. ruks with time has also come out of her pain for losing hussain, she has taken responsibility of harem back but she is not soft anymore, she has become harsh. Ruks calls one dasi and slaps her hard for using wrong color of curtain in her room.
Voice over says jalal served people and lived with chisti, jodha was with him. Jalal is shown making mud pots in night, jodha is helping him.
In morning jalal says to maan and todar that there was a lot of disaster in war, give rajvanshies work those who were affected by war, help them in every way.
Jalal is walking on streets, he finds a child cry and goes to him, he brings child to his mother. later jodha and jalal gives gifts to poor like clothes etc.

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Scene 3
Soldiers comes to one lady who was affected in war, soldier says jalal has sent some gold coins for you and for this area, please accept it, lady says that will these coins fill the air what your king has created, she doesn’t accept the gold, soldier goes from there.
jalal and jodha are in tent, jodha feels like puking, she vomits, jalal ask are you fine. later doctor comes and checks jodha, jalal says she works a lot whole day, maybe that’s why she felt like that, doctor says she has to take rest now, doctor tells jalal that congratulations you are going to be father, jalal gets happy and smiles, he hugs jodha.
Later jalal is making jodha eat the food, chisti comes there and smiles seeing them, chisti ask are you both fine? jalal says yes but jodha has become stubborn, she doesn’t take rest and work in this state, jodha says jalal doesn’t let me work, he is like that he will work all the time while i take the rest, tell me how can wife take rest when her husband is working, chisti says you both are right but i have one solution for you, he brings one girl there, he says this is shamshad begum, she will take care of jodha, he says now you both must happy, jalal and jodha nods, Shsmashad sits beside jodha and greets her.

Scene 4
hamida says to salima that ages have passed and we didn’t see jalal and jodha, todar comes there and says there is good news, ruks ask what? is jalal coming back? todar says not now but soon, Todar tells ruks that jodha is pregnant and she is going to give heir to Mughals, ruks is shocked while all ladies are happy., hamida thanks God, Salima says i feel like flying and going to jodha, hamida ask todar to prepare for their jourbey to jodha, ruks says i will not go, she then says i mean who will see work here, you all go and bring, i will prepare for their welcome.
Chisti says to jalal that you cant be here when child is born, star says that it will not be good for child and jodha if you stay close to them, you cant see the child for one month after he is born, chisti says thiws is God’s decision, i know your crave for you child but you have to be away from them for one month, jalal says i want to be with jodha and my child but for me, safety of my wife and my child is most important, i will go away.
Jalal comes to jodha and says i have to go, jodha ask where are you going? jalal says its time to walk on last stair of serving, one lady has not taken help i offered her and i know she and her child is in problem so i have to go and serve them, i have to make their life better, i have to go now, jodha tells jalal that your serving will pay, your selfless work for people will pay off now, you go and when you will comeback, our proof of love(child) will come in world. jalal ask her to take care of herself and his child. he goes from there.

PRECAP- jodha has given birth to Salim, all are happy. Ruks shouts that i want Salim, i will take Salim from jodha, jalal is shocked listening to it.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Crystal

    Wat does ruk think of herself!! Does she feel dat jo is sum machine dat she keeps on snatching her kids wen she gives birth 2 dem … Shame on u ruks!!
    Nxt thng der were 2 many leaps….. But cant wait 4 salim!!:D……
    N ruks dis tym u wont take d baby!!…..
    2days 1st scene was beautiful !!
    N rajats acting was awesum …….. He acctually showed dat he was repenting 4 his sins …….. Which was beautifully done!!

  2. Marwita Fitrie

    Dont let Ruk take Salim away from his mother. No way Ruk. Akbar should punish her if she push to do that. I want to see JJ happy with their son.

  3. Arun

    This time ruk will fail to take salim from jodha and will also lose title of MUZ however in future she will bring up shahzada Khurram aka Shahjahan.

  4. shreya

    wat a hell is this!!!!!! This serial is truly meaning less hw cud jo gt prgnt,uff….aab tow sure ho gae hun ki iski rating kamne wali hai no doubt n ruk was not so devil as depictd here ekta to lagta hai ki sach mein gawar hai (dont mind a lot) but ths is truly a very bad behaviour wit ruk but 2day update was posted very early , guys i m going bck to U.S 2day my flight is of delhi i m in my car, on d way to airport

  5. shreya

    bt if ruk really tries to tk salim then 1 thnk ruk cud do to get free frm ja n this ghatia life i.e, to give divorce to jalal n do wat evr she feel like as she is a princess n sha is not bought by ak n any war lk jo so she is indpndt….!!!!

  6. Dee

    And according to the history, Though Jodha has given birth to Salim, it’ll be Rukaih who would take care of him more than Jodha. That’s the truth.

  7. shreya

    n dee u r rite , ekta is a jahil gawar n wat is the here ruks fault in reallity ruk really took cr of salim coz she was jo bst frnd n she nvr need to gt jlous of jo as ak always luved ruk the most so i m happy tht atleast u bother the hisyory dee leave othrs thry r mad aftr jo so wat we ,historins n real ruk n ak soul cn do…..!!!!!

  8. shreya

    n 4 doing ech n ebry wrk its not beded tat ruk will tk permsn evry time n of crs why will she as she was jalal’s DIL-O-JAAN, bek , best frnd n d 1st wife so ofcrse jo position was alwayz dwn b4 her…..

  9. Hi guys n a very happy ( sorry for wishing so late ) diwali n shreya n dee u both r rite i have also read that in history n rite ekta has some mental problem i think !!!

  10. maybe ! ekta is actually a little crazy
    1: just notice when always there is group picture on the launching of a particular show, while all are standing normal, she always make weird poses to get the un divided attention.
    2: her instagram ID, {ekmainaurektu} she is damn funny.
    3: her strapless and deep weird dresses. she supposes herself to be LADY GAGA in some way.
    4: over acting !! always on cards for her
    5: I have mentioned somewhere before that my mom’s sister works in balalji telefilms, she told me that she has met her more than 100 times and she(ekta)is so called mad glad to meet her. whenever ekta sees my aunt she says: oh my god minakshi ( my aunt) !! you here. my god am I dreaming. oh god you are looking so pretty oh my god . and minakshii I am crazy to meet you right away ! you are damn good. ahh you are like my second god ( I guess she says this to everyone, LOL ).

  11. I dont know who r u but plz stop copying my name n ya they r nt dumb ok the right is that u r a big fool thats why u r copying my name plz stop copying my name

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