Jodha Akbar 22nd November 2014 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 22nd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Maha episode starts with …. Ruku enjoying hukka and resham informing her about how rashid was being disgraced and taunted n insulted by every one/awaam for being gaddar/betrayer. Resham suggests her to take advantage. Ruku replies that if things were happening on their own she need not do a thing. This was all in her and salim’s favour.

Rashid is being insulted by awaam at the market place for sheltering the traitor of the sultanat .. Fr sheltering the murderer of waliyahad. Awaam refuse to forgive him even as Rashid pleads the Shehenshah had forgiven him. They pelt stones at him and injure Rashid.

Jodha was passing by in paalki stops on noticing commotion .. She discovers awam was hurting rashid and mistreating Rashid for being traitor. Jodha rescues rashid. Salim is

happy to see ammi jaan .. He feels she might have come to meet him but is surprised that she saved the man who attempted on his life .. He is sad that ammi was on the side of his enemies unlike Ruku badi ammi who loved him so much …Unaware of salim’s presence …Jodha then explains to awam that rashid was innocent and they ought to follow shehenshah’s orders .. As MUZ she orders awaam to respect shehenshah’s orders and orders soldiers to be kind to him and do marham patti and escort him to his hut. Rashid thanks MUZ but she replies that As MUZ she had duty to rescue the innocent ones.

At his hut, Rashid discusses with shocked Zilbahar that it is better toleave the sultanat instead of being insulted daily …

At the public well Nadira is going fill water .. She is insulted and teased by other children as being gaddar ki beti (daughter of betrayer). Salim comes there and he is happy to see Nadira in this state .. She was too proud and deserved this Nadita replies that her father had unknowingly sheltered the gaddar. Salim replies that even he had hit kadir unknowingly .. Even he was punished so she and her father deserved punishment.

At shanta bi’s hut ….Jodha is waiting for salim .. and Shanta bi is worried about kadir. Jodha assures that kadir was in the hands of best hakim and aushadhi. Shanta is worried that the longer kadir took to recover the longer salim would have to face hardships in her hut. Salim Was very hard working .. Ans he did his best to make her comfortable. Shanta is sorry that because of kadir MUZ had to stay away from her zighar ka tukdaa. Jodha then gives tabeez for kadir and salim . She asks shanta bi to tie the tabeez (some thread) she prays for kadir’s recovery and blessings for both children.

Back at the palace ….Jodha comes to check on kadir. Hakims inform there was not much important. Jodha requests shaguni bai to predict the future of kadir .. As salim’s future was conected to kadir’s recovery. Shaguni bai takes out her couries … Scatters them on the surface of a table. She predicts that kadir’s life was very long one ….but salim would become shehenshah and will never ever forget these days. Jodha then asks for detailed future analysis. Shaguni bai then tells that she was getting strange feelings .. She gives a piece of paper never to open this paper .. As long as shaguni was alive. Jodha gets impatient and wants to know is salim was going to be safe. Salim would have two lives . Salim would have to die before jodha’s life ended. Jodha is distraught and shocked to hear this. She scolds shaguni bai and shouts at her .. Orders her to leave the place . Shaguni then tells jodha to have the guts to hear the future …salim would die and be reborn .. His feelings would die his heart would break .. His love would die .. And salim would be reborn as shehenshah and he would have second love in his life .. Just as jalal died and akbar was born similarly salim would be reborn … His first love had already entered his life. Shaguni gives a laugh .. And leaves.
Flash back of mazhaar scene where jodha says she did not know then that anarkali was already in salim’s life

Elsewhere in the sultanat ..a caravan was proceeding with women children soldiers it is riyaz beg and his pregnant wife Asmat … They decide to camp as it was getting dark ..Unfortunately at night they are attacked by dacoits .. The family runs and hides to save their lives leaving behind their belongings ..Asmat the wife is Riyaz beg is heavily pregnant with her fourth child ..They are lucky to be helped by mallik masood and his caraven .. Who happened to pass by .. A dai in mallik’s caravan delivers asmat begum and riyaz names the girl meherunnisa. They wonder that dacoits her looted everything . They would not be able to bring up 4 children they already had 3 sons to take care of. Heart rending scene as riyaz takes meherunnisa from the arms of weeping Asmat and abandons the baby to its fate

As mallik’s caravan was proceeding he stops for namaaz .. Next moment he hears wailing of a baby. He finds an abandoned baby. He recognises riyaz beg .. Mallik scolds riyaz for abandoning his child this was a sin Malli. Assures him that he was going to akbar’s court he would get some employment for him lasmat is very happy to get her child back .. Riyaz then assures his wife that he would never part with his daughter.

At agra rashid and zilbahar have packed their house hold belongings and are leaving agra .. As they leave on bullock cart . Salim notices nadira leaving ..Elsewhere jodha is praying to maa kaali for speedy recovery of kadir. Pandit ji performs havan .. Maunvies offer prayers for kadir .. And bless him at his bed side. “Jai kali jai kaali ….”bhajan plays in BG Jodha prays tearfully .. As before the song is over kadir shows miraculous recovery ..Hakima declares kadir was recovering ..Kadir mutters daadi jaan .. Hesitantly ….Hakim happily make him drink aushadhi.

In his hojra jalal is having serious discussions with todermal on how to control the rioting states .. He confirms jodha’s security arrangements. Hakima then shares the good news about kadir’s recovery .. Jalal is thrilled that this means salim would return soon. Jalal orders hakima’s house should be filled with gold and silver. Kadir wishes to meet his daadi jaan. Jalal orders that arrangements should be made to send kadir back to his home and bring salim back. Ruku comes to jalal and seeks permission to accompany todermal for escorting salim back as jodha was away for havan and puja for salim. Ruku convinces jalal and he grants her permission to get salim back. Ruku then Tells herself that this was the right time to poison salim’s heart against jodha.

Salim was undergoing his punishment in poverty with shanta bi. He faces life bravely …. They are surprised to be visited by ruku and her royal entourage and todermal sahab. Ruku announces the return of kadir after his recovery from illness. Kadir hugs his daadi jaan happily …daadi kadir happy reunion …

Ruku then hugs salim and announces that his punishment was over and he could return to palace ..salim asks about abbu jaan and ammi jaan … Ruku poisons salim’s innocent by saying they had more important work to do rather than get him back to palace … Salim is saddened but is excited about returning to palace. Salim bids emotional farewell to daadi jaan shanta bi … Promise to meet often in future ..Ruku then happily tells salim that he was returning as waliyahad of moghul sultanat . So he had to be appropriately attired in his royal robes. Salim then changes into his royal robes with turban , sword jewellery and rides a horse and proudly rides back to palace.

Precap for Monday …Salim is being given a royal reception at Agra palace .. By showering of flowers … Shouting praises .. The entire royal family awaits at palace gates eagerly for his return. Salim walks in with ruku .. He ignores Jodha and her outstretched arms eager to hug her son lovingly … Salim avoids her and hugs Hameeda dadi jaan instead Jodha is heart broken … Jalal feels jodha’s pain and wonders why salim behaved like that.. Ruku looks on proudly …

Update Credit to: sumana

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  12. What Shaguni bai written in the letter.. is a suspens..

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  14. I agree…. And guys its good that noorjahan is introduced cuz its necessary …. And i hate that anarkali ! Totaly dumb girl ….

    1. agree ash…..but she might return ..

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    1. Salim should not to do like that with your ammijaan

  16. ruk i m prd of u, u gave a vry gud reply to jo !!!!!

  17. oh really gopal !!!

  18. is any1 here………????

  19. gud thing happend wid she was being over smart n pouring milk to a snake n at any point of time snake gona shw its true colors…vch jodha is behaving 2wrds rukaiya…so jodha deserves dis…cant she mind her work n see her child rather being over generous?gud nice hapnd wid jodha

    1. evn i agree withu dear………..100% true………!!!!

  20. hw much eva v write/keep posting abt our views creative team has no effect on them…socialy boycott has 2 hapn wid all the serials vch shw crap like dis…yhm,ssk,ja,dabh,qh,kb, etccccc….
    when their trp’s fall then dey gona knw d value of the viewers..

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    1. yep shimon u r rite………dats wat i m making u all unstnd dat wat i wnt to say abt jo……….why she is fristating 4 me………..but u all strt to abuse me only but thanx to lord dat unhone tum logon ki dimaag ki batti khol di………..!!!

  30. Sorry guys but I have to say this rude words “f**k UP RUKS I HATE U. YOU ARE THE WORST PART OF ALL EVEN BENAZIR WAS BETRER THAN U..!!!!”

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  39. If Salim doesn’t open up to Jodha and tell her all that Ruks said, then there’s no real love or bond between mother & son that makes them love each other against all odds. I expect Salim to break down and cry, then spill everything out to Jodha

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